For People Who Don’t Like Your Hair

People will inevitably give you a hard time about your hair. The most common being:
  • Cut your hair.
  • You look like a girl.
  • Are you some kinda hippy?
Here are some responses to keep in your back pocket.
  1. My shoulders are having a party. They're waiting for my hair to arrive.
  2. Sorry, I couldn’t hear you, I'm having a great hair day.
  3. Actually my hair is better than your girlfriend’s.
  4. You don’t look like a girl and you are one (just kidding don’t say that).
  5. I’m growing it out to donate to charity (only use this, of course if you intend to donate your hair).
  6. Would you tell Jesus to cut his hair?
  7. Short hair is easy. Anyone can have short hair. Long hair takes commitment.
  8. I can tell you’ve had thousands of consecutive bad hair days.
  9. I’m growing it out for #HairWhipWednesday.
  10. My long hair shows I don’t have to look, or live, the way anyone thinks I should.