Maintain Your Neck Hair & Sideburns

Maintain Your Neck Hair & Sideburns with El Sergioso

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When Your Girl Says, “Ummm…”

“...we might need to clean this up,” it might be time to trim your neck hair and sideburns.

The good news? If she’s asking about it, she’ll be down to give you a hand.

That’s what happened to El Sergioso as he was thoughtfully strumming his guitar, his girlfriend sitting nearby, leafing through The Book of Rock. It was time to let him know his neck hair and sideburns were out of control, and we can appreciate a gal who likes her man looking handsome and well-groomed.

Being familiar with the situation El Sergioso knew exactly what to do. And now you’re going to know, after he shows you how to trim your own neck hair and sideburns (or with a little help).

For more action concerning neck hair and sideburns, watch How to Trim Your Sideburns with El Moreno, where he got a little hot and loose with the clippers and shaved his entire beard off. He tackles the sideburns more gracefully in his hair update at 10 Months of Hair Growth.

Also watch El Rubio get a pro neck hair shave and sideburn cleanup at Brightside Barber, then later decide to let his neck hair grow long in 2020.


Fine artist and shredding guitarist with massive thick curly black hair, Sergio Gutierrez is a longtime friend and life member of The Longhairs community.


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