How to Trim Your Sideburns with El Rubio

How to Trim Your Sideburns

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You Don't Need to Go Overboard

If you have long hair and you wear it down often it’s easy to forget about your ole 'burns! Ignored too long and they can really start to look like hell, so it's good to know how to trim your sideburns.

The sideburn problem becomes most evident when you’re trying to look good for a fancy occasion, like a wedding or a hot date. You pull back your mane to tie it up only to find fuzzy little wings of hair draping over your ears, looking unkempt and roughed up.

We don’t want that, and you don’t want that.

That's why El Moreno is here to demonstrate how to trim your least that's how it started. Everything was going great, the sideburns were nice and trimmed up, but then things went sideways.

El Moreno got a little excited, started getting hot and loose with the clippers and took the cutting implement deep into his facial hair, prompting a split-second game-time decision to shave his entire beard.

The results came with mixed reviews, with early viewers taking the shock pretty hard. Here are just a few of the lively comments from YouTube.

So tighten up! Make sure those sideburns are trimmed up and looking sharp...but decide for yourself on the facial hair.

Without further introduction...

How to Trim Your Sideburns and Instantly Change Your Identity With El Moreno

For Even More Action on How to Trim Your Sideburns

When your girl starts making comments you know it’s time to trim your neck hair and sideburns.

That’s what happened to El Sergioso as he was thoughtfully strumming his guitar, his girlfriend sitting nearby, leafing through The Book of Rock. She politely told him, "babe, we might need to clean this up."

Not only did he take care of it, but he shows you how to do it by yourself (or with a little help) in How to Maintain Your Neck Hair & Sideburns with with El Sergioso.