Long Hairstyles For Guys With Straight Hair

September 1, 2023
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The Long And Straight Of It

The Longhairs’ team is admittedly composed mostly of guys with straight hair. Such as it is, we are well-qualified to bring you the top five best long hairstyles for straight hair.

Having long, straight hair is a blessing that comes with a curse. We just don’t have the natural volume and texture of our wavy and curly-haired brethren, and some long hairstyles for straight hair tend to look flat. That being the case we’ve selected styles and tactics that help turn flat into PHAT.

While most of these hairstyles are versatile enough to employ on any occasion, always consider practicality and presentation. Probably shouldn’t choose Willie Nelson braids if you have to leave in five minutes. And while breathtaking, The Let It Ride might not be how to style long hair for a job interview.

Elefante with long straight hair, lettin' it ride

Selecting The Best Long Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Consider the activities you’re about to be thrust into. Are you going to be around machinery? Is there a chance your hair may get wet? Do you need to be ready for anything, or is today just about looking your best and feeling your most confident?

When choosing the best long hairstyle for the day, pick something that’s both practical and adds to your look. Especially if you’re going to be dressed to the nines, consider how your hair will complete the ensemble.

The Fab 5

In all their glory, the five best long hairstyles for guys with straight hair are demonstrated in various applications below.

The Foldover

Second only to the humble Menstail, The Foldover is perhaps the easiest long hairstyle to execute. Simple for guys with straight hair to position anywhere on the back of your head and looks great with a hard lid.
Second easiest long hairstyle for guys with straight hair: The Foldover
A full lineup of guys rocking the Side-Part Lowball. One of the perfect long hairstyles for guys with straight hair

The Side-Part Lowball

Able to both elevate a t-shirt and accent a three piece suit, The Side-Part Lowball is a must-have on those days when you’ve got to look great and feel confident in any situation. For straight-haired guys, this style can sharpen your appearance and extend your wash cycle by a day.
Elefante showing the back of the Side-Part Lowball

The Sloppy Joe

With its versatility, The Sloppy Joe can keep you cool in summer or warm in the winter, depending on the amount of hair you pull back. This style will keep the hair out of your face while saying, “Hey man, I’m a chill dude.”
Elefante showing the back of tThe Sloppy Joe
A badass hairstyle for guys with straight hair: The Willie Nelson Braids

Willie Nelson Braids

Requiring dexterity to execute and confidence to pull off, the Willie Nelson Braids are a true statement for any guy with straight hair. Whether wearing them to the gym to keep the back of your head free, or to a wedding to pull together the outfit, compliments abound.

The Let It Ride

Unless you’re working around machinery, there is no situation where you won’t look like a boss with your lettuce flowing free. Behind the ears or in front, show off the length of your straight hair by letting it ride.
Elefante lettin' it ride with hair down to just below his shoulders.

Become A Beacon Of Straight-Haired Style

Having straight hair can seem limiting, considering our lack of natural volume and texture. Despite this, with these long hairstyles for straight hair you are now equipped to take that straight hair to new levels of volume, style and grace.

Send this to your straight-haired bros, and go forth and style that straight hair with confidence!

Which of these is your go-to? Any favorites not listed?

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