10 Sick Ways To Wear Your Long Hair, And Several Others

10 Sick Ways To Wear Your Long Hair, And Several Others

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How to Wear Long Hair for Men

Guys with long hair have limitless options for rocking the flow, from tie ups and top knots to braids and locs, and virtually infinite combinations thereof. Here are just a few of our top recommendations for how to wear long hair for men.

The High Ball

A true classic, like a fine glass of scotch. Some call it a man bun, though it’s no secret we find that name uncomfortable. Find out why, and what we call it, and how to do it, in How to Tie a “Man Bun” (without calling it that).
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The High Ball (front view)The High Ball (side view)The High Ball (back view)

The Foldover

Tried and true, one of the easiest ways for a guy to wear long hair. Watch a brilliantly thorough tutorial on this one in How to Tie Your Long Hair – 5 Year Anniversary Edition.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The Foldover (front view)The Foldover (side view)The Foldover (back view)

The Menstail

Our preferred vernacular in place of “ponytail,” perhaps the simplest way for a man to tie his hair up. Also covered in How to Tie Your Long Hair – 5 Year Anniversary Edition.
Front view of The Braided Hombre hat style.The Menstail (side view)The Menstail (back view)

The Half High Ball

Classic high ball on top, letting it ride in the back. Ideal for shorter hair while you’re still growing it out, El Moreno runs the tutorial in Get Your Hair Out of Your Face.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The Half High Ball (front view)The Half High Ball (side view)The Half High Ball (back view)

The Angler

A lot of guys think they’re tough, until their arms are searing in pain from holding them up for 30 minutes trying to tie a fishtail braid. Recommended for advanced longhairs, watch El Rubio suffer in How To Tie A Fishtail Braid For Men.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The Angler (front view)The Angler (side view)The Angler (back view)

The Rousey

Double beast mode with a nod to former champion Ronda Rousey. No tutorial for this one, but watch out for the arm bar.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The Rousey (front view)The Rousey (back view)The Rousey (side view)

The Double High Ball

When a single just isn’t going to cut it, make it a double high ball, straight up, demonstrated by El Moreno in Get Your Hair Out of Your Face.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The Double High Ball (front view)The Double High Ball (side view)The Double High Ball (back view)

The Side Part Low Ball

Perfect for a wedding, a formal luncheon, or a swanky outdoor cocktail party. Featured in How To Tie Your Hair On Formal Occasions, be sure to mind the gash in your forehead from bachelor party weekend.
Front view of The Shaded Snake hat style.The Side Part Low Ball (side view)The Side Part Low Ball (back view)

The Brave

Aptly named, this hybrid style features a combination of wearing it down and twisting it up. Demonstrated by El Rubio in Only The Brave.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The Brave (front view)The Brave (side view)The Brave (back view)

The Free Flow

Classic yet often overlooked is simply wearing your hair down, for when you just want to let it ride, unapologetically flying the long hair flag. El Rubio reveals best practices in Wear Your Hair Down Like A Boss.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The Free Flow (front view)The Free Flow (side view)The Free Flow (back view)

The Snake

Foes dare not approach the venomous cobra. Sssssssss…
Front view of The Lefty hat style.The Snake (side view)The Snake (back view)

The Low Ball

Just like a high ball. But low.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The Low Ball (front view)The Low Ball (side view)The Low Ball (back view)

The Rope

Timeless, and as functional as it is fashionable. Legendary for athletics and the outdoors, El Rubio shows you how to twist it up in How To Braid Your Hair – For Men.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The Rope (front view)The Rope (side view)The Rope (back view)

The Sloppy Joe

An excellent look if you can pull it off. El Moreno proves his mastery in The Sloppy Joe – A Style For Kicking Back & Staying Cool.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The Sloppy Joe (front view)The Sloppy Joe (side view)The Sloppy Joe (back view)

The Reverse Menstail

Not a lot of great scenarios for this one, unless you wish to look like Cousin It. This and other great ideas in 24 Halloween Costumes for Guys with Long Hair.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The Reverse Menstail (front view)The Reverse Menstail (side view)The Reverse Menstail (back view)

Almost Awkward

Gus…before he was El Gustavo. This man grew his hair out to work for The Longhairs. That’s commitment.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - Almost Awkward (front view)Almost Awkward (side view)Almost Awkward (back view)

The Cloak

Questionable at best, we cannot recommend this long hairstyle for any occasion.
How to Wear Long Hair For Men - The Cloak (front view)The Cloak (side view)The Cloak (back view)

And That’s How to Wear Long Hair For Men

However, we mentioned limitless possibilities. If nothing here caught your attention, explore Long Hairstyles For Men, featuring more dope hairstyles for guys with long hair than you can possibly try for yourself.

Only one question remains: what kind of hair ties should you use?

Glad you asked.

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  1. Menstail for me. Like black coffee, it is simple and effective.

    Unless it is at work, it will either be the Rousey or the highball. Also when I wear a Luchador mask to surprise people, but that is another unique thing to me – no one else thinks to wear a mask to volunteer work.

  2. I retired after 28 years military and then retired again from law enforcement. After many years of “high and tight” I said F it and quit the barber shop routine. Now at 75 my hair is about 18 inches. I looked at your styles and find most of them look “dorky” to me. I guess it’s because I come from an age where my female teachers and professional women wore their hair an some form of tied up bun. It was ugly and your modifications on buns I find ugly and dumb looking. Sorry but that’s my take on it. have three primary styles: 1. Just loose and down. 2. In warmer weather or when I need it out of the way it’s in a low que or ponytail. 3. for more formal occasions I use a hair slide. I have a selection of Celtic knot style slides that look good and are still manly.

    1. Author

      Hey styling just might not be in the cards for some guys, that’s all good.

  3. I have long hair myself…I look to mens hairstyles Navajo Nation for inspiration. All these above looks look like the guy spends a long time on each one. Too dang fussy…natural is best on some level…just my one lonely opinion

  4. Is there how to videos for these hairstyles?
    I want to try the double highball

      1. I’m a woman with knee-length hair and I came to this website because I typed into Google ”why I should keep my hair long” BECAUSE someone asked me ”Why do you keep your hair long if all you do is wear it up?” Then, somehow, I ended up on this page for hair style inspo. *shrug*

        I like ya’ll’s snark. Keep it up!

        1. Author

          Knee-length! Now that is impressive! Thanks for stoping by, glad to have you here Ashley.

  5. Rocking the brave. It definitely my new go to. Thanks for the awesome content guys.

  6. I’m going for the “Brave” at my daughter’s wedding (and a kilt!).

  7. Mom to a Little Longhair using this link to try and convince him it’s totally OK to wear it up outside of our home!! Thank you for creating The Longhairs and for this helpful site!

  8. Hey longhairs!!! I’m about 7 1/2 months in, my hair is getting decently long, I’m really digging the double highball and the brave!!! Can’t wait to have pretty long hair and try out these awesome styles.

  9. Which one of these would be the best to go to a job interview with, i’m 16 with 14 1/2 to 15 inch hair.

    1. I’d lean toward the highball, the lowball, or the side-part lowball. Good luck out there.

  10. The half high ball works perfectly for the long end of the awkward stage when it’s long enough for a high ball cut not for a low ball. I usually have a half high ball and a low ball with what remains under it!

  11. Always wore mine in a mans tail, but now I’m really liking the slop. Thanks!

  12. You can definitely tell you guys are having an absolute blast. This is just awesome guys!

    I need info on where to get some basic flat hair ties. Is there a direct link from the website? I couldn’t find one.

    1. Yo Connor, thanks for the feedback man!

      We don’t have a direct link for the hair ties yet, but we are working to make them available for you as soon as possible.

  13. sick post but the scrolling feature was the sickest, can you point me anywhere for the code to this?

  14. Hey man! no i can’t login but i didn’t create a username or password i just signed up to the weekly emails. how do i login or create a account etc? cheers guys

  15. Sup longhairs! Aaron here from across the pond (uk) loving the posts and the videos are awesome too keep it up guys! Im 14 months in and powered through the awkward stage with many alice bands and weird styles, I’m just waiting for it to be long enough to try out all these dope styles!

    P.s. I’ve been trying to get the quick-tips but every time i enter my email i don’t ever get them come trough but i do get the weekly updates. I would really like to get them so i make sure i’m doing everything right to my hair if theres anything you could do it would be much appreciated.

    Keep letting it ride!

  16. Nice post. My go-to is the half highball (because my hair isn’t quite long enough for a really good-looking highball—but soon).

    What are your thoughts on the situational acceptability of the half? Seems fine for casual settings, but I haven’t mustered up the courage to wear it at work.

  17. I’m a standard lowball myself, but loving the slop, too. Great job, guys. Love the cloak, too. Your guys rock.

    1. Author

      It’s all about just grabbing a small bit of hair, tying it up and letting it stay where ever it lays.

  18. Really digging the snake! It’s been one of my go-to styles for a long time, but never had a good name for it!

  19. Yeah! Loving this post y’all, long haired brothers representing! Thanks for the kick-ass hair variations, keep letting it ride!

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