How to Trim Your Sideburns

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If you wear you hair down often it’s easy to forget about your sideburns. They just become part of the mass of hair on your head. The problem is, if left for too long, they become quite the eyesore when your hair is tied back.

It’s extremely evident when you’re trying to look good for a fancy occasion. Like a wedding or a hot date. You pull back your mane to find fuzzy little wings of hair draping over your ears and making you look unkept. We don’t want that, and you don’t want that. So keep your shit tight. Make sure those sideburns are trimmed and looking sharp.

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  1. Dude don’t listen to Ricky express what ever you want to express with your hair man.

  2. i face a lot of criticism from my parents for growing out my hair… But i know where i’m going and i don’t give a damn to others .

    1. Tell them that you really would like to grow long hair and you look forward to it if they dont accept it then you have no choice to cut your hair sorry if you are under 18. They are your parents

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