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  1. How are yall doing?!? I have just recently found your youtube channel and have loved the content. I have decided to grow the mane out during this quarantine as most barber shops are closed, and I am already starting to enter the awkward stage, it’s a great time to start and push through it. I have some inches on top after having a tight fade and just going to let it ride!

    1. Yo David, we are doing pretty damn well! Stoked you found our YouTube channel and subscribed, we’re glad to have you here. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the video of me growing my hair out from the high & tight fade back in 2012: How A Traveler Became A Longhair

      Good luck in your long hair journey, we’re here for ya!

  2. How are all you longhairs doing?! My name is Alejandro, I’ve been growing my hair out since September and I think I’m getting past the awkward stage. Truly liberating feeling to keep growing and swerving all cut your hair comments. Cheers, fellas!

    1. Yo Alejandro! We are doing great man, glad to have you here! Cheers mate, KEEP LETTING IT RIDE!

  3. I’ve been growing my hair out of the “gentlemen’s haircut” since June 2019. It’s mostly tucking behind the ears and barely touching my shoulders but I’ve got a long way to go! Let it Ride!

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