New Partnership with Children With Hair Loss

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It’s Easy to Take For Granted

Imagine if you couldn’t grow your own hair. Even worse, imagine battling a life-threatening illness, and undergoing treatment that caused your hair to fall out.

There are millions of children and adults who live with medically-related hair loss. For us, growing our own hair can be easy to take for granted, but for the kids who just want to live a normal life, the painful effects of hair loss go far deeper than just cosmetic.

Covering Young Heads to Heal Young Hearts™

That’s why Children With Hair Loss™ was established, a non-profit organization that provides human hair replacements at no cost to children and young adults facing cancer treatments, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns and other medically-related hair loss.

Together with the men and women in our community, we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Children With Hair Loss.

Longhairs Do Care

We’re kicking off our new partnership with a donation of $1,620, sponsoring the 14th Annual Children With Hair Loss Charity Ball on November 4th in Livonia, Michigan.

From here out The Longhairs will proudly donate $1 from every sale to Children With Hair Loss, who is s thrilled to partner with us.

“Hell yeah, we're in!” said Christine Wong, Chief Operating and Marketing Officer. “Thanks for including CWHL as a true partner! We look forward to a LONG relationship with your company!”

Get it?

Anyway, Children With Hair Loss gets it, and we couldn’t be more proud to partner up with their team in covering young heads to heal young hearts. In the time to come you’ll see some fun projects, co-labs and two longhairs going long and deep in next year’s charity golf scramble.

Longhairs Do Care

Hear some of the stories, learn more about our partnership, and share your own story over at Longhairs Do Care.

Longhairs Do Care


  1. About 2-3 weeks ago, my sister and I donated our hair to Children with Hair Loss and we haven’t received our certificate yet. Will yall send it soon?

  2. I don’t understand, my comment is awaiting moderation?

      1. Author

        El Espantapájaros,

        CORRECTAMUNDO on all counts.

        Thank you man!

  3. I would like to donate my hair to have a wig made for a child. I want to make sure that the wig is free to the child.
    What are your requirements?
    Please respond thank you Cynthia G King

    1. Author

      Hello Cynthia! Thanks for your comment, it’s so nice you want to donate your hair! Please visit Children With Hair Loss, they have specific requirements and instructions for donations.

  4. I wanted to donate my hair to help children that lost their hair, and then I found out that many places would charge families for providing wigs for children, which have various conditions that cause them to have hair loss. It is so sad that people struggle with medical and much other cost, and then have to come up with more money for a wig. Someone informed me that Children With Hair Loss do not charge for the wigs they provide, since then I have donated my hair twice and plan to do it again.

  5. I really can’t believe this is is happening. Advocates for long hair? I don’t think so. You can’t advocate for long hair while running gleefully to “The Killing Fields of San Diego.” So many equally worthwhile charities that you could partner. Unfortunately this one, though important, should not been your choice; it simply contradicts everything your movement is says it stands for. All for some publicity. Wow, such a letdown.
    Thank you for listening.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment Eddie, this is an open forum. Yes, there are limitless worthwhile charities we could partner with.

      However, there is no contradiction, and if you believe this is all for some publicity…then I’m not sure you understand what we are all about.

      Your thoughts are appreciated nonetheless. Be well!

    2. Don’t want to repeat what I wrote in the Indisputable Reason comment board, so please go there.

      1. Wait a minute, Eddie! I remember you! I encouraged you to let your hair grow to terminal, both you and Joel. How’s it going? Just keep letting it ride, amigo!!

  6. From someone who’s been following you guys since your beginning, I am always impressed and thrilled to see what you guys do next; you’re inspiring a lot of people.

    1. Author

      HC thank you man. Means a lot to read comments like yours. They inspire us to keep at it.

  7. This is so awesome. Stoked to be a part of the Longhairs community! Way to support!

  8. Way to go guys! Cheering you and these kids on and look forward to continuing to support. Thanks for everything that you do!

  9. Jazzed to see a young company establishing ties with non-profits to do good in the world! Bravo is right!

  10. We have LONGED to see such a partnership GROW (see what I did there?) to benefit all of the children we assist each year. THANK YOU!!!!

    1. Author


      Oh we saw it Molly 🙂

      Thrilled for this great opportunity to work together.

  11. i agree 100% for i prefer you give money for providing wigs for those kids than hair;
    first for we choose growing out for our hair stay on our heads than in extensions for women ( the most of the hair collected for charity finish as extensions at the stylist’s)
    and with the mode of pixie cuts and the st Baldrick much hair are collected
    i refuse the show of charity for it makes social pressure, and the risk we finish recognizing the cancer patients for they be the only longhairs…with the wigs provided by the other, all bald for proving their charity…

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