5 Reasons Women Dig Long Hair – From a Woman

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There’s something about a guy with long hair… Maybe it’s the confidence, maybe it’s the way it reminds you of the sexiest of your sports/music/celebrity crushes, maybe it’s just knowing that this one’s a bit different than the rest, but whatever it is we love a guy with long hair. I am going to do my very best to break down exactly what it is about a Longhair that we women love so much (other than the obvious physical reactions that we just can’t help).

#1 The way it looks

Whether it’s pulled back into a man bun (or Highball for a Longhair), or running wild down his back, long hair just looks sexy. It’s manly and bold, like a viking, or a gladiator. It’s native, and primal like an indigenous warrior. It’s hard to put into words because it just is. It’s a feeling… like a tingle when you see a guy with long hair and you just go “yep him—he’s the one.”


#2 It shows he’s confident

Having long hair as a man takes a certain amount of confidence. It’s the type of thing that people notice, but a Longhair doesn’t mind. “Let them stare,” he thinks as he runs his fingers through his sexy mane.


#3 You know he’s different

A guy with long hair isn’t worried about the standard male archetype. He does what he wants, and that’s all there is to it. It’s not likely that he has a standard corporate job, and he certainly isn’t an average Joe. He dances to the beat of his own drum. He’ll love that you’re different, too. He’s more likely to appreciate all the things that make you… you. He’s also more likely to understand why it takes you more than an hour to get ready.

#4 It shows he can commit

Growing one’s hair is not something that happens overnight. It’s a long process, fraught with many difficulties. There’s the awkward stages where no matter what you do it just doesn’t look good. There’s the breaking-in period when a novice Longhair learns to tame his tresses, and there are so many days and weeks of waiting before a short hair becomes a Longhair. If this guy can get through this, then maybe he’s got the balls to commit to something even more sexy… you.

#5 You can talk about hair

Finally, a guy that really understands how awesome it is to have long hair. Maybe you’ll take turns braiding each others hair, or he might let you practice the newest straightening technique on his virgin strands. You can commiserate about bad hair days, and share hair ties, and leave-in conditioner. Maybe he’ll even be able to give you a tip or two. A guy with long hair won’t be afraid to enjoy something that you both share… gorgeous long hair!

Anything I missed? Ladies, why are you into guys with long hair?


  1. I’m like so attracted to long hair on guys the only problem is if I brought home a guy with long hair my dad would be really judgmental. But I guess at the end of the day that’s his problem and he’d have to get over it. I can’t help but believe this attraction started thanks to Marvel movies with characters like Loki, Thor, and The Winter Soldier/Bucky rocking long hair unapologetically.

    1. You young girls would have loved my era. I was a child of the 70s and 80s. Almost all guys had long hair. Many that didn’t got extensions. Long hair on men has always been a fetish for me. Unfortunately, at my age now it’s hard to find.

  2. I am currently a 17 year old male who has had long hair for the past 10 years and I can say there are ups and downs, but it seems to be mostly ups, especially from what I have experienced with women/girls. (The downs for me are just brushing in the mornings and sometimes I have bad hair days on photo days, which can suck, but other than that good)

    Having the long hair allows for cool and nice nicknames such as Thor, or surfer dude (I have long blonde hair, im not sure if its the same with dark hair) but it also allows for, as stated, conversations about hair and sometimes girls wanting to just be with you to braid your hair or tie it up.

    So far, ive only known having long hair and have loved it and cannot imagine cutting it because it seems like a part of me. That’s just my opinion on it, I say, if you have long hair and can keep it clean, keep it!

    Thank you for the article, it was a great read 🙂

    1. Great comment Jacob, glad to have you here and thanks for writing in!

    2. I’m trying to grow my hair but it looks very messy rn. I used to have long hair at the top and short, trimmed hair on the sides and the back. Now I just want all of it to grow longer but it looks very bad specially at the back of the head, on the neck. Have any idea for what shall I do ? Any suggestions would be very helpful.

      1. Just let it grow give it time once it reaches the desired lenth u can just style it the way u want to

  3. Hi!
    I’m a Spanish woman (so, sorry for my bad English), I’m 47 years old and I love long hair, either for men or women. If you have a nice hair and you feel like you want to have long hair and you can keep it clean and healty, come on!!! You will be good-looking and maybe sexy!!!
    It’s no important your age, even an old man look good if his hair is good mantained.
    My husband has a clean and soft long curly grey hair. He is a handsome man, but with his hair he is irresistible!!
    On the other hand, I have a friend that has a straight oily hair, he often is for several days in the woods without a shower… I respect his way of life but he isn’t sexy, absolutelly!
    I have also a long hair, it is clean, soft and shiny, but I’m never brushed, it look like a unruly wild mop. People (specially hairdressers) say me it’s so long, so unruly… It’s ok for me, it’s my personality!
    Enjoy your hair, man!!!

    1. Hola María! Thank you for the thoughtful comment! Your English is far better than my Spanish lol. ¡Viva pelo largo!

  4. Anecdotally, I can say this article is very misleading. I’ve had long hair for most of my life and many of my male friends wore hair down to their shoulders, or even longer.

    I’ve always kept myself in top physical shape, stayed clean, dressed well, and was gainfully employed, but very rarely did women flirt or take me up on dates. My long haired buddies all dealt with similar problems. This experience was even worse when I had a beard to go with it. The long hair was a flat out deal breaker for a good number of women and they were frank about it. The conversation inevitably would go something like this… “You’re so sweet and fun to be with, but I just can’t see myself dating a guy with long hair.”, or they would make a comment about how they perceived long hair on men as immature or “trashy”. Some years back, I went to a traditional short cut and everything changed. Women who wouldn’t give me the time of day were now sending me flirtatious texts and complimenting me on how professional and attractive I looked with the new ‘do.

    It’s interesting because this article is in stark contrast with several others I’ve read about men liking women with short hair. There are men who might take a while to get used to a girl with a bob or pixie cut, but it’s never a deal breaker. Fellas, I just don’t think the road goes both ways. It’s hard enough having to keep up appearances along with a sleek car, fat wallet, and countless life accomplishments… funny how we’re depicted in popular culture as being the more shallow gender :/

    1. Sounds like you live in the wrong place for guys with long hair. I also wonder what time period this was in.

      This post was in fact written by a woman.

      I think the most accurate thing we can say here is…”different strokes for different folks.”

      1. I have long hair, love it. Never will cut my mane, and yeah i mean some girls will always dislike the long hair and say no because of it, but damn there is a lot of girls that dig that long hair, and trust me. I’ve had a few girlfriends already with the long hair, and it certainly isn’t a deal breaker, if they enjoy the long hair then they are worth keeping around. If they can’t handle your hair do you even want them around? it might take time but everyone no matter if your hair is long like mine or short will find someone it just takes time and effort.

        1. Have to agree with you on that Noah! Appreciate your thoughtful comment amigo.

    2. Sucks for you dude, my hair is pretty close to my ass when wet and I can personally say I’ve never had more attention in my life than when I’ve had long hair, you must just live in a preppy area. In Australia girls froth it

  5. I love long hair on men because it is beautiful. That’s it. I don’t give an eff about confidence, rebellion or anything else associated with long hair on men, really. It’s all about the looks. It makes average looking men attractive and good looking men stunning, whereas short hair looks boring at best but most times plain unattractive on every guy, OR woman, to me. I don’t like short hair, period. But to each their own.

      1. I’ll give you five American dollars if you come on down to our headquarters and expand on your comment over a cup of tea.

        1. Hahahaha great come back. My hair is halfway length and already women keep reacting with facial complimentary looks😎👍✝️

          1. The feedback is clear! Haha glad to hear it man, keep letting it ride!

      2. drop us a selfie so’s we can judge you back…. no wait Im above that.. but thank you for your 2 cents✌️

  6. I grew up in the 70’s so long hair was much more common and I’ve always loved it. Dated a guy with hair past his perky ass. It was so hot to watch him climb on his chopper and when we rode around his hair flowed beautifully. Long beautiful hair is a total turn on for me and many other women. And yes, he was a musician and also very sweet. I’d guess I’ve dated more long hairs than not. I currently live with a curly long hair, but these days it is thinner and nearly all gray lol. Still, every time he pulls out his ponytail I get transported back to the 70’s and am so attracted to him. I only wish he left it down more. One thing I would say about gorgeous long hair is that if an average or unconventional looking man has their hair pulled into a tail, then lets down the locks, it almost transforms their features. It frames their face and brings out all of the best aspects of their face.

  7. I love wild long hair on men, so tactile, so sexy, makes me want to touch it, run my fingers through it, bury my face in it. Ooooooh!
    It’s also no coincidence that hyper intelligent people have the long wild hair. It’s a natural transponder for the intelligent energies of the universe, whether this is considered a psychic phenomenon or not. Think Einstein.

    1. As a guy with long hair, it is nice to know there are women out there who think it’s sexy. Thank you Trish!

  8. When I lived back in the states, I had some friends who thought of liking a man with long hair was weird. I’m sorry it’s not. My husband just so happens to be German, very tall, and he has long hair. Now people would argue that it’s a very light brown or a borderline dirty blonde but regardless, he has long wavy hair and I love to play with it. It’s really soft. I braided his hair once and took a picture of it, he wanted to see it before I posted it on Facebook. I said you know it only goes to friends. But you know what exactly if you’re a metalhead or a musician yourself, or a biker or just whoever, grow it out. I get sick of his mother bickering about his hair when she has the boys short haircut so I use reverse psychology with her I said well you know women should have long hair so why don’t you grow yours long? Well I like mine this way. Will your son likes his long hair so stop talking about it. I get along with my mother-in-law, I’m just saying I’m sick of hearing her bring the topic up from time and time again. As somebody stated, it’s the double standard that goes both ways. Enough is enough. Cut it out, no pun intended.

  9. People will either like,love,or hate you for a wide range of reasons. Short,long,longer, or wild. Thier opinions do not matter ONLY the opinion of yourself. I’m of Scandinavian decent my hair is about middle of my back, i used to braid my beard but that is a story for a different time lol. Screw the corporate scene i own and operate a classic car restoration shop. Just keep true and honest to yourself and shrug off what others think.

  10. went to my 40th high school reunion a couple of years ago. the girl that every guy wanted was also there. she told me that she would kill to have my hair

  11. I’m 35, have long hair. I rock a man bun through an Astros snap back with a full beard. I’m always strapped and ready to throw down. Most women can’t get enough of it and the ones that don’t care, well whatever. Texan for life. Bring it on or get to steppin

  12. I’m a 58 yr old guy and I haven’t cut my hair for over 13 yrs, if I look up I can tuck it into my belt, also I’m a strawberry blonde (or redhaired) .
    Go for the long!! Good luck !!

  13. Well I’m 57yo and I’m still attracted to men with long hair. For me I think it’s just a part of the culture I grew up in. And yes I believe in live and let live but long hair is still a reason for discrimination as is short hair on women.

  14. Man this blog has got me set on letting it grow! at the very least 2years. I’m 7 months in always had short or bald head. In southern California it’s not uncommon to see a dude with a long mane of hair, but bald and fades foresure take the cake. I just wanna b different now. I Been having doubts and regrets because of the akward/ugly stage I am in with my length, but these comments got me committed. Thanks guys and gals !!!

  15. I was in a metal band in Philadelphia a few years back, we had a few big shows,(Propain, Overkill, Quiet Riot..etc). Always a lot of people, I was also married at the time, I had a lot of compliments on my hair, from a lot of beautiful girls/women, my wife totally understood, she was always by my side, I grew my hair for seven years just because I was a musician, I never met a long hair that rubbed me the wrong way, it’s a lifestyle and brotherhood, we’re just normal people, probably some of the best people you’ll ever meet…

  16. That and it can make couple costumes A LOT easier. Do you know how many characters have long hair!? Point being, this is spot on and I have only one more to add.

    1. Your friends who don’t find long hair attractive won’t go for him. No competition there.

  17. I am 62yrs old and I have been growing my hair for 6 years. It’s almost to my waist – about 24 inches long. I was going to go get it cut this afternoon but now after finding your site I’m having second thoughts. Nobody my age that I know or have seen has long hair. It makes me feel connected to my Scottish/Celtic heritage.

    1. Hi James. I’m 60 and have hair down to my ass. And still look in my 40’s. I also date women half my age sometimes because I can! And I have all my hair. Thank God. Lol. I rock out to classic, hard rock and great heavy metal. There are alot of guys out there over 40-50 that have long hair. Keep it long and fuck those that don’t dig it.
      Rock on.

  18. Hi Chelsea, I like your post. I have long strawberry blond hair, it’s about mid back. I get way more smiles from women then most I’d say. But I have also been told that I wasn’t there type. I’ve also been told once that she would have never given me a second look. The funny part is, we’ve been dating for a few mouths now.
    It’s the Man. Not the hair, that gets to keep them, ya know. Personality and confidence, will win every time over hair.

  19. A few years ago when i traveled to all seven continents my hair was all one length to the middle of my back. I worked for Fedex in SF and men and women both told me to never cut it! Now the past five years as an actor i had to do the business haircut to get the work but good news! I will now be working for the City of LA and i will be growing it all back for life 🙂 So can’t wait as this is who i really am anyways.

  20. Long hair for life, except when I was in the Army. I shaved it myself before entering, and grew it right back out after discharge. From that I learned that long hair tied back is lower maintenance than close shaved. Close shave gets fuzzy looking in 2-3 weeks, but long hair can get away with a few months without a trim. Also, no one ever volunteered to give me a free hair cut when I had short hair, but women like the opportunity to play with my long hair. The humidity where I live brings out a nice natural wave, so all I need to do is let it dry on its own after washing. And tying my hair back is kind of my thinking tic; whenever I’m focusing on something seriously I tie it back by reflex, so it drove me nuts when I used to reach back and find not enough hair to tie.

  21. It depends. If it’s well-cared for hair, cut often, conditioned so on, and has a fair amount of thickness, then it’s cool. Comb-overs, thin hair that’s NEVER cut, hair that’s mostly gone but for the gross rat tail of what’s left… just looks dirty, nasty and to use an old 80’s word, “grody.”

    80’s hair metal bands are hot long hairs. Steve Perry circa 1994/5, VERY hot. Allmans. And it HAS TO be on a masculine man. I can’t take a male that’s been unemployed more than working and cries a lot more than I do for any reason. Can’t be more into how he looks than I (or most females) are. Well-dressed, very clean looking= hot. Bikers. Musicians. Right up my alley.

    Btw, anything that can’t be washed is a HUGE no-go. Dreads, cornrows whatever…ICK. JMO.

  22. I’ve been growing my hair for 9 months now and my goal is 3 years. I work for a large company and people seem to admire that I’m willing to go for it. There is a group of guys who feel the need to always make comments but they are the typ who make fun of people 24/7 and never grew up after highschool. I have been told so many times I have the thickest hair ever not to mention the curles and waves but I am determined to see it through until it has the weight it needs to be cool and tie it back if I want to…wish me luck!

    1. Dude go for it really. I’ve reached 41 months now and it’s the best thing ever! Now they want to criticize but in a couple years they will be finding excuses to touch it!

      This happened some hours ago in a live rock show in my area: A woman with probably 50+ years just figured it was a good idea to touch my hair from behind twice without even asking. She grabbed the hair of a complete stranger without even asking or even bothering to make an excuse! I’m 23 years old but could easily pass as a 17 year old boy since I’m not that tall and generally don’t rock a beard.

      Just a minute after, her husband shows up and she acts like nothing happened at all and plays it cool. Her husband was the typical short hair average Joe.

      I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the attention but man wasn’t that unexpected! Now try to switch genders and let your imagination do the rest. Imagine a 50+ man touching a random 23 year old girl’s hair out of the blue in a social environment! Deep down I believe women love long hair but are just socially conditioned to “prefer” boring short hair. Just look at any male perfume commercial and you’ll get what I mean.

  23. Long-haired guys are very daring and sexy. Edginess is a great turn on! Both black and white guys are FINALLY letting it grow!

    Personally, getting tired of seeing all these shiny bald-headed guys with goatees roaming around. These cue balls/skinheads/slapheads have no ORIGINALITY whatsoever!

  24. My mom has told us many times about how in high school she sat behind this guy with long flowing hair, and was just so smitten with it, and started sharing her chicken nuggets with him at school, and stuff… in the wedding pictures, his hair is longer than hers! He later had to cut it to get a job, and it’s been short ever since. But 25 years and 7 kids later, they’re still together 😀

  25. honestly i have the misfortune of living in a smaller college campus in Utah. and i have hair that is about down to my armpits. here in this Mormon state, it seems that i tend to be feared and shunned more often for my “confidence.” now don’t get me wrong, i do walk around with good posture, making sure to smile at anyone who looks my way, but i guess its the thin air, because i am never approached or look at in a positive way. its always the stink eye.

    1. Dang Raynor bummer to hear that. Way to stay positive though man and just keep on smiling!

    2. Raynor,

      It’s interesting that you mention Utah, because that’s where I was born and raised. I totally understand that the Mormon majority can get you down. Don’t worry about small mindedness, and rock your locks. The right girl in any state will totally get it. Even in the most conservative area you can still find your people. Good luck!

    3. Raynor, it has been over a year since you posted your comment and I hope you see this.

      As a Mormon myself, I apologize for those ppl’s behavior. Don’t judge us as an entire ppl. Utah is just a really weird place. I for one grew up outside of Utah moving around the U.S. of A often, then went to undergrad in Utah. I totally get where you are coming from. I was not happy there and am now finishing out law school in southern California, while growing out my hair.

      I haven’t had a solid haircut in over a year and have a handful of other Mormon friends who rock the mane. We have your back!

    4. I’m here in Utah too with hair just past my shoulders. People here definitely judge,but consider that a huge advantage. You get to know off the bat what type of person they are based on their reaction. You’ll either get compliments from those who are open minded or avoided by those who are not, and those who don’t like it are no fun to be around anyway, so it’s no loss! Better to have a tool to see who’s who than be surrounded by judgemental prudes. Cheers!

    5. Why don’t you let people approach you with a smile and stop assuming something good in return? People usually can feel that you’re seeking. Just saying. Research about human behavior. Google stuff or don’t. Just be yourself but just stop expecting anything good but also don’t assume just bad. Mean and do what you want. If you wanna see if someone smiles back then that’s what you want. If you want to smile because you want to smile then that’s also what you want. Though don’t kick yourself for getting crap or nothing back. A lot of people are lazy or just selfish and some people think others are something wrong with them. I think it’s also a generation thing. Older people past age 30 well actually say hello back and or smile (usually the ones that smile are opposite sex above age 30 of to one that is smiling back at them). Then when someone assumes you’re approx the age of a son they could have then the same ago would usually smile back (I believe, from experience). There’s a lot of subconscious homophobes and people scared to assume someone’s on drugs or wanna screw them or maybe even mug them. People suck and some people are lazy and some people are just super shy or also have low confidence. Be you 🙂

  26. Chelsea is correct. Just like El Rubio once said, “it’s part of your identity, you live with it”. So, if you find a woman that LOVES YOU and your LONGHAIR, chances are, you know you h ave found a good, worthy, loyal woman indeed!” 🙂

  27. i’ve translated in french language and published on my site : http://chamanedaniel.canalblog.com/archives/2016/09/26/34369252.html
    the testimoial from the reader Anne:
    ” for me , a long mane on a male does say he refuses the primal castration ( he is mature in his affects)and the refusing of all kind of control over him. That does not mean that he neglect his long mane; all are perfectly carefull with their longhair. Wearing longhair, we show himself as the nature did create us, include the hair; a longhair never resigne; his hair grows with his primal vitality; he shows as a lion, powerfull, a real amale, but with a sensible and refinement ( i almost believe that hair are sensual antennas). A mane is more as a symbol: an emanation from himself”

  28. Ladies? Wassup with the men? Men, why are you into guys with long hair? In this day and age, us Longhairs need to be inclusive regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation and the gender binary. Let’s model language that embraces one another.

    1. whattup?
      only for, as you are identified as a male, the society considers you must wear short hair, as it considers free the females
      no matter in that with gender or sexual orientattion
      we only made a community to defend the right to wear all lenghts of hair as a man or a woman

      1. Equus, and Chamane,

        I totally agree! People should be able to wear their hair long, short, or shaved regardless of gender. In high school I chopped my hair into a pixie cut, and got a lot of negative comments from both men and women. Let’s embrace ourselves and others no mater how we choose to express ourselves. Let your hair grow, or cut it, but wear it any way you want.

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