They do not mix. Do not attempt to light your hair on fire. In fact, keep your hair away from all sources of open flame and combustible materials.


Ever lit your hair on fire? (I have). Tell about it.



  1. About 2 years ago my hair was about just short of my shoulders. me and my friends were messing around with Molotov Cocktails, we live in the desert so nothing too serious could happen if things went wrong.
    Since there was just sand we made a pile of rocks to throw them at turns out I have terrible aim I missed the bottle didn’t break but now it was covered in flames and I had a left hand leather glove (don’t know where the right one was) I’m not left handed, I didn’t miss the rocks this time but when I wound up to throw some of the gas came out of the bottle landed on my jacket/hair, now my hair is a blaze I buried my head in the sand like an ostrich to put it out

    1. OMG! Lol, hope you all were laughing after and not rushing to the emergency room.

  2. Once in a while, I get one or two hairs in the soldering iron. MAN, that SMELL fills all the workshop… imagine hundreds of hairs catching fire 🙁
    Talking about safety: ALWAYS tie your hair when working with a drill press. Failure to do so could result in the chuck grabbing your hair and literally pull your skin and hair off… AARRGHHH, I don’t even DARE to think about the pain this would cause!!

  3. Just found your website started my journey 2 years ago and haven’t been really sure what to do but this is the turn I needed thank you!

    1. Author

      Hell yeah, thank you man! Glad to have you here, thanks for going through everything and your comments!

  4. I caught my hair (and beard) on fire lighting a gas grill. Didn’t light up right away so I got a little too close and… boom. Nothing like hearing the sizzle of your own burning hair. I was also smack in the middle of the awkward stage of growing it out so that set me back a bit. Since then, I’ve lit grills, started fires, and smoked many a doobie, all incident free.

  5. man if you’re a smoker i suggest that you tie your hair or move it away from your face especially if the wind is too strong , believe me it’s not pretty to see a strand of hair melts .

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