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Does Long Hair Match With Your Face Shape?

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Are you growing your hair out but not sure how long hair is going to match with your face shape? If so, this post is going to help you by identifying some of the best face shapes for long hair.

Straight to the point, the answer is yes, long hair can complement just about any face shape. It just depends on what kind of cut/style works best for you.

In this post we’ll cover several men’s face shapes and types, how to determine which one you have, and men's long hairstyles that are most likely to complement them. In other words how to maximise your looks with long hair!

Let’s start with identifying some of the most common men’s face shapes.

Key Takeaways

  • Face Shape Compatibility: Long hair can enhance any face shape, but certain styles are more flattering depending on your face's structure.
  • Styling Strategies: Adjust hairstyles to make your face appear more oval, which is considered universally appealing.
  • Identification Guide: Detailed guidance on how to determine your face shape using facial measurements.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Specific hairstyle suggestions tailored to enhance each face shape, from oval to triangle.

Common Face Shapes For Men

There’s a few different opinions on this, but to keep it simple here are the 6 most common face shapes for men:

The oval face shape

Oval is shape is among the Best Face Shapes for Long Hair

The diamond face shape

Diagram of diamond face shape

The square face shape

Diagram of square face shape

The round face shape

Diagram of round face shape

The oblong face shape

Diagram of oblong face shape

The triangle face shape

Diagram of triangle face shape

So which are the best face shapes for long hair? Well, any of these face shapes can work with long hair...but not necessarily with any long hairstyle. Ideally you’d like to find one or more long hairstyles that complement your face shape and personal style.

How To Determine Your Face Shape

To determine your face shape you’ll need to take a closer look at your facial structure. The points of reference to look at are:

  • From the tip of your hairline in the centre of your face down to the very tip of your chin.
  • From the pointiest part of your cheek bone to the other.
  • From the pointiest part of your jaw bone to the other.
  • From the peak of one eyebrow to the other.

Everybody’s points of measurement are structured and placed differently, which is what makes one guy’s face shape different from another.

The Laws of Face Shapes

From a professional standpoint (I learnt this at hairstyling school), oval is said to be the most flattering face shape because of the even spacing and proportion between facial features. These characteristics lend themselves nicely to just about any hairstyle.

So technically, if you don’t have an oval face, a hairstylist's job is to give you a hairstyle that is going to make your face appear more oval; in theory to make your proportions more “attractive” to the human eye. They do this particularly with women who have bold facial structures that can appear masculine.

Men don’t have to worry about this rule so much as bold features and chiseled jawlines is kinda what we like because it can accentuate our manliness. On the other hand, large foreheads and round jawlines are features guys tend to feel more insecure about.

Breaking Down The Face Shapes

Now that we’ve covered some of the basic rules, let’s break down each of these face shapes, how to identify them, and consider potential long hairstyles for each. Ready?
Oval shape is among the Best Face Shapes for Long Hair

1. Oval Face Shape

The oval face is the most evenly structured face shape with the widest feature being the cheek bones with a slightly narrower forehead and jawline. The oval face shape is longer than it is wide and is the most flattering face shape for most hairstyles.
Round shape is among the Best Face Shapes for Long Hair

2. Round Face Shape

The round face shape is easily identified because the width of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw are all the same with a rounded jawline. The width of the face is also the same as the height.

The goal with a round face is to try and create more length and height to give the illusion of a more slender face. If you’re a guy with a round face, long hair is a great idea for you because the longer your hair gets the more oval your face will appear.

My advice for guys with round faces is to aim for a length that is from mid neck or longer. Anything too close to your chin will accentuate roundness and make it look out of proportion. You should also stay away from blunt cut fringes and layers in the front as it will bring more attention to your facial features.

Another tip for round face shapers is to grow a beard (if you can). It will give you a more chiseled jawline and can also add length to your face.

Triangle shape is among the Best Face Shapes for Long Hair

3. Triangle Face Shape

The triangle face shape is identified by having the widest feature as the jawline, followed by the cheek bones, then the forehead. Triangled faces usually have a really nice jaw structure, which for men is a wonderful thing because it accentuates the masculine look.

Most long hairstyles will work for guys with triangle faces, especially medium length hairstyles that fall just below the chin.

If we go back to the “oval” rule. To even out the proportions of the triangle face shape, it’s best to add a few shorter layers in the front to draw more attention to the eyes and add width to the forehead. Wider, crazier hairstyles are good for this face shape as well.

Side note, a high ball can look a little odd for this face shape because it can add more pointy-ness to the top of the head making your head literally look like a triangle. This shouldn’t discourage you from wearing one but it’s a potentially conflicting factor (according to the oval rule) and it’s good to know.

Oblong shape is among the Best Face Shapes for Long Hair

4. Oblong Face Shape

The oblong face shape is the longest of the face shapes. Guys with the oblong face shape have larger foreheads, which can tend to cause insecurity in some men.

Normally when I get asked the question “will long hair suit me or not?” on YouTube it comes from a guy who is worried about long hair or a high ball not working out because of his forehead.

Going back to the oval rule again, it does seem counterintuitive for a guy with a long face to have long hair or a high ball as it will emphasize the length of his face.

However, if you have an oblong face shape and you’re set on having long hair, the best thing to do is have some layers put in the front that fall to either your cheekbones or jawline to break up the length of your face.

Alternatively, you could go for a medium length hairstyle to add some width to your head as well.

If you want to wear a high ball with this face shape, wear it at the back of your head or at your nape instead of up high. If you wear it high your head will look even longer.

Unfortunately, there really is no way to disguise a larger forehead when wearing a high ball because the pulled back nature is a way to style your long hair to reveal all your features. The only way to make your forehead seem less prominent when tying it up is by getting shorter layers in the front and wearing them out when the rest is tied back.

Which I mean, if you wanna look like princess Azula from Avatar then sure, go for it, but it might not be the most flattering look for a male.

Square shape is among the Best Face Shapes for Long Hair

5. Square Face Shape

The square face shape is very similar to the round face shape in terms of the length and width proportion.

The forehead is as wide as the cheekbones and jaw, but the square face shape has sharper edges making the cheeks appear chiseled and the jawline more angular.

Most long hairstyles will suit this face shape and the sharp edges can make a high ball look really masculine, which in “dude world” is perfect.

Boofy hairstyles can look odd on this face shape because the bone structures are all as wide as each other and as we discussed earlier, wide hair on a wide face = super wide everything.

Diamond shape is among the Best Face Shapes for Long Hair

6. Diamond Face Shape

The diamond face shape is an interesting one. It’s similar to the oval in terms of the cheekbones being the widest feature but the forehead and jawline are much narrower. The face is also longer than it is wide and the chin appears pointy.

To make long hair work with this face shape, having longer layers in the front that fall to the jawline will help widen the forehead and jaw to make the face appear more proportionate.

Like the oblong face shape, tying it up with your layers out will keep your face in proportion. Or you can just tie it up and not give a damn haha.


At the end of the day, this information is based on the rules of “oval being more flattering,” and it is true in terms of keeping things in proportion.

While these facts are interesting and might be helpful, the best face shapes for long hair can be any shape. The true key to rocking long hair is your confidence and the way you hold yourself wearing it.

FAQ on Best Face Shapes for Long Hair

Can anyone with any face shape wear long hair?
Yes, long hair can suit any face shape, but certain cuts and styles might complement specific shapes better.

How do I determine my face shape for styling long hair?
Measure key points across your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and face length to identify your face shape.

What long hairstyles are best for a round face shape?
Opt for styles that elongate your face, such as longer lengths and layers, to create a more oval appearance.

Are there any hairstyles to avoid for certain face shapes?
Yes, depending on your face shape, some styles might accentuate less desired features, like roundness or sharp angles.

How can I make my face look more oval with long hair?
Choose styles that balance your features, like adding volume at the top for round faces or layers for square faces to soften edges.

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