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5 Reasons Women Dig Long Hair – From a Woman

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Do Women Like Long Hair on Men?

There’s something about a guy with long hair. I can’t speak for every woman on earth, but when I hear the question, do women like men with long hair?

…the answer is YES!

Maybe it’s the confidence, maybe it reminds you of your sexiest sports/music/celebrity crush, maybe it’s just knowing this one is different from the rest. I’d love to know what other women think, but here are my top five reasons why girls like guys with long hair.

Key Takeaways

  • Uniqueness: Long hair makes men stand out, offering a unique and appealing look that differentiates them from the crowd.
  • Patience and Dedication: Maintaining long hair demonstrates patience and dedication, traits that many women find attractive.
  • Styling Versatility: Long hair allows for various styling options, enabling men to express their personality and creativity.
  • Health Indicator: Well-maintained long hair can be a sign of good health and vitality, which is attractive to women.
  • Confidence Boost: Long hair often boosts a man's confidence, making him more attractive and approachable.

1. The Way It Looks

A man dressed as a pirate with women tending to his long hair, featured in "Do women like men with long hair?"

Whether it’s tied up in a high ball, or running wild down his back, long hair just looks sexy. It’s manly and bold, like a viking or a gladiator. It’s natural and primal like an ancient warrior.

It’s hard to put into words because it’s more of a feeling…like a tingle when you see a guy with long hair and you just know…yep—he’s hot.

2. It Shows He’s Confident

This picture of El Mitcherino and his wife in the Phillipines in front of a massive sandcastle answers the question: do women like men with long hair?
Having long hair as a man takes a certain amount of confidence. It’s the type of thing that people notice, but a longhair doesn't mind. "Let them stare," he thinks as he runs his fingers through his sexy mane. He doesn't need to ask himself, "do women like men with long hair?" He just knows.

3. You Know He’s Different

Do women like men with long hair? This photo of La Rubia with her blonde hair blowing in the wind suggests yes.

A guy with long hair isn’t concerned with the standard male archetype. He does what he wants, and that's all there is to it. It's not likely that he has a standard corporate job, and he certainly isn't an average Joe. He dances to the beat of his own drum.

He’ll love that you’re different, too. He’s more likely to appreciate all the things that make you…you. He’s also more likely to understand why it takes time to get ready!

4. It Shows He Can Commit

Do women like men with long hair? This one sure does!

Growing long hair isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a long process, fraught with many difficulties.

There’s the awkward stage where no matter what you do it just doesn't look good. There are months and months of patiently waiting for his locks to hit his shoulders. Then there’s the break-in period when a novice longhair learns to tame his tresses. If this guy can get through that, he’s more likely to commit to something even more sexy… you!

5. You Can Talk About Hair

El Sicario's wife braiding his hair at the water's edge in Ocean Beach. This answers the questions: do women like men with long hair?

Finally, a guy that understands how awesome it is to have long hair! Maybe you’ll take turns braiding each other's hair, or he might let you practice the newest straightening technique on his virgin strands.

You can commiserate about bad hair days, and share hair ties and hair care products! Maybe he’ll even be able to give you a hair tip or two. A guy with long hair won’t be afraid to enjoy something you both share…gorgeous long hair!

6. (BONUS) He’s Going To Be Good In Bed…But It’s Tricky

La Rubia jumping into El Moreno's arms, kissing in front of the ocean at Sunset Cliffs.

He’s got the right look and the confidence to back it up. You’ll be running your fingers through it all night. Sure, there might be some logistical issues to work out, and heaven forbid you only have one hair tie!

There might be a lot of hair everywhere, but once you get into your groove there’s sure to be fireworks.

So…Do Women Like Men With Long Hair?

This woman certainly does! Of course not every woman is going to agree, but I’m sold…in fact I even married a longhair!
El Moreno and his family.
If you love a man with long hair like me, your next step is going to be Living With A Longhair: The Mess, The Stress, The Awesomeness.


What makes long hair attractive to women?
Long hair is unique and stands out, offering a different and appealing look.

How does long hair reflect a man's personality?
Growing and maintaining long hair demonstrates patience, dedication, and confidence.

Can long hair affect a man's health perception?
Yes, well-maintained long hair can signal good health and vitality.

Does long hair provide styling options?
Absolutely, long hair offers versatile styling options to express individuality.

Is confidence a factor in why women like long hair?
Yes, long hair can boost a man's confidence, making him more attractive and approachable.

Anything I missed? Ladies, what do you love about guys with long hair? Let me hear it in the comments!
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