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Blog Post #100: It’s You. It’s Us. It’s The Longhairs.

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110 Heads of Lettuce

This is our 100th consecutive blog post.

When we first started, this seemed like a million miles away. Turns out it only took 100 weeks of showing up. And when you do that, good things happen.

To celebrate we asked you to send your mane update, and predictably you responded.

The coolest thing about this post: we’ve seen your names, your email addresses, and some of your pictures on social media. But for the most part, we haven’t seen the faces on the other side of the internet—much less all together in a collection like this. And damn it looks good!

So today, for the first time, we are stoked AF to present The Longhairs, face to face, with 110 glorious (and some in progress) flowing manes. A community of men with long hair from around the world.

This thing is real. And you’re part of it. So let’s keep this community growing (…literally). When you get to the end, request your pack of referral cards so you’re packing heat next time you see a longhair on the street.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who sent your update. And to those who didn’t, keep lettin’ it ride because we’re gonna need you on the next one.

Here they are.










Tanner Kraft









Matty P




Krazy Karl

Kenyon Patton


Juan Snow




Hayden Clark


Gallo Negro



El Tejano

El Scorcho

El Pelo Largo


El Jay

El Fabrico

El Batmenuel





Clay Matthews Jr




Camp Master



Andy C Watson









St Clair


Santo Diablo







Mason Knight

M Jolley







Johnny Sabu








El Tio Pelucas

El Tatuaje

El Extrano

El Pistolero

El Margonus

El Lano

El Ingeniero

El Curlito

El Alejandro



Dennis McB

Curly Avalos







Brian Street Team




How sick was that??!

We think so too. So grow the community and show some love.

Get your pack of Longhairs referral cards. Hand them out to our longhaired brethren. And next time we’ll make it 1,000.


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  1. I am 7 1/2 into my hair journey!!! I always had a short spiky haircut and got it cut like that march 21st, that was the last time I got it cut. Can’t wait to have long hair and do a bunch of your cool styles!!!

  2. Always shaved head, decided to grow it out to donate. I’m on 4 years growth! Want to grow it a bit longer so I’m not back to the awkward stage when 10-12 inches go. Stoked to see how far your dreams have come; let it ride!

  3. Started 2 years ago when I was 80. Always had a Flat Top Now I can donate it when the time comes.

  4. I have been growing my hair since June 2015, it thick and curly very similar to Johnny Depp…. its just not as long, My question is if my hair is 8 inches all around (the front seems shorter because it curls up a little) how long until it gets as long as this…

    And my second question is, do you think he blow dried his hair in that picture, and will blow drying help style my hair?… if so maybe you guys could post an article on how to blow dry hair for men

  5. What`s up Longhairs!! El Señor Nieve here from Uruguay. I took my time to contemplate everyone`s mane, congratulatios for those guys with the awesome looks, and also for the people who recently found the courage to start this journey, you are not going to regret it. I am now hitting the one year and two months mark with only one little trim in the way and it`s been awesome.
    I always wanted to grow my hair out but it was hard at the beginning to find the strength i needed to fight the pressure i recived, not only from the awkard looks, also from the people arround me who wanted me to cut my hair out, so thank you El Moreno and El Rubio for starting this awesome comunity that give many of us courage in the times of need.
    Sorry for grammar its been a long time since the last time i took an english lesson!!

    Keep growing strong and long live the longhairs!

  6. 2 and a half years after a vendictive hairdresser hacked off half a foot of my luscious locks when I asked her for a trim… I would be at the 5 year mark otherwise

  7. 62 years old, longhair since 1990; excuse the potato quality
    i’ve very few pictures of myself, and that’s the only token in front
    don’t cut, brothers !!!!!

  8. My 1 year photo has been sent! You guys have been a huge inspiration in keeping the damn clippers away from my head. At 56 years old with a buzz cut I questioned whether or not growing the locks of my youth should be attempted. Thank you for your humor, support and long hair knowledge. You guys ROCK!

  9. Also, I’d like to say that with your help I’ve finally learned to braid my own hair. Something I should have done years ago, and I Thank You. Keep up the good work!!!

  10. Working on 6 years, trimmed twice a year. Had long hair on and off most of my life since high school. Had to learn most of it on my own. First the Internet, YouTube, now, The Longhairs, where we’re you guys 35 years ago? Glad you’re here now!!

    1. You are a true veteran. It may have taken this long, hope it was worth the wait. Thanks for being a pioneer!

  11. I just uploaded my photos fellow longhairs. I’m at a solid year and a half. I had it long in college and have always regretted cutting my mane. I attempted to grow it out a few years ago but gave into peer pressure to cut it during the awkward stage. I regretted it immediately and that was enough give me the motivation and determination to grow it back out no matter how frustrating or difficult the fight would be to get through the awkward stage. Discovering this website was like discovering the Holy Grail. I’ve watched all of the videos and can’t wait for a bit more length on my mane to really be able to try out all of the different braids. El Rubio and El Moreno, thank y’all so much for being bad @$$ dudes. I hope y’all come back to Texas soon, I was out of town when y’all were here during the summer.

    1. Loving it man. Stoked to read your comment, and that you’re back on the long hair train. Thanks for writing in!

  12. The past encouragement here has helped me grow the mane, can’t thank you guys enough. I’m glad at how nice it’s turning out! About 6-7 months in so far

  13. Just uploaded the mane update.
    I’m around the year mark since the last hair cut!! Never actually marked down a date for when I started growing it out has I didn’t know if I could do. But now I’m here , I’m NEVER going back.


  14. Just submitted my 9-months-awkward-hair photo. I have been watching every single videos that you guys have including the podcasts. They are really helpful, cool and motivational.
    Thank you!
    Long live LONG HAIRS!

  15. Three years and no haircuts, hair down to like mid-back. Gonna see if I can upload a picture.

  16. I have recenty discovered this blog guys.
    I’m from Chile and so far only 3 months have passed without going to a barber.
    hopefully it’ll be for quite a lot more.
    Anyway, readings this blog has been pretty encouraging in this Journey, people can be so judgemental.

  17. I’ve been following the blog for quite some time now. You guys finally encouraged me to do what I’ve always wanted to try. I finally started growing my hair out last November (from a straight buzz cut), thanks to the Longhairs. Your weekly inspiration kept me from the barber shop even during the worst of the awkward stage.. When I saw this post, I decided to try to put my hair up for the first time for the pic. I didn’t expect much but I got it all up! I finally feel like a Longhair. Thanks guys so much for helping me do what I have always dreamed of doing.

  18. I didn’t know what to put for a nickname lol. You can come up with something yourself, if you want. I still haven’t gotten a trim yet and I’ve been growing it for over three years now. I plan on getting it trimmed, I’ll post pics after.

  19. You guys helped me tie my hair for the first time! I like that there’s a place that I can learn about these things in an environment where I feel comfortable.

  20. Long hair is not fitting for every man…. Honestly, it’s for the brave of heart, the truth seekers, the free spirits that refuse to be shackled by others! Let your mane be seen, be free! Be proud of it! 🙂

  21. Two years and some change with no cut. One hell of an awkward stage. But love it and there’s no way i could have done it without The Longhairs. Gracias!

  22. I am a great fan of longhairs. I have always had longish hair but always cut it and then regretted it and started again. Then I came across you guys and was inspired to grow my hair again and keep it. I am 69 next month and my wife does not appreciate my hair. Maybe I am rebelling in my old age but I am now nearly 2 years in the making. Thanks for your encouragement. Have tried to send a pic, hope it come through. Keep up the great work.

    1. Neville, I’ll be 70 next month and my hair is approaching two years. My wife doesn’t like mine long either. I’m not sure what’s up with that. I really like my hair long, but not all the maintenance that goes with it. I found some rubber bands called Snapees that have definitely saved a lot of hair from getting pulled out. They have a little snap on them which makes taking the band off tremendously easier.


  23. Sorry I accidentally submitted twice but I got it done dude. It’ll be cool to see all the submissions next week!

  24. You guys rock!! Any and every long hair I meet I tell them about your page and give referral cards. I’ll see how many of my buds I can get to post progress pics and I’ll send one tonight. I plan to donate some of my mane in the spring but not enough to be a short hair again, will let it ride again after the donation as well.

  25. Hey Guys I uploaded a few pictures but didn’t see a comment section to give my story, so I will give it here. I donated 11inches of hair just about 3 months ago. The first picture is before I cut my hair, the second is after I cut 11inches off, and the third is 3 months of growth. Super cool post idea, looking forward to seeing everyone’s hair updates!

  26. Not 100% proud of my submitted photo, but it’s what I’m working with. However, I am proud that I stuck with my mane this far. I’m almost out of the awkward phase. My hair is starting to touch my shoulders and being more annoying than usual. I can tell that victory is within reach. 😀

    1. sir, i shared on my frenche publication your picture and lovely comment; adress:
      the female reader Co did answer:”ça fait tellement plaisir de lire les motivations de Monsieur Just Lax !! et ça lui va bien … !!
      je lui souhaite de jolis et nombreux chignons amoureux !!
      translation: reading the grow motivation from sir Just Lax was a great pleasure!! and he feels nice with his long hair…!! I wish him much pretty and lovely hair buns !!

  27. About 3 years and going strong!! I’ve send a picture ^^

    My fiance has alopecia causing her to lose All her hair. I decided not to cut my manes any more so she can enjoy my hair, play with it and make it look awsome for cosplay :p

  28. The beginning of November 2016 will mark 15 months of growth from a very short, very boring regular dude cut. I’m never going back.

  29. Just submitted, can the coupon can be saved for the v2 hair ties or no? Any release date for them?

  30. Author

    Put in your email and a name field will show itself, then put in your name and hit “next” then you will be able to upload your photos.

    1. as i’ve put in my mail , i’ve only seen one button announcing a quick send
      when i’ ve clicked on that button, i’ ve only had a confirmation you send me a 20% off coupon
      something seems to be rotten in the danish kingdom…………….lol

      1. i apologize for the system has well be repaired
        actually, no problem to send your pictures

  31. For my whole life I kept my hair very short. I would shave my head monthly and never let it grow out because of how thick my hair is. I finally let it happen after being inspired by History Channels Vikings. That show is based on my heritage so I figured I would let the mane grow in! I am nearing 2 years, with only 2 minor trims and it has been quite an experience. I do not plan on cutting it anytime soon, and I plan on eventually donating it. I have very thick, wavy, coarse hair and I know someone out there will need it more than I do. I’m very happy to be a member of the longhairs! You guys are great

    1. Author

      Awesome Niklas! Thanks for sharing your story man that is awesome and super pumped on the stoke!!

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