“How Do You Get Curls Like That?” with El Sergioso

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Legendary Perfect Curls

People would pay (people do pay) thousands of dollars for hair like Sergio’s, or even just to understand the mysteries behind his thick, luscious, arguably perfect curls.

Fortunately for you, he’s one of us. And he’s here to share his secrets.

As a regular contributor to The Longhairs, El Sergioso first appeared on The Longhairs podcast in Do You Have The Gutz?, and later hit the iron bank with the boys in The Longhair Lift.

Most recently on Art & Curls With Sergio Gutierrez, we kicked off a new video series featuring Sergio for our brethren with curly hair.

And if you could get your curly hair tips from anyone, why not get em from a guy with legitimately some of the best hair in the world? A man who is routinely asked…

“...how do you get your perfect curls?”

It’s not surprising, considering his smooth, no frizz, soft yet well-defined waves. Every wavy-haired man (woman, or child) wants this hair...but it’s not easy.

In a masterfully thorough tutorial, Sergio walks you through his curly hair routine from shampooing & conditioning to shredding on stage.

What You’ll See:

  • Product use (and abuse)
  • Brushing & combing
  • Dealing with knots
  • Hair shedding and cleanup
  • The finisher

Watch as El Sergioso answers, “this is how I get perfect curls.”


Fine artist and shredding guitarist with massive thick curly black hair, Sergio Gutierrez is a guest contributor in our new lineup of curly hair videos.

sergiosfineart.com @sergiosartandmusic

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