Alan Tran: Collaborator on ‘WWII Vets Return to Normandy’

Last Of The Greatest Generation

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Alan Tran

A Stouthearted Volunteer

If you were at The Great Cut, you will recognize Alan Tran as the man with a full-body video apparatus hustling around filming and hammering coffee for about 14 hours.
The Longhairs Break The Guinness World Record for most hair cut and donated to charity

If you weren’t there you can thank Alan for capturing the powerful and emotional moments beautifully portrayed in episode 9 of our docuseries on The Great Cut, Record-Breaking Success.

Alan was among the very last at the venue, a man who stayed until it was all over, and who since The Great Cut has dutifully grown a long, silky, perfectly straight, extremely well-cared-for rich dark mane, which he intends to donate in 2024.

WWII Vets Return to Normandy

Just returned from France, Alan Tran was part of the team who created WWII Vets Return to Normandy: An Emotional Journey 79 Years After D-Day.

The touching footage in this short film highlights the camaraderie among 43 veterans as they reunite on the hallowed grounds where they once fought side by side—many of them returning to Normandy for the first time in 79 years.

You’ll hear about his desire to serve, the depth of his gratitude, and his remarkable experience filming The Greatest Generation, when you listen to Alan Tran on Let It Ride.

What you'll hear about

  • Filming in Normandy and the local significance of D-Day.
  • The last living veterans of The Greatest Generation.
  • A marathon day at The Great Cut.
  • His very particular hair care regimen.
  • How much he’s donating in 2024.


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Alan Tran professional photographer

Alan Tran

A professional photographer and cinematographer for Northrop Grumman, along with freelance offerings, Alan is an active volunteer for many veterans’ nonprofits. He has been a stouthearted videographer at The Great Cut and the Children With Hair Loss Charity Ball, and a great friend to The Longhairs.


We’re extremely grateful to Alan both for his dedicated service at The Great Cut, and for the small vials of sand from Utah Beach he gifted to each of us.

This episode of Let It Ride is brought to you by The Great Cut 2024, where The Longhairs will attempt another world-record charity hair donation for Children With Hair Loss.

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