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Hit Your Max With Professor Marvin & The Longhairs Fitness Program

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The Gym Always Gives It To You Straight

There’s not many things in life that never vary under any circumstance. Lifting weights is one of those things. No matter how you dice it, 200 lbs is always 200 lbs and you can count on that every time.

Just like how you have to earn your long hair, every tiny bit of progress in the gym is earned. No one can give it to you, you can’t fake it, you have to earn it day by day, lift by lift because the weight never lies.

This week we introduce you to Jesse Marvin who has earned his way into the record books. Not just for his luscious flow but for his ability to lift massive amounts of weight. Jesse aka “Professor Marv” is a professional power lifter, personal trainer and certified long hair. He also happens to be one of the strongest guys in the world under 198 lbs.

Check out this badass short film from a couple years ago on his path to 1850.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • What powerlifting is all about
  • Breaking world records
  • Cutting weight for competition
  • How to get strong
  • Keeping the hair out of the way while working out
  • Hair whips and back flips

We first linked up with Jesse when he was on a road trip down to San Diego. We took him out to lunch and we all had a couple beers. During that time we were chatting about how awesome it would be to have a fitness program specifically for our long haired brethren. Jesse loved the idea and got to work devising the ideal training program for maximum growth in both body and hair.

If you’ve ever thought about lifting, or if you're a total veteran, this program has something to offer you. It’s eight weeks of intensity - we guarantee that if you stick with it you'll never be the same.

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