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Art, Curls & Chords with El Sergioso

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Ripping Chords and Palette Boards

Back at The Longhairs Global Headquarters we’re joined by El Sergioso and El Chuckarino for Episode 84 of Let It Ride LIVE. Kicking off the show with some gnarly guitar riffs, we dive into the action with Sergio Gutierrez, aka El Sergioso: artist, rocker and master of the legendary curls.

You’ve seen him featured in videos from Photos, Fraternization and a Shitload of Hair to How to Get Perfect Curls, but hangin with the bros we hear why he is such a die hard supporter and member of the community.

Listen—or watch for the full experience—and see what’s new with the one and only Sergio Gutierrez on The Longhairs podcast.

What you'll hear about:

  • The story behind the bound shears painting in our office.
  • A brief hair update from El Chuckarino.
  • Questions on curly hair answered.
  • An inspirational message from Jefferson Jay.
  • A field update from El Gustavo.

Crack one open and giddyup, this one is fire!

Watch the show…

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Bros On This Episode

El Sergioso

Fine artist and shredding guitarist with massive thick curly black hair, Sergio Gutierrez is a longtime friend and life member of The Longhairs community.

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El Moreno | Lindsay Barto

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