10 Ways to Wear a Hat With Long Hair, Part II

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Dope Styles for Wearing Your Hat With Long Hair

Perhaps man’s most versatile apparel item, there are many ways to wear a hat with long hair. Here’s 10 of them, from your boys with flow.

The Righty


The Fold Through


The Braided Hombre


The Sloppy Bob


The Tuck


The Prairie Dog


The Undercover


The Shaded Snake


The Drape


The Over Under

Even More Ways to Wear a Hat With Long Hair
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How to Execute These
How to wear a hat with long hair
Wearing a Hat With Long Hair is Dope

You know what’s even better? Rocking that mane under a Longhairs Lid.

These are 100% premium snapback ball caps, designed with a high crown to accommodate your flow, however you wear it with a hat. Not only that, but when everyone sees those classic bound shears, they’re gonna know you’re a down-ass longhair.

Get your authentic Longhairs Lid for your locks, and since you’re here, use coupon code LIDS at checkout for 10% off your lid purchase.

Until next time boys, hats off to ya!

Hard Lids

Which style is your favorite? Tell us in the comments, muchacho.


  1. you have not a face to pretend you are a gangster, even wearing your hat over under El Moreno !!!
    and, for a tuck, i prefer the gibson tuck, more classy…
    but, what is the choice of La Rubia? lol

  2. The last one is pretty amazing for straight haired fellows. Very reminiscent of Axl Rose back in the early 90’s with the bandana/hat combo.

  3. Great pic motion on the swipe ups. And those Prairie Dog glasses…I want ’em! 🤓

    1. Author

      Thanks man! This was a fun one to put together. Those glasses are from Knockaround, they are their blur light filter lenses. Really nice for long days in front of the machine. Word is they are having a 25% off sale this coming weekend if you are interested.

    1. All caps are hats; but not all hats are caps. This could be illustrated with Venn Diagram.

      Thank you for the suggestion!

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