El Rubio’s 1-Year Hair Update

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Checking In At 1 Year of Hair Growth

El Rubio checks in with his one year hair growth update as much of the world stays home during the COVID-19 pandemic, while we’re all getting glimpses of the places we live in a way we have rarely seen.

Starting in the quiet but no less charming streets of Ocean Beach, we see where 12 months of hair growth has landed El Rubio after donating 14+ inches of hair at The Great Cut, where we broke the Guinness World Records title for the most hair donated to charity.

An Official Unofficial Hair Measurement

Setting out for an accurate update, we considered the best way to measure your hair length. Demonstrating an easy tactic from The Longhairs headquarters, El Rubio calculates and records an official measurement.

The exercise affirms that it depends on where you measure from, while illustrating the importance of getting a measurement before you start growing.

Notable Observations

Despite quality growth and generally healthy hair, closer inspection revealed El Rubio was dealing with split ends, but perhaps more alarming was a pattern of considerably different lengths.

If it was all the same length after The Great Cut, why is some hair now noticeably shorter than the rest?

El Rubio Holding Hair

Takeaways From the 1-Year Hair Update

Not only is El Rubio due for a maintenance trim, but perhaps a keratin treatment as well.

His hair update experience also emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself, meaning a healthy diet, proper exercise and managing your mental health (especially during the coronavirus pandemic).

El Rubio’s Shocking Announcement

In a dramatic conclusion, El Rubio makes a stunning announcement, publicly committing to the unthinkable. Be the first to hear it in his long-awaited one year hair update.

Growing With Purpose

Join us—and thousands of other longhairs—in growing our hair for another world record hair donation.

The Longhairs Headwraps

Cover Your Face With Swag

Great for holding your hair back + a perfect face mask.


  1. Dude! You’re a good looking guy but I definitely prefer the beard and mustache combo. I had donated 18″ of hair but mine is not growing back as long as yours has. Nevertheless, I am planning on heading back out to donate whatever has grown out in 2024!

    1. Author

      Haha thank you man! I am taking your feedback into consideration. Can’t wait to see you at The Great Cut 2024! It will be amazing.

  2. Git r done! I can only imagine the commitment to shaving your hair completely off after having it long for so many years. BOLD!

    1. Author

      Hope you are emboldened! Cheers amigo, thanks for the comment.

  3. the standard method ( that of TLHC) for measuring hair length is there explained by the rapunzel Beautyklove: https://youtu.be/8I3I_nbQWdA; it is more easy than using a bench…
    a little problem with the headwraps: all are sold out ( and the delivery to Europe is now very restricted)

    1. Author

      Nice man. Hair goals.

      Headwraps are being restocked this week!

  4. I just might grow my hair if I knew for sure that I would get to shave your head.

    Please send Gran Sue and me two head wraps so that we can wear them as face masks.

    1. Author

      Well what else do you need to know for sure??

      Headwraps are on the way!

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