How to Dry Your Long Curly Hair w/ El Sergioso

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Drying Your Curls, and Other Curly Hair Tips

Since his last video, How to Get Perfect Curls, we have gotten follow-up questions about El Sergioso’s curly hair routine, from how often to shampoo & condition and what kind of mousse to use...but the most common has been, how do you dry your long curly hair?

Our favorite guitar-shredding curly-haired fine artist is back to answer the curly long hair questions, while revealing new secrets of his own curly hair routine.

How to Dry Curly Hair

Starting with how to dry your curly hair, El Sergioso describes and demonstrates his preferred, never-before revealed technique for drying his own curls.

Simple and straightforward at face value, a few small details in his routine allow you to dry your curls without drying them out, while adding volume and setting yourself up for a legendary hair day.

It’s an excellent alternative to looking like a mangy wet dog, and like we’ve said before: if you could get your curly hair tips from anyone, why not get em from a guy with arguably perfect curls?

More Questions Answered
In addition to his curly hair drying tactics, El Sergioso addresses these and other curly hair questions:

  • How long do your curls last?
  • Should you trim your curls, and how often?
  • Should you use a clarifying shampoo?
  • Should you use creams in your curly hair?

Watch How to Dry Your Long, Curly Hair with our longtime friend and legendary longhair, El Sergioso.


Fine artist and shredding guitarist with massive thick curly black hair, Sergio Gutierrez is a guest contributor in our new lineup of curly hair videos.

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