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The Eclectic Subcommunities of the Flow

As with many aspects of life, people often find themselves called to a niche of individuals who share something, be it a hobby, character traits, or in this case, great hair. As The Longhairs community continues to grow, you might find yourself recognizing fellow brothers in arms.

While every man with long hair is part of the broader community, you might notice subcommunities that tend to form based on interests, style or simply attitude. Some can be spotted based on their looks alone, but for all of these longhairs, their story has deeper roots that go beyond their appearance. Here are just a few types of longhairs you might see out there on the mean streets.


The Outdoor Longhair

This man can be found in various fields of the outdoors (literally and figuratively). Many of these longhairs are known as the dirtbags of their community, but in an affectionate sense. They’re known for their minimalist view on enjoying life, for sleeping in their cars and eating whatever cheap bits they can find in the supermarkets.

Others in the outdoor community respect these longhairs for this and many times envy their go-get-em’ mindset. Their minimalistic lifestyle reflects their choice for rocking long manes. They let their manes grow natural and free, much like the landscapes they seek. No matter what sport they’re engaged in, The Outdoor Longhair reigns king of the mountain.

Photo courtesy of Sam Steuart

The Festival Longhair

From rock n’ roll to EDM, nowhere in the world are long haired men so well recognized. Why? Two words: hair whip. Thats right, the famed hair motion expressed with fiery excitement and ultimate stoke. Be it peace, love and rock n’ roll or thumping grimey dubstep, you will find The Festival Longhair rockin the heat of the moment with some epic hair velocity.

And these longhairs continue to step up their hairstyle skills, many times even beating the ladies for best hair. It is not uncommon to find festival fashion sites posting photos of longhairs enjoying good music. Even the artists these longhairs love have come to join the community and now rock both the crowd and their hair.

From beaded dreadlocks to glitter dusted roots and of course some of the sweetest braids around, these guys know festival fashion and good music.

Photo courtesy of @jadetribe

The Beast Mode Longhair

This savage can typically be found engaging in activities like parkour or stacking up plates at the gym. The Beast Mode Longhair knows no limits and pushes himself every day to be stronger than the last. Like that sick pump, his long hair is earned through dedication and time. He treats his hair with the same tough love that shapes his muscles so you can guarantee this man’s mane is of killer proportions.

This guy’s out there killing the game and looking good doing it, planning out his hair care regimen just like his meal plan. Plus, nothing compliments handsome long locks like some killer biceps.

Photo courtesy of Jesse Marvin

The New Age Longhair

Some may call this man a “hippie” or a “hipster” but these words do not fully embrace the vigor with which this man greets his life of finess. The New Age Longhair is known for his good sense of fashion and his interest in learning about the latest hot topics. Be it techy or foodie you’ll find this longhair getting involved and sharing his newfound knowledge on social media for others to use.

This well-dressed man of knowledge enjoys empowering his community as much as he enjoys a well styled outfit. He spends his days sharing his skills with others which has given him a reputation as the go-to man. The New Age Longhair fully believes in thorough upkeep of his locks and most likely owns an arsenal of hair treatment products.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Knowles

The Teenage Longhair

The high school years can be rough. The Teenage Longhair finds salvation in his long locks, a way to stand out from the masses in his own way. He is ahead of his time and many of his peers ask him questions about how and why this longhair chose his path, while others choose to mock him.

But the Teenage Longhair is the most tenacious of the longhairs. He doesn’t let the words of others shake him up. He knows there is a community of men with long hair who fully support his choice of hairstyle, and also knows the secret that many guys his age have yet to learn, that women love the flow.

The Suit-Up Longhair

One of the more elusive longhairs to find, though slowly becoming more prevalent, is the businessman with long hair. This man is one of few to courageously go against the corporate standard, and his willingness to be different sets him apart.

Others know this guy has what it takes to get the job done. He draws upon the curiosity of customers regarding his locks and reels them in with his profound business sense. As the Longhair movement pushes forward, we hope to see many more of these Suit-Up Longhairs strolling the streets.

These are just a few of the groups that have emerged from among The Longhairs community, there are countless others and with many overlapping. Some might find themselves more akin to one or another, or maybe see parts of themselves in many groups.

What are some other groups not mentioned here? Do you feel a part of any longhair group or subculture?



Katie is an avid writer and outdoor enthusiast. She is living the life of a seasonal worker, moving all over California to chase the sun or snow.


  1. I would say that Beast Mode should be a sub-group of the Athletic Longhair category. Another sub-group of that category would be the PuckHeads, as whenever I think of athletes with sick flow, I immediately think of hockey players.

    I think probably the biggest group of longhairs you left out though are the Biker Longhairs. Based on personal experience, nothing screams freedom louder than roaring down the road on an iron horse, feeling the the sun on your face and the wind in your hair!

    1. Heck yeah man, love it! Bikers definitely belong.

      Thanks for the comment amigo!

  2. I am 63.have longhair.know at my age people well say should not.but also I don’t care I am keeping it..

  3. Love it guys!

    I’ve always been a longhair at heart even though I’m only just about to hit shoulder length. Spent the first 8 years out of school practicing corporate law and it hurt every time I had to go get it cut off.

    Despite spending years working with the snootiest people in London I’m an outdoor longhair through and through – skiing, skydiving, surfing and mountain biking are my weapons of choice. Something about having long hair makes me feel even more connected to these things, like I’m unchained and can lean into the the ride.

  4. At almost 55 I have grown and cut my hair more times than I can remember. I have always donated the hair so it wasn’t a big deal. In the early days to another group but the last sixteen or so years to CWHL. I just donated my hair a short time ago so I am starting over again. I had thought about keeping it short for ease of care. I am from a group of guys that had traditionally been known for long hair, the biker. While I haven’t ridden my Harley with large groups of guys in many years. I do love to ride every day that I can. I know what comes to mind when someone says “Biker” I was not nor am I today a dirty or greasy person. I bathed just as often as regular people. Held a job paid my taxes but the love of the wind on my face titled me as something else. That being said in my heart of hearts I am a long hair. Even with the current very short hair I still feel like a long hair. It’s time for this guy to go back to the hair I was meant to have.

    1. Hell yes Don! Well said. We are glad to have you here.

      Thanks for writing in, and good luck in your journey back to long hair!

      As you know, long hair lives in the heart.

  5. Great article, nice insight. Maybe related to the Suit-up Longhair but still different is the Academic or Professorial Longhair. Only slightly more prevalent in academic settings (universities, technical and research-based companies, etc.) than Suit-ups are in the business world, Academics mix hair ties with denim and tweed to achieve a look that exudes intelligence and self-confident independence. I had a few of these types as professors in my college days and always wanted to be like them. I’m now 60 (and a long-time corporate scientist), and I’ve finally couraged up and done it myself. I have foot-long but well-groomed hair in a workplace where most men consider two inches long that, ironically, makes me look more respectable than rebellious.

    1. Glad to have you here Ted! We can always use a longhaired corporate scientist on the roster!

  6. This is so true and actual. I’m a fusion between beast mode & new age longhair:)

  7. Yes to the metal heads! And to the corporate quitters who left the Fortune 500 because they forbid the long hair and beards. I’m talking to you UPS! I am free of your corporate hold and am sporting a righteous mane at age 50. – El Jefe.

  8. You forgot the metal heads! Metal and long hair have been partners since its inception and long hair on men has long been associated with metal lovers. Hair whips(or what we call head bangin’) is practically a right of passage. Long hair is a part of the metal culture and it’s a shame it wasn’t included. Perhaps it merits it’s own article? 😉

    1. metal heads are a sub-sub community in the festival hair sub group
      you can decline groups in sub groups as we can define churches by their genealogy from the reformation…; it is the rule of this play
      and, as all the churches are Christian, all the sub groups are longhair, the metal included

      french translation of this article available at that adress:

  9. Wow! I had no idea there were so many , sub groups of Longhairs. I do agree with Sheila…the Athlete Longhair is one of the largest and maybe one of the most important groups. Excellent writing.

  10. Love Douglas Moutlon’s comment. Sir, you rock ! I’m a 50 something growing out what I have left and wondering why I didn’t do this a lot sooner. I’m in the awkward stage and some days I really don’t like the way it looks. But by the next day, I’m glad I didn’t cut it.

  11. Nice article.. at 62 im still an avid weightlifter. And definitely fall there. But working outdoors as a motor equipment operated i feel like long hair construction. Either way so glad to see the long hair community rocks.may the flow be with u

  12. Haha, excellent post Katie! Does the Athlete Longhair reside in the Beast Mode subcategory? And are the Little Guys a subcategory of the Teenage Longhair?

  13. and the nice woman longhair, as katie, une fort charmante demoiselle…lol
    and now, the longhair community is so complicated as the protestant religion…
    as we stay united

  14. This 88-year-old has changed his bald head by letting the abundant sides and nape grow. With another six months or so, I will regale my sides and back with a very becoming silver ponytail. Don’t see much coverage (pun intended) of bald heads which still have fairly thick hair on the sides and back to tidy up, and look neater as well! This happening is very much supported by my spouse! I have pretty much mastered gathering my ponytail on my own, which will be much easier when the length of side hair grows

  15. Literally two or three hours ago I was wondering when another email may fly to my door from my beloved Longhairs and sure enough, there it came. Loved the article, loved the writing style Katie, great cultural knowledge and nuance sister. Fun and really good to read. Another great job Longhairs!!


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