The Bike Life

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It’s Amazing How Far Two Wheels Can Take You

BMX pro Ratty Maty takes a few minutes to rip some lines and explain the designs behind his signature, custom-designed Hair Ties For Guys collection, The Bike Life.

This signature pack is all about your way of living your life—and riding your bike!

The Bike Life Hair Ties For Guys

The chain drives each rider under his own power, and reminds us we are all linked together.

The wheel carries us, under cloud or over mountain, to the next place to session.

The bars remind us to hold on, especially when life is hard.

And of course, the ramps and rails are for sending it.

If you ride your bike for fun…then you’re living The Bike Life.

Ratty Maty

Ratty Maty is a BMX professional from Cottonwood, CA, riding out of San Diego since 2014. Get to know him better on The Longhairs’ podcast in BMX Pro Ratty Maty is Letting it Ride.
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