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Buzzed to Bountiful: Growing Out A Buzz Cut With Elefante

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The Journey Begins

You’re a shorthair, but you want to be a longhair. There’s a long road ahead, but we’re here to make it as painless and graceful as possible. The first step in growing out a buzz cut is the commitment, so make it now.

Growing Out A Buzz Cut: A Series

You may be familiar with our famous series, “Grow With Moreno.” Many of the folks who attended The Great Cut started their long hair journey by following El Moreno, and literally growing alongside him.

This new series will follow in El Moreno’s footsteps as I take you through my own journey from long hair, to growing out a buzz cut, and back to long hair.

Growing Out A Buzz Cut, Part 1


You’ve made your commitment, you know the approach to the early stages of growing out a buzz cut, now it’s time to Let It Ride.

If you need some encouragement, want to know how to deal with the haters, or need a draft letter for your long-hair-hating boss you can always come back here. This is, after all, a place for guys growing their hair.

Leave a comment with any questions, styles to consider, or tactics to employ in growing out a buzz cut…and you might just see your comment featured in an upcoming installment.

How To Grow Out A Buzz Cut: One Month In

It’s been four weeks since my last haircut and we’re back with the second installment of How To Grow Out a Buzz Cut. This cut with our friend Shelbee Shears is all about shape and texture.

If you’re still in the early stages of growing out a buzz cut, there are a few things you can do to keep it looking fresh:

  • Shape the “shelf.” Your hair will begin to “mushroom” out around the area where the top of your head meets the sides. A trip to the barber shop will help manage those harsh angles.
  • A gentle taper. While we won’t be going back to a skin fade, we will be tapering the sides along the hairline to keep those edges clean while we wait for the top to meet the sides.
  • Styling. Grab yourself some shaping cream or a pomade to help keep the fuzzy look at bay.

Growing Out A Buzz Cut, Part 2

I’ll be back soon for another check in. Until then…keep lettin it ride!


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