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It’s Amazing How Far Two Wheels Can Take You

BMX pro Ratty Maty takes a few minutes to rip some lines and explain the designs behind his signature, custom-designed Hair Ties For Guys collection, The Bike Life.

This signature pack is all about your way of living your life—and riding your bike!

The Bike Life Hair Ties For Guys

The chain drives each rider under his own power, and reminds us we are all linked together.

The wheel carries us, under cloud or over mountain, to the next place to session.

The bars remind us to hold on, especially when life is hard.

And of course, the ramps and rails are for sending it.

If you ride your bike for fun…then you’re living The Bike Life.

Ratty Maty

Ratty Maty is a BMX professional from Cottonwood, CA, riding out of San Diego since 2014. Get to know him better on The Longhairs’ podcast in BMX Pro Ratty Maty is Letting it Ride.
Share one of your best/worst bicycle crashes in the comments!


  1. It was about 1972.
    I was in 2nd grade. I had a dirt bike & a gang of all boys in my club. A few blocks from home a house had burnt down & all that had been left was the foundation. So I built acourse obstacle over it.
    Starting in the road,
    Ride up the front walk over a small ramp, jump dug out flower bed onto front porch, Sail across entire home to back dug out flower bed, jump ramp to sail over it & land onto back patio. Circle through back yard to front.
    Well that was the plan.
    I went first, No one else wanted too yet. Tad scared I suppose.
    I sailed across the foundation As I heard my gang yell “I wasn’t going fast enough”. I turned & yelled back “Shut Up” & hit the 2nd ramp. Next thing I know My buddy is walking me home in the Bright sunlight. My mom opens the front door from him knocking & screams when she sees me.
    I’m oblivious.
    Apparently I Was going to slow. The story the kid told my mom. ‘I was going to slow, jumped the last ramp & my back bike tire got caught on in the dug out flower bed against the concrete porch edge & popped me like a cork straight up into the air. I flew higher than the trees & then came back down Face first on the back patio.
    My dad at the time was down at the car repair with an oil change Up in the air moment, So he ran home when Mom called the shop. She called Granny too who drove over with her thick red medical book.
    Mom told me to go to the restroom to clean myself up while dad came & we decided if I should go to the hospital. At this point I’m still calm. I go to the mirror & bam, I am covered in blood! My entire face, hair, neck, chest Everyting bloody. Well then I freaked out . Mom made me lay down on the floor & she put all the couch cushions under my legs. All 3 of them then argued about the hospital. Mom insisted & Dad & Granny were like ‘Yo the big red book has the answers.’ Needless to say mom won & to the hospital I went. I threw up as they took xrays. The docs were boggled I hadn’t broken every bone in my face. Only bit through my lower lip & scratches. I got to miss 2 months of school & had to drink boullion soup from a straw stuck down my throat so as not to infect it & have to have my lip rot off. Is what they said anyway. I hated boullion but loved missing school & being known as The Daredevil in my gang with the scars to prove it.
    Ride on Ride strong Ride free
    Blessed be

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to share some of my Bike Life with your long hair community!

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