The Longhair Lift

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Making Deposits With The Boys

Have you been wondering how El Chuckarino maintains his chiseled physique? So have we, so we asked him to break it down for us.

In his debut video on The Longhairs YouTube channel, El Chuckarino gives us a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into his punishing training regimen before joining the rest of the boys for the Longhair Lift.

Follow him into World Gym in San Diego with professional bodybuilder Jesse Marvin, artist and musician Sergio Gutierrez, Trainer Dave and El Rubio, see what brought these four bros together, and watch Jesse Marvin flat press 170 lb dumbbells.


Get That Sick Pump

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Connect With The Bros

Professor Marvin

Sergio Gutierrez

Trainer Dave

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El Rubio

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El Chuckarino

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Have you connected with longhairs you would’ve never met otherwise? Tell us about it.

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