The Hair Whip

A hallmark maneuver for any longhair, also categorized under "Moves Guys With Short Hair Don't Have." In case you haven't mastered this one yet, here's the breakdown:

1. Neck stretch and warmup.


2. Perform a visual safety check for nearby obstructions.


3. Let the hair down.


4. Lower the head. Whip from the torso for neck stability.


5. Accelerate the head in upward motion. Introducing lateral movement will increase style but can decrease intensity. It's a style/intensity trade-off here.


6. Abruptly stop the head motion, allowing inertia to continue the hair's motion into a whipping action.


7. Repeat with intensity until stoke levels reach crescendo.



  1. I had my hair long in high school, it was the 70’s and cool but my mom begged me to cut it for graduation, so I did. I had girls asking for clippings (who knows what kind of voodoo I’ve been subjected to over the years). I entered the business world and kept myself neat and kempt for years. When my job as a purchaser/shipping and receiving clerk for an offshore seismic company presented a layoff, I was given the opportunity to work on the seismic ship. At this point I was used to playing that clean-shaven, clean-cut guy but that changed one day at lunch. The big wigs were on the boat for a picture shoot, they were standing behind me in the lunch line and I could hear them talking about the guy in front of me. Now Dan had hair almost down to his ass, but he was the hardest worker out there and while all the clean-cut guys were busy sucking up to the big guys, Dan just did his job. So, the wigs are saying stuff like, he should wear panties with the day of the week on them, wonder what his favorite douche was; just bullshit like that. I committed then and there that I wasn’t going to shave or cut my hair and I didn’t for the time I was offshore, we were laid off and I was presented with the opportunity to go to college for free, so I was that long haired 40-year-old hanging with the young folks. There was a funny incident, one of the young guys I befriended decided that he was going to convince as many people as possible that I was indeed, the one and only Jerry Garcia, He went to the library and printed flyers with dancing skeletons and bears on it proclaiming that Jerry and the Grateful Dead were playing a free New Year’s Eve show on campus and a shit ton of people actually showed up and were pissed at me. After graduation I cut my hair again to get an IT job, when I found the right job, I let it grow out again. So, I let it grow through 2 different companies and about 15 years. Another lay off and another “interview cut” but I should have known that the right job would come along, and it would be ok again. So now I’m retired, my hair has been growing for about 7 years now and is silver. I get many compliments; my son has had several bands and I go to the shows and more than once got complimented, along with can I touch your hair, or can I braid your hair…much to the chagrin of their boyfriends…. hey, the old man is getting more attention than you. So, no job, no boss, no worries…it’s gonna grow, along with the beard….old hippie at heart and proud of it!!

  2. Hey Guys, I’ve committed to growing my hair long for the 2nd time in the last decade, but THIS time I’m not gonna cave during the awkward phase and chop it off! Which, after 5 months without a haircut, I’m having haircut fantasies daily man! I discovered your website and You Tube channel this morning and haven’t been able to walk away from my iPad. Great job and thank you for the encouragement and for creating a community where we can be who we want to be, have awesome hair, and get strength from others who know and understand our process!

    1. Hell yea Michael! Stoked you’re hanging in there man. We got your back, punch it all the way to the endzone!

  3. Lol this is great! I’ve been looking at your site for about 20 mins. Happy to join the club.

  4. Been wanting to go long for years. Always gave in somewhere in the awkward stage. I did have a real good run in the nineties with a mullet. But now I am after the whole enchilada. Going long and gray. Love the site. Good job.

  5. What’s up guys. I just found yalls website today and I’m really digging it. I was just wondering if these neck stretches would help with headbanging. I’m in a heavy metal band and do a lot of headbanging, especially during shows and the next morning, I’m so sore, I can barely look up haha

    1. Austin WHAT UP! Yea man that is a real strain on the neck. Some neck warm ups will for sure help but if you’re hitting it hard song after song that soreness is probably still going to be there. I know this sounds stupid but maybe try icing your neck before you go to bed and see if that helps.

  6. So I just decided to really commit to growing my hair out. My last haircut was in March. Funnily enough, my girlfriend introduced me to your youtube channel. I won’t lie, at first I wasn’t a fan. I thought this whole thing was a gimmick, kinda pandering to dudes that need to be reassured every five seconds that they are actually men. But man, I changed my mind. I gotta say I learned a lot and I look forward to learning more. I watched just about every video y’all have and spent some time reading up on here. You guys really do output a lot of good information. When I can put my hair up I’ll definitely be picking up some of your ties. I’m hoping you put out some more subtle ties eventually too, I saw others request it before. I know solid color hair ties won’t stand out on the market as much, but hell I’d buy em just cause you guys made em. But we’re getting off topic now. Anyways, thanks guys. You have a good thing going here.

    1. Author

      Yo Chase! Haha great comment man, appreciate your candor and I’m glad we were able to win you over. What you have likely found, and will continue to find, is that everything on here is genuine, original, authentic made. We don’t aim to pander or gimmick, but provide real value in the form of advocating, educating and celebrating.

      I wonder how your gf heard about us?

      Thanks again man. Keep lettin it ride!

  7. p.s. Oh, and I just ordered some “Hair Ties for Guys” – great idea!

  8. Like you’ve heard this a bunch already, but I just found your site and wish it had been around to help me through my awkward stage – it felt like me against the world and I could’ve used the moral support here. Now I’m a bona fide longhair but don’t know a frickin’ thing about how to deal with it, so you guys are my new heros. I’ve already spent a couple of hours here soaking up all the new information and making a shopping list!

    1. Author

      Yo BUG MAN! Totally pumped to read this and stoked you found us. Thanks for tuning in and welcome to the team!

  9. I just found this site last night. I’ve been on here for like 15 minutes now, and I already love everything about this site. Long hair for the win!

  10. Awesome guys. I wanted to ask you for tips on growing your hair out since Im again on the very beginning, in the awkward stage and you guys know the pain I feel and that’s gonna last for atleast two years, so just what can I do for example to atleast not be puffy in the mornings since my hairs quite thick and not easy to get it down, cheers.

    1. Author

      Yo Jasmin! We’ve posted a few articles about awkward stage hair:

      The uncomfortable truth:
      Quick Tips offers a little more:
      But at the end of the day, there’s only so much you can do:

      As for puffy hair…that will probably just tend to happen in the mornings. You might try some de-tangler or daily spray-in conditioner, but in any case you’ll probably need to brush it out.

      Hope this helps, keep lettin it ride!

  11. I wish I would have found this site a long time ago you guys should definitely start selling different types of merchindise

    1. Author

      Yo Andrew thanks man! Glad you finally found us, and there is more action coming your way. Hair Ties For Guys will be available in December!

      Appreciate the feedback, and your cards are on their way. Let it Ride.

  12. I should’ve find this site a long time ago… I’ve been trying to take care of my hair for a while but everything on the internet is so… unneccessarly complex and having a curly long hair makes it even worse. This site, on the other hand, has the perfect balance of information/complexity. Great work.

    1. Author

      Yo Ark! You finally found us, glad to have you on board. Welcome to the team.

  13. Just found your site. Great job mates. can you make a video on how to braid like Ragnar from the History channel show Vikings?

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