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Alonzo Villa on The Longhairs Podcast

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Hidden In Plain Sight

A renowned San Diego tattoo artist in the Southern California and west coast tattoo communities, Alonzo Villa is a motorcycle ridin, coffee drinkin, meat smokin, weight liftin, metal bangin, rap slangin, oil paintin, child raisin, mane hangin, husband and father who paints his little girls’ fingernails on the weekends.

Specializing in illustrative realism, portraits & pop culture tattoos, Alonzo has been establishing his personal style and honing his skill since he began his tattoo career in San Diego in 2008.

A true professional, like many artists he is navigating the tattoo industry in a new and strange world amid the coronavirus pandemic, opening a new private studio in 2020 with two partners, at long last arriving at the name, Cloak & Lantern.

He joins El Rubio and El Moreno on Episode 86 of The Longhairs Podcast.

What you'll hear about:

  • About Cloak & Lantern
  • Developing your unique tattoo style
  • A lifestyle change and losing over 75 pounds
  • Navigating the tattoo industry in the coronavirus pandemic
  • A bound shears membership badge?

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Bros On This Episode

Alonzo Villa on The Longhairs Podcast

Alonzo Villa

Alonzo is a professional San Diego tattoo artist and co-owner of Cloak & Lantern. His focus is on portrait & pop culture tattoos.


El Rubio

Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Manetenance Officer for The Longhairs, El Rubio is a writer, traveler, avid skier and athlete. He writes most of the words you read from The Longhairs.


El Moreno

Co-Founder, President & Chief Follicle Officer for The Longhairs, El Moreno is a husband, father, athlete and creator. He makes most of what you see and interact with on The Longhairs websites.


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