Let it Ride Episode 40: Your All Natural Image With Louis Douglas

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So There We Were...

...at the Premiere Show in Orlando, when a man approached our booth with perfectly manicured dreadlocks down to his waist.

Instant homie. Naturally we started rapping.

One of many excellent connections we made at the Premiere Show, Louis Douglas is the founder and CEO of YaniCare Products (an acronym for “Your All Natural Image”), a line of all natural hair care products especially great for dreadlocks.

Side note: we call them “locs” now; you’ll find out why in the episode.

He doesn’t just own YaniCare Products, he is also a PROFESSIONAL LOCTICIAN. You want to get twisted up? Questions about locs? How to take care of them? Louis is your guy.

Much like his products, it was all natural we’d have Louis on the podcast.


What you'll hear about:

  • Why all natural?
  • Long hair problems when your hair gets to your waist
  • Why we don’t call them ‘dreadlocks’ anymore
  • The first thing you should know if you’re thinking about locs
  • Will we have a loc expert at The Great Cut?

Loc it up with Professional Loctician and CEO of YaniCare Products, Louis Douglas, on The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 40.


Louis of the Locs

A Professional Loctician with over 10 years of experience in Locs, Louis’ expertise includes maintenance, repair, styling, starting, interlocking and overall rejuvenation of budding or existing Locs, with a true passion for natural hair & achieving its maximum potential. Hair health inspired the cultivation of YaniCare Products, composed of all natural & essential oils, which nourish and bring health back to your scalp and hair.

Follow Louis on Instagram @yanicareproducts and his website yanicareproducts.com

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