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  1. Just discovered this website, have yet to try the products. Been growing my hair for 2 years nearly and plan on going atleast 4 more. Seen a lot of positive feedback and can not wait to see what all the hype is about. I will have a follow up comment.

    1. Hells yeah Cade, glad to have you here man! You give the products a try when you’re good & ready, we’ll be here. Keep lettin it ride!

  2. Im a bit of a newbie with long hair, but love your guides. Tnx guys for your youtubevideo with the lateral hair set for more strictly days on the work with long hair.. Most thankful! And really love your hair ribbons, we have nothing like that in the shops in sweden, we have only girly ponytailstuff here 🙁 Looking forward too the viking kit and the more elegant black kit and when it comes to the shop! Take care guys!

    1. Author

      Good to hear from you Ardy all the way from Sweden and thanks for trying our stuff. The Vikings and Black Ties are back in stock just FYI. Keep lettin’ it ride man!

  3. I’ve been growing my hair out since 3 years. I started with an undercut and because of that my top is one year longer than the sides and the back somewhere around year 2 was when I found out about The Longhairs YouTube channel and I really liked all the content there and started following you guys on Instagram to get some inspiration and it helped alot. Now I’m planning on not cutting it for the next three years cuz after three years I might get a job and not sure if I’d have to cut my hair to get a job but if not then I’m planning on letting it ride for life. But since lately I’ve been noticing a little bit of thinning on my hairline and I looked up on online and found out that it’s due to traction alopecia and it makes sense because I wear my hair in a bun the majority of the time every day and now I’m thinking of putting it up less and letting it ride more often, would be nice if you could guide me through some tips. Thank you so much and love you all, You all are amazing

    1. Author

      Would agree to let it down more often if you are seeing some strain from tying it up all the time. You could look into the laser caps if you really think the thinning is getting serious. Heard they work very well.

      1. I have gone through 6 sets of the hair ties now and I think only 3 of the 24 broke after very heavy use. I am very impressed with how they hold up I have lost most of mine to all the long haired people I work with. I’m trying out the headbands now and they are nice so far! The only thing that made me a little sad was the lack of stickers and cool little promotional stuff with the package! I love you guys and would like to immortalize you on a few sticker walls and water bottles if you can hook something up that would be radical!!

  4. Hello Longhairs

    I have been growing my hair for about a little over a year. I’m in 9th grade and I currently have the longest hair out of every boy in my school. Is there a way to grow it faster? Thanks for reading. You guys are sick!

    1. YO BM! Glad to have you here man. We do offer a few suggestions in Quick Tips, and we are working on another guide. Ultimately, however, there is only so much you can do. It just takes time, but that’s part of what makes it worth it; if you could grow it long overnight, everyone would do it. So keep lettin it ride man! It will all be worth it. And thanks for your comment, amigo.

  5. I am glad that I found your badass website. I love what you are doing with your products designed for men and all of the great contributions that you are making for good causes. I used to have chin length hair in high school and could never grow past that length. I am now 37 years old. I live in Florida. I have a job that considers long hair unprofessional but don’t care and am committed to having long hair because I want to and don’t like being told what I can and can not do. As long as I can keep my hair up and out of the way I do not foresee a problem. I currently have been growing my hair again and letting it ride for approximately 6-7 months I think. I am at about 7 inches currently but would like to continue to grow longer hopefully 14+ inches. I have been dealing with the awkward phase and think that I am almost over it. I can almost get all of my hair up but still have some stragglers up front and on sideburns. I have naturally oily hair that if unwashed after 1 day feels very greasy. I am open to all of the tips and product recommendations that you all are willing to provide along the way in this journey. I am excited to continue the journey and becoming a worthy member of the longhairs. Thanks for doing what your doing.

  6. I’m growing my hair out again. I dontated my hair to Children with Hair loss a while back, so I’m in the process of growing again.

    I’m battling through the akward phase so I’m excited to try the serum and hair ties!

  7. 16, started growing my hair out when I was 13 havent had it cuz since, my hairs around a foot and a few inchs long, I normally keep it in a high ball or Man Tail,

  8. What’s up Longhairs,

    Love the products and the brand in general. Some quality stuff going on here! Quick question, should I clean up the hairs on the back of the neck when my hair is pulled up into a highball or just let it ride? I saw that El Rubio had cleaned up his neck a bit in his 3 Sick Men’s Long Hairstyles video. Is that a normal maintenance thing, or is that El Rubio just doin El Rubio?

    1. Author

      You can go either way but if you do cut it down then you need to maintain it all the time.

  9. I am learning the ways of the Lakota Souix. It is slow going. But I believe I am the better for. Thank you for yet another opportunity to lear.

  10. Where does your hair go to in the back? To the shoulders? Almost there? Try putting it up and if it’s to short let it go a little longer 👍

  11. Hi guys great job cool and usefull videos and tips and products also .I’ve order hair ties and waiting.I’m thinking to order serum open air.Is it so good?Please guys make a video” how to wear a newsboy cap”.It would be great.Greetings from Greece!!!

  12. Grew my hair when I was 8 and got it cut at 12 after a disaster at the barbers (thanks Dad). 10 years later I’m back a longhair. Been growing it out for 17 months now, still not long enough of course.

  13. Just got introduced to you guys by my buddy EJ. Super stoked to hear about you guys. Love the products. Love the advice! Cheers mates!

    1. Yo JB! EJ is a good man. Next step is getting him to grow it out.

      Welcome to the team.

  14. Hi! My name is Vasilis and i’m a 16 year old dude from Sweden. I’ve been growing my hair out for almost 26 months now and i’m loving it. My original goal was to let it grow out for 2 years, though I have decided to let it grow out for 5 years instead! I love the content you guys create and hopefully i’ll pick up some of your products soon!

    1. VK from Sweden! Thanks for writing in amigo, we’re glad to have you in the community. Give our regards to your longhaired Swedish brethren!

  15. About mens long hair’s i’ve never got the proper information . But recently i saw your channel on YouTube . Great information about how to take care of long hairs and also about the diffrent product 🙂 and my fav video on your channel is that motivation video about long hairs 🙂 so thankyou long hairs 🙂 much love from india 🙂

  16. I was headbangin at the Metallica shoe at the Rogers Center and a dude with long hair gave me a card. It was awesome, I’ve been growing my hair for 6 years now and I rarely get it trimmed even though I should. This is the reward for 6 years of work hahaha.

  17. Hey i’m from the UK and stumbled upon your site. You guys are so cool. I’m only 18 so i’m constantly getting told by friends and family to cut my hair but i like it when its long. My hair only goes to the top of my shoulders but i want it longer so i can tie it up properly. I literally just ordered The Designers so i actually have something cool to tie up my hair. Cant wait till they arrive.

    1. Author

      Killer man and stoked to see you here! Thanks for picking up some ties to, you’re going to love ’em.

  18. Hey, I’m a total fan of your youtube content but it’s been until now that I came to your official webpage and it’s amazing. You are totally working in an issue concerning to men: long hair and modern society. I’m a proud long haired since 2011 and I can assure you, you have made me keep my appreciation for the long hair.
    Greetings from Mexico.

    1. Alright man! Glad to have you on the site finally, thanks for visiting and glad you’re down for the flow!

  19. I’ve been dodging the forced haircuts my whole life and college has finally given me the chance I’ve always wanted to grow it as long as I want. I’m probably pushing 9-10 months in the front (bangs past my chin) and though I have trimmed the back a few times to even it out its now only an inch or so from the shoulders. I like to tell myself the awkward stage is mostly behind me and need some style ideas. If i’m not rocking the beanie w/the flow covering the ears, I’ve been wearing a middle part which I’m not the biggest fan of. I have a few formal events coming up and am ready to release the flow. Any style advice for a dude with straight hair?

    1. Yo Hunter, keep dodging! We are actually filming a video next week to demonstrate styles for different awkward lengths. Can’t say exactly when it will publish, but should not be too long after. In the meantime, go through the AWS post and read through the comments, and sign up for the “tips and and advice” email series for the best of what we have. Thanks for writing in man, glad you’re in the game!

      PS: Montana State? Missouri? Mississippi?

  20. Started growing my hair long just a few months ago. I’m 88 in a couple of weeks. Even though I have a vision of sticking around to upgrade from an octogenarian to a centenarian I am anxious to get past the awkward stage. With my wife’s assistance, we have managed to use a clasp to make it
    resemble a ponytail. Any tips for faster growth?

    1. Author

      Doug! You are the MAN! Going for it at 88 that is so cool! Honestly there is no short cut to growing it faster, healthy diet helps but at the end of the day it’s a waiting game. Be patient and hang in there, sounds like you are super close to hitting the shoulders. It’s almost time to party!

  21. Hello, Longhairs!
    I am a from a small country called Azerbaijan. Just wanted to thank you for inspiring us. You are a massive boost because in our country having long hair is not popular at all and you can barely see guy with hair longer than 5-6 inches.

    1. Author

      Hi Aydin, It’s great to hear from you all the way from Azerbaijan. That’s the beauty of the internet connecting with guys like you from places all over the world. We’re super stoked we could give you a boost and thanks for checking in.

  22. My son is 8 years old, always had long hair and then last March decided to get it cut short in back, kept long up front. Big mistake, he said the girls at school didn’t like it, and that was when he was 7 and in first grade, unbelievable. Well, he has been growing it back out since then, it is below his shoulders and he loves it. We had to get a little trim a couple of months ago because he said he had a “poof” out to the side so he used the scissors himself and left it a bit lopsided 🙂 He either wears it slicked back with cream or lets it hang loose, either way, it’s super cute.
    I am excited to show him your site when I get home tonight and am going to let him choose which ties he would like me to order for him.
    This should be fun.

    1. Hello Yvonne, super glad you found this community, we love hearing from moms of little guys! It’s loosely PG-13 around here so just have a read through anything before passing it on, ya know.

      Hopefully you’ve read about Arthur. You’re welcome here. Cheers to moms and dads who let their sons rock the flow!

  23. Greetings Fellow Longhairs, I’m a part-time Surfer who is a Hippie Geek. I have gone Corp. a couple of times and hated it. The longest I’ve had my hair was down to my waist. Now I’m 12 years in and lovin it again. I’m a Grounds Supervisor and the goto guy for facilities maintenance. I keep it in a ponytail tucked in my uniform at work. Outside of work it’s out and down. During my first company outing, I heard people asking “Who is that guy?”. It felt great. I’ll be 62 this year and will keep it this way. It used to be brunett, now it’s turning a silver white fox.
    Have a good one,
    Mark Lionstar Hunter

    1. LIONSTAR! Dude, so pumped to read this. Great story man. More and more guys in their 50s and 60s are commenting on the site, we’re pumped to have you here! Longhair vets! Hope you love what you see and stick with us.

  24. Dear longhairs,
    My name is Christian, and im a sophomore in high school. I’ve been growing my hair for 8 Months and its all already past the bottom of my face.There’s nothing better than having longhair. I run cross country and by saying that, a few of my friends on the team have started growing their hair out also. Its so cool to see a flowing mane follow behind you while running.We have started a revolution, i like to say, at our school. Everyone is starting to grow their hair out and join the community. I refer them to yalls channel every time we recruit someone new. I tell them about how great you guys are and what awesome content yall put out. Thanks a lot for helping with all the things you do, and putting in the work yall have! Long live longhairs!

    1. Yo Christian! Thanks for the great comment man, super-stoked to have you on board the LONG HAIR REVOLUTION!

      Two questions: did you know you can get Longhairs referral cards for free? You can hand these out to your friends and cross-country homies, it gives you a little something tangible to hand out.

      Also, where are you from?

      Thanks for writing in, keep lettin it ride!

      1. I’m from a small town in western Kentucky. Not much around here but alot of cornfields and cow pastures. But no, I didn’t know about the referral cards. I’ll head on over and check those out!

  25. Hello fellow longhairs! My name is Spencer, coming to ya from sunny Florida! Just clocked in my 20 month away from the sheets. Would love to get more involved in this community! Let me know how I can help! LET THE FLOW GROW!

    1. Yo Spencer! Glad you found us and thanks for getting on board, amigo. We’re working on a Street Team program which sounds like it will be right up your alley, stay tuned. Thanks for writing in!

  26. A pleasant woman in a coffee shop gave me a card directing me to this society.

    So cool.

    Glad to be here.

  27. I know I shouldn’t leave my hair tied up while sleeping, as it can cause breakage. What are my options for keeping my hair untangled while I slumber? Do you have any bonnet or hair cap products?

  28. I recently hit 10 months of growing my hair out, I can pull my hair back on the crown of my head, I started growing mine out to rep a flow at wrestling tournaments in high school, but I’m not quite sure how to tie it up into a good bun

  29. hi fellow longhairs,

    just found this site recently. i’ve been letting my hair grow for 15 months now and i have no idea about what should i do with my hair. i have a straight hair but my hair tip is starting to curl wildly and getting thicker, so it looks a lot ‘bigger’ at the tip of my hair like its blown, so what should i do best? should i cut it? or using a hair clamp to make it more ‘controllable’? or what?

    by the way i live in indonesia and its not easy to get tips to deal with long hair for men, so this site really help a lot. thank you so much fellas!

    1. Yo Arya! Great to hear from you man, 15 months it sounds like you’re almost there!

      Don’t cut it. It will just do the same thing when it grows back out again. Instead, try tying it up from time to time to tame it down. Also, use our quick tips for shampoo and conditioner.

      Glad you found the site and thanks for writing in!

  30. I’ve been growing my hair long most of my life. I had cut my hair to get a job and felt miserable all the time i kept it short. After 11 years of keeping it short I decided to regrow my hair. I haven’t cut my hair or even trimmed it for 4 years now and feel more like myself again. On our way back from Mexico a year or so ago a gentleman came up to me at the San Diego airport and handed me a couple of cards and was instructed to share one with another long hair which I did. Just the other day I found the other card in my dresser drawer and now I’ve decided to see what the website was all about…..ROCK ON LONG HAIRS

    1. Clyde hell yeah! It only took a year, glad you made it finally! Thanks for handing out the referral card, if you want more you can order a pack right here. Super stoked to have you in the community man, thanks for writing in!

  31. “Yo Longhairs! , El Duderino here”
    “The liquidation sale is RAD, one of each is coming my way!
    Or.. more specifically, my hair’s way.
    But I’m just pumped to be part of the whole-shebang!”

  32. Hi,
    I am a female and I just wanted to say I cannot WAIT to get my cards to Support all the dudes with long hair. I love it! I love guys with long hair. I am a full supporter of this site and of the hair growing.
    have you heard about this at all?:
    interesting read. I too was forced by my family to cut my hair after 15 years of not cutting it, it is finally getting some good length on it again, Cant wait til its once again long as hell haha, Stay Strong and keep it real guys 🙂
    oh just an afterthought, does anyone ever have nightmares about cutting their hair? I used to before I cut it. they were very uncool.
    peace out, hombre’s

    1. Thank you Anna! It’s great to have you as an advocate! And thanks for sharing the article. Fascinating.

      I do in fact have a recurring nightmare in which I wake up with my head shaved. No joke.

      Cards are coming your way, thanks again!

  33. Greetings Fellow Longhairs,

    I’m about 16 months deep and have only recently been able to rock the Tail. It definitely makes life a little easier but the hair on my sides and back of neck aren’t yet long enough to ‘join the party.’ I’m a business professional in Las Vegas so surviving the awkward stage has been a pretty challenging experience considering the clean-cut ‘fuck boy’ style that dominates the male style culture.

    Couple questions for the veterans, though:
    What’s the deal with bandanas??
    Is there any more info on products and styling??
    Have you guys considering bringing on any of the female bros?? It’d create an interesting dynamic getting genuine insight from them, not to mention the credibility that comes with ‘generations of knowledge and experience’.

    Cool community, wish I would’ve found it at the beginning of my journey! Thanks for your contribution

  34. Just joined this morning. I’ve been growing my hair since November 2014 when my cousin and I shaved our heads on a whim. I’ve trimmed it a few times because I couldn’t handle the awkward stage. Once or twice I even cut it really short. I always regretted it. Last time I cut my hair was 6 months ago. I had reached beyond the awkward stage and had attained at least 8 inches of hair. It had begun to fall and I got scared. I listened to naysayers and I cut it really short. Hardest thing to do but I was so scared I was going to lose the hair I love so much. Better cut it now and prevent losing any more and let it grow. Now that I think back, I was stressed and my beanie was too tight and hair ties were bad causing breakage.
    I am now again in the awkward stage. I was thinking about sneaking off to the barber and cut the tips just to get it in shape. But I know each time I do that they cut more than I want them too. So, as soon as I woke up this morning I started my wild search on google and found you. Now, I love my awkward stage hair. It even give me that rebel look I like whenever I wear my leather jacket.

    I just want my hair to come to my shoulder, no longer than that. But even that is a journey and I’m glad I found this website along the way.

    1. Author


      Great to hear your story man! Super pumped you found us as well. We got what you need to make it through. You got this!

  35. I have been growing my hair for about 5 months now. I’m currently at that Awkward stage where the hair in the back curls up, and my bangs are long, a little bit below eyebrow level. I have a couple questions

    1. Are you able to give me an approximate time in months as to when my hair in the back will start to grow down to my shoulders?
    2. When in the process of growing out my hair, will there be a time when my bangs naturally grow, out of the way of my face?
    3. Is there amy supplements, tactics etc. that you can recommend to me to help grow my hair a bit faster?


    -Alexander Caiopoulos

    1. Yo Alexander!

      Thanks for writing in man.

      1. Most guys will be in the clear between 18-24 months from ground zero.
      2. Never. You’re going to need Hair Ties For Guys to solve that problem—albeit a good problem to have because it means you finally have long hair.
      3. Sign up for Quick Tips, we share a few things we can do in there.

      Thanks again man. Stick with it, it will all be worth it. Keep us posted on your journey and we’ll see ya on the other side!

  36. Hello TheLonghairs,

    I am currently at my 8 the month of hair growth, and can already start to tie it back in a ponytail.. I just want to know how many months it usually takes to be able to braid it.

    Thank you.


    1. Author

      Nice Jesse! Everyone is a little different but I’d say generally that 14 to 16 month mark you can get a little braid action going.

  37. I use a drop or two of styling gel that I mix into my palms after they are doused with water. I pat it on the hair that has been brushed back off my face. When it drys I just rub my fingers through it. This helps to keep it off the face but not plastered down

  38. Hey I have a question, how could I keep curly hair out of my face? My hair is currently 6 inches long at the top and I don’t really like the slicked back style with my hair.

  39. Hey there, I will be at 6 months of hair growth in May. The only problem I have is that my high school prom is in May. I am nervous about what I will do with my hair. Any suggestions?

    1. Yo Eric!

      Yes, our suggestion is to find a hot date.

      It’s gonna be full shag homie. No gels, no bands, no mitigating it. You will be in full blown awkward stage and the only way through is to rep it with confidence and commitment. If you get any grief, sweep the leg.

  40. Hey guys, ummm…. i started growing out my hair since november 2015 and now i have reached the awkward stage where my hair at the top is around my nose but it goes up… like its really wavy….. and the hair at tge back also curled up after reaching around 3 inches…. my hair growth is almost about 1 and a half inches a month can you tell me how long would it take for my hair to reach till my shoulders……..

  41. AAhH Longhairs
    Thanks for taking me in! It’s good to share the struggles and joy, mostly joy of long hair with someone! Thanks for all the great tips!

  42. Hmm looks like my reply didn’t go through. My hair is about 6 inches or so. I feel uncomfortable wearing hairbands because I think it’s still too short for that and even trimming the sides a little hasn’t seemed to help too much. I’m just hoping this is the worst part of the process

  43. My friends, I’m glad I have arrived at your goodwill and wisdom. I am in desperate times; I’m having trouble because my hair is really soft and flat so it always wants to go strait down. I don’t really wear hats so what should I do? My will power is strong though

      1. I’d say about 5-6 inches, I just bought some hair bands but I feel like it’s still too short for that so I’m nervous about wearing one out (I wore my beanie all day). My goal is the half ponytail/short ponytail for starters.

        And I love this site, glad I found it.

        1. Yo George thanks for the comments. There’s only one way through the awkward stage…and that’s to go through it. You’ve probably got a few more months, but yes this is the worst part of it.

          We’ll be waitin for ya on the other side hombre. Stay strong.

  44. Hi Guys, i’ve been keeping my hair about six month and already passed the awkward stage. I’m happy keeping my hairs but the problems is my headscalp is quite sensitive and it’s start scalping badly, got any advice?

  45. I’ve been growing my hair out for about 2 1/2 years and for the first time wore my hair with a hat the other day. I found this place from the post about ways to wear a hat. I haven’t stopped wearing a hat since. My hair is now long enough to where I can try some of the different braids out. What are some good beginner braids?

  46. Hey people. Just pledged today! It’s been about three months since my last cut. Just wondering, what am I supposed to do about the sideburns and hairline on neck? Is it full out leave them alone or should I trim those every now and then? My side burns are pretty grody. Is this the beginning of my journey through the awkward phase? Thanks!

    1. Yo Christian, glad to hear you’re committed! And welcome to the awkward stage. The sideburns and neckline really are personal preference. Some guys just let it ride, but if you feel like cleaning up those areas will help keep things a little tighter then by all means do it. I personally kept those trimmed in the early stages but have since just started letting it go. The important thing is to let the rest of it grow; if you start getting “trims” you might never make it to the promised land! Thanks for getting on board man and good luck.

  47. Hey guys, I’ve been growing my hair for almost four years now, I’m rockin the mane and always lovin’ it. I came across your site while looking up different styles for a dude to tie their hair up, I always just put up the man tail and wanted to spice things up(by the way thank you!). I’ve gotta say I really dig what you’re doing. Question about your Hair Ties for Guys though. Do you think you’d ever make a pack of just solid color ties? I like the designs, but for the most part I dig just a black hair tie, sometimes red or some other snazzy stuff.

    1. Yo Ryan! Welcome to the team man, glad you found us. And thanks for the great feedback. We’ve had several others ask about solid color designs and we’re working them into our next round of new collections. You will see them soon! Thanks again and let it ride homie.

  48. Hey guys,

    I’m a senior in high school, and the last time I cut my hair was sophomore year (only trimming the ends every now and then), I’m really diggin this longhair community, and I’m glad to be part of it.

  49. Hey guys!.. I’ve started growing my hair since September My hair all around my head is the same length and I don’t know what to do!… So im thinking of cutting the sides a little bit so it grows looking natural… Any advice ?

    1. Author

      You are setup nice with it all being the same length. It is going to make the awkward stage tough, but if you can pull through you will be super stoked once it hits the shoulders because it will all be one nice even length.

  50. Hello friends!

    I’m relatively new to The Longhairs and I’m currently making my way through the awkward stage. I’ve been growing my hair for maybe 6 months now and, my question is, what advice could you guys give me about what the hell to do with this misshapen, ugly mop I’ve got going on?

    Is there any particular styling and/or hiding strategies that you guys found worked best to combat this stage?
    Also, is there any particular shape/style I should have my hair cut like now for it to grow into?

    I’ve always dreamed of having long hair and I’m so glad I’ve finally committed, I just wish this pain would end.

  51. Hi guys,

    I started growing out my hair about 11 months ago right before I graduated from The Art Institute in San Diego. I was about to become an interior designer and wanted a new look to represent the new me but also something completely different than what I was accustomed to. I had always had a short hair cut because I was in the military and I had just gotten out of a 2 year depression. I felt growing my hair would be a complete 180 change and I must say it has probably been the best decision I have ever made. I’m 33 and have hair chin length.

    I found your website looking through YouTube for some good long hair hair styles, as I will be in a wedding next month, and was excited to see this community. Thank you for the hair tips and can’t wait to rock these looks at the office and wedding.

    Thank you again. I’ll definitely have to swing by and purchase some of your merchandise and rock it here in Austin, TX.

    1. Author

      Edward what up man! Great to hear from you. I graduated from the AI at San Diego to. That’s rad. When ever you want to swing by just let us know.

      Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for your service. We’re pumped to have you here and happy we can help you out. Congrats on the 180, it’s crazy how much of a different perspective the long hair can give you. Keep lettin’ it ride bro!

  52. Hey guys,

    I really wanna say thanks for “the uncomfortable truth about awkward stage hair” post. I was growing out my hair, I got to the 8 inch stage when my family got sick of it and forced me to get it cut, a decision I sorely regret.

    After mourning my loss (and realising undercuts arent for everyone), I decided to grow out my hair.
    Its been about 8 months since then and I’m at the 6 inch mark (on the top at least, the sides which im not cutting are at 4 inches). I was getting pressured by family yet again. I thought all hope was lost until I read the article.
    One of the best motivational pieces I’ve read. Better than that instagram one-liner nonsense. I feel like I have the motivation to keep trucking and grow my hair out.

    So what I mean to say is thanks a bunch. Im glad there are people out there who care about long hair.

    P.s. sorry if it seems like Im rambling. I currently live in the North of England where most people pride themselves in really really reeeallly short hair. It good to know there is a communtiy for accepting people who grow their hair out.

    1. Sam thank you man! Appreciate you sharing your story and thoughts. You and many guys like you are the reason we started this community!

  53. Hey,

    I really love your page.
    I just cannot seem to be able to make an account.
    Any help?

    With kind regards

    1. Author

      Dude we’re going through a major rebuild. Standby for the next members area.

  54. Hey guys I’ve been growing out from a pompadour for about eight months,the only problem I got is the sides of my head above my beard is real thin. I think it might be from me being dumb and using a boar bristle beard brush to make the hair lay flat when it was wet and ended up thinning it. That sound about right to you? Anyways I’ve stopped doing that and just gonna ride it out and wait for it to fill back in.(hopefully I’m not going bald)

  55. Finally found yall it’s been a long 3 yr journey elbow length one more year for waist length great site

    1. Author

      Damn JFranco rocking that Flowing Mane! Love it man! Glad to see you here.

  56. Hello longhairs! I’m just at the start of my quest… There are a few patches of grey in the sides. What do you think of this?

  57. Finally, a place for long hairs! I don’t see a lot of men in my town who have long hair. Although that is because the town I live in is primarily a military town. So I’m one of maybe a couple of hundred men in this town with long hair.

  58. Hello Longhairs!

    I just hit the two year mark scissor free, I have to say I have been looking for a long time for something just like this! Glad to see that there is a movement started toward the stereotypical ideology that encumbers long haired men. Let it ride and I cannot wait to immerse myself in this community.

    P.S. the split top lowball video love wearing my hair this way!


    1. Yo Nate! Glad to have you here man, we’ve been waiting almost a year for you to find us.

      Congratulations on hitting the two-year mark, I think most longhairs will agree that is when you can say you are truly in the game.

      We’ll be encumbered no longer, keep reppin’ that baller-ass side part lowball!

  59. Hey Guys,
    I’m not a man. I’m a third grader in the awkward stage of growing my hair out again. My mom lets me read some blogs on here. One of the guys who works for her gave me a card. 🙂 I’ve wanted long hair since I was three. I had it long once but had to cut it for school because boys couldn’t have hair longer than their ears. I changed schools and can grow it out again! I would like any advice on growing my hair out. It would be cool if you sold little longhair shirts too. I would like to rock one at school to show that not only girls should have long hair. -Jack

    1. Yo Jack-Attack!

      Dude it’s so great to read your comment, and tell your mum we said thanks for letting you read. We have other younger guys who read and follow along also, in fact one of the ladies who works in the building has a son about eight years old who got to visit our headquarters and show us a few hair whips. Anyway, we are glad to have you in the (aspiring) longhair ranks, welcome to the team.

      It’s true: not only girls should have long hair. That’s part of the message we try to send out through our blogs and videos.

      We had some small t-shirts but we are currently out of stock, we’ll have more in December, along with Hair Ties For (smaller) Guys and other cool stuff. Tell you what though, if your mom is ok with sending us your address we’ll send you a little care package.

      As for advice: the best thing you can do to help your hair grow is just overall good health. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep and exercise, don’t party TOO hard, you know, all that stuff. Other than that, you really just have to be patient.

      Ok Jack, hope we answered all your questions. You can write in to us any time. Tell those kids at school long hair is cool, and keep lettin’ it ride!

  60. What’s up fellow Longhairs,

    I was clicking through youtube looking for new ways to braid my locks and came across a video by El Rubio. The way he talked, no bullshit, straight to point, a true man’s man and devote advocate of longhair is what drew me in. I checked out the website and love it. ‘Bout damn time is all I have to say.
    I was in the military for just over eight years, so always had to keep my hair short. Even during that time, however, when I pictured myself in my minds eye, I always had long hair. It’s just how I’m supposed to look. Got out in May ’13 and, with the exception of trims here and there, haven’t cut it since. So, starting out at buzz cut length, two and a half years later and it’s at my shoulders with a little bit extra to spare.
    Love the posts and videos on here. I need to get some cards and a shirt but damn, you guy are out of stock on the mediums. I’ll keep checking back and always: remain strong fellow Longhairs! Our manes are bad-ass and everyone in their heart-of hearts knows it!
    -El Meechlay

    1. Yo EL MEECHLAY! Man thanks for the comment and the kind words! You’re damn right it’s about damn time! That’s why we started this whole thing, there just has never been a proper place for men with long hair. So here we are.

      Great story, and while we appreciate your service to our country the hair restrictions leave a bit to be desired. Sounds like now there is no one to stop you from growing it long, as it should be.

      Which braids have you tried?

      We are out of stock on the mediums, looking to get a re-order by the time we launch Hair Ties For Guys in December. In the meantime we do have plenty of hats in each style, I’m sure you saw. Anyway glad to have you in the community and keep letting it ride!

  61. Hey, I’m 23 and haven’t ever cut my hair so I’d say it’s pretty long!! Comes down to my waist(I’m 5’11”), loving this site all the way from England! With hair that long what’s the best style you’d recommend??

    1. Dude that’s awesome! You’ve never cut it??

      For hair that long…you have a ton of options. You could do a super-dope high ball or double high ball, half high ball, or all kinds of sick braids. Have you learned how to braid it yet? That’s what I would start looking into. We have a bunch of tutorials on the blog and YouTube page, check them out.

      Thanks for reading man glad you’re down for the long hair!

  62. All hail the mighty longhairs. I have been in the process of growing out this curly fro of mine! Keep up the great work and tips! Much respect!

  63. Hail brothers!

    FINALLY! This brotherhood needed to exist. I’ve grown my hair for about 4 years and couldn’t be happier. I’ll be doing my best to attend the Holliday mixer though I live in Mississippi. I have colored and cut layers into my hair in the past so I have experience in these fields.

    1. Author

      Bro! Would be so sick if you made it to Lang Manes & Candy Canes. You interested in sharing your experience further? We are always looking for contributions to the blog from fellow longhairs.

  64. I got my last rtrim trim 7 months ago, and completely straight my bangs reach my mouth. In the back it reaches the top of the collar of my shirt. How long till it will be full blown long, and about shoulder length? Plus, how do I power through?

  65. Hey, im on month 18 (i havent been counting though) and as a guy with very thick hair it is very hard to keep it under control. Do you guys have any tips?

    1. Yo Rayph! Is your hair curly too? Since me and El Moreno both have super-straight hair we haven’t put together much information on curly hair, but it’s on our list of topics to tackle. When you say keep it under control, can you tell us a little more what you mean?

  66. Hey there …. So I am committed myself to grow long hair I had the top grown long and sides buzzed now growing it all out….. I have fine hair and I guess the top is considered medium length…. My question is what product is recommended or just like it flow free lol …. Thank god I found this site cuz my wife was about to kill herself with all my hair questions lol ….Thanks for any tips etc greatly appreciated!

    1. Author

      You bet Nick! We are stoked you are here. Hats. Other than that you got to just power through. Thanks for the shout and we’ll see ya in the comments! That’s hilarious about your wife.

  67. I’m in month 5 of 20 of growing my hair. I just wanna know if I have to cut my hair or keep growing it out.

    p.s I have thick hair

  68. Hey I have seen a bunch of different methods on growing hair out, some say you need a trim depending on what kind of style you want, I am thinking of a style kind of like the one with the guitar at the bottom of the page Or Johnny Depp in this picture. I have pretty thick hair and am about 4 months along and my hair grows faster than most i would say. Should I get a trim? or just wash 3 times a week and stick it out?

    1. Author

      Just stick it out. Once your hair is at the length you want, let it go for a few more months, then get a trim. That will allow you to have a healthy head of hair with the look and length that you are going for.

  69. Hello The Longhair,

    I just found out about you YouTube channel. I can’t believe there’s actually a YouTube channel, where I can get great tips and awesome manly ways I can put my hair up, when I am working or I just don’t want my hair in my face.
    I have been growing my hair for about a year and 7 mouths now and well unfortunately it needs a trim, at first I thought to myself I’m trying to grow my hair long, getting it cut it just going to make the process longer, but I started watching a few of your awesome videos and read a couple of your great tips and now I know I kinda have to get it cut so my hair can grow better and not be or look unhealthy. But enough about that I just wanted to say thank to you guys for showing me some great tips on how to keep my hair looking nice and how to put my hair up when I need to and look MANLY AS HELL! But seriously thanks guys keep up the great work.

    1. Author

      Thanks Connor, really appreciate your kind words. We’re here for ya man. You can count on something coming your way each and every week.

  70. Thanks for the card today man, I’ll have to get a picture with my mane in full flow.

    1. Hell yeah man you’re welcome! Thanks for coming to sign up. And yes, throw it down on the social channels.

  71. I just saw a video on Youtube by Raul Taylor that sent me here. Glad I found it ????
    Im currently on my 8 month of hair growing and it is somewhere between long and the awkward stage. Not able to put it all in a ponytail yet hehe. Looking forward getting to know you ????

    1. Author

      Heck yea Mikael!! You are on the right track. Keep it grownin brother, we’ve got your back every step of the way.

  72. Hey!

    Just joined today. I started growing my hair about 5 months ago. I have a natural cowlick right in the front and the bangs are starting to curl down to touch my forehead. I’ve been rocking a side part for sometime. Last week I started using fx surf paste to keep it off my forehead but I don’t care for the “wet” look it gets when my hair is damp before application. If I apply it without my hair being wet it doesn’t hold well.

    Any suggestions on getting through?
    I would prefer not to wear a headband to work (retail store).


    1. What’s up Wes. Yeah man, feel the pain on that. Once in the awkward stage I tried a similar strategy and didn’t care for that wet look myself. There are some pomades that keep a dryer look but still hold pretty well. You can also try to go with a slicked back look and just pound your hair into submission with heavy product, but at the end of the day that usually doesn’t end up looking great either. With all the tips and advice about awkward stage hair, we pretty much have faced the facts that you just have to deal with it. In any case, let us know if you try a dry pomade and how it works. Also check out our Awkward Stage post on this site if you haven’t already.

  73. I’ve just started growing my hair it is so messy I got a hair band at its my best friend now 😉 I wished I started in winter with hats and all that I’m almost in the 3rd month now any suggestions

  74. I found some random video of you, I love that someone finally do somthing like this. I’ve been growing my hair for about 7 years, now in the 25inch range, I barely remember how I looked with short hair.

    Keep the awesome work.

  75. I was also givin a card today in Sonora, Ca. It was from a longhair’s Mom. She said something about a happening on wensday? Steve

    1. Author

      That is fantastic. Did you catch her name by chance?

  76. Hello guys,
    I’ve just started growing my hair and I’d like to know how often should i wash it?
    Thank you,

    1. Author

      Hey there Karlo. It really depends on your lifestyle and what you do day to day, but we would recommended two to three solid scrubs a week.

    2. Many people think washing too much is bad. I think if your scalp is oily or itchy, wash daily with a good dandruff shampoo like Redken Scalp Relief. Massage the scalp! Use a good conditioner, like Redken All Soft, not supermarket cheap stuff. Use a small amount, comb it through, and towel dry, then comb through again. Don’t rinse it out! Spend a little more on good quality shampoo and conditioner. It’s worth it! Don’t color or use too much “product”. Not natural!
      Wash as much as you like, your scalp likes it!
      Dandruff makes men go bald, so does wearing hats. Keeping your hair tied back all the time will cause you to lose hair! Set it free and wear your hair with confidence. People will respect you and folks recognize a confident and wise man.
      Be yourself. No apologies. Go forward, no fear.

  77. Someone approached me with a card this morning at the supermarket and this is honestly the best thing I’ve ever seen. Glad to be here.

    1. Same thing for me, was approached at the checkout of a supermarket…”you have long hair……here, check this out” was what I heard from behind me. I have always been wary of longer hair, keeping it medium length and not quite liking it. Finally grew it out this year (after starting a new job) and lovin it. Glad to have this site as a resource!

  78. I’ve been growing my hair for about four years now. Was approached by Chris Healy at Ballast Point in Little Italy about a week ago. That’s how I found out about the long hairs. I’ve always wanted to know how to braid my own hair.

    1. I’ve been growing mine for 25yrs. In a braid my tail reaches my belt. To braid it, after showering, brush and put into a pony tail. Pull the tail over your shoulder so you can see it in a mirror. Separate into three and start your braid. It’s a piece of cake. You will learn as you go how to hold the braid with your fingers as you go. Fellow long hair. Steve brown

      1. A piece of cake? VBG. Well, I will have to see about that. 🙂 I have tried several times and my fingers are just too spastic to get it accomplished. however….you mention putting your hair over your shoulder and begin braiding from the front. I will have to try that. am hoping…
        Thanks for the post!

  79. Hello The Longhairs,

    I’m currently on the seventh month of growing my hair out. I’d like to know what the approximate length my hair has to be (at the least), in order to tie it into a ponytail?

    Thank you,

    1. Author

      Nice Justin! You’re making some solid progress. It really depends on what type of hair you have but I’d say between 12 and 16 months you can rock the tail.

    2. Could be a year, could be longer… Depends…

      A great ponytail took me about 6 years, but I am 65…

      Long hair is a commitment, and the first year is hard. When it gets to be a year or so, have an inch trimmed off. Makes it grow faster. Get a half inch or so trimmed every 6 months after that. My wife trimmed me after a year of no trimmng and I grew about 2 inches in a month or two.

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