The Undercut—Viking Style

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A Viking Style Solution to Flyaway Hair

Annoying hair around your ears—often called “flyaways” or “baby hairs,” can be vexing. For many of us they’re not long enough to tie back with the rest of your hair, they can be frizzy, fly everywhere, and dampen the appearance of your otherwise majestic mane.

Fear not. The Longhairs are here to help.

For more conventional solutions you can utilize a light styling balm, as demonstrated in How to Dry and Style Your Hair, or simply vaporize your baby hairs...but here we reveal a different tactic.

El Andrew, who famously showed us how to use bobby pins (for guys), eloquently demonstrates an effective and stylish tactic for dealing with flyaways and baby hairs: the undercut.

The Undercut

We hadn’t seriously considered the undercut in our repertoire of options due to the slippery nature of that slope. Because once you shave the sides, it’s far more difficult to grow them back out to match the rest of your hair length without starting over completely.

However, if you’re committed to an undercut—even if it’s a “shallow” undercut, with perhaps an inch or less of shaved hair around your ears—you can render flyaways and baby hairs powerless against you.

Furthermore, done tastefully, the undercut can open the door to multiple badass braid combinations for a decidedly viking style appearance.

In a visit to Brightside Barber, featured previously in Should You Shave Your Neck Hair?, El Andrew consults with Barberologist Jen G. (a.k.a. @theshearbarber), who straightens out his undercut and twists his locks into a crip, tight, badass viking braid.

Watch El Andrew as he walks us through his visit to Brightside Barber, where he’s masterfully trimmed and twisted by @theshearbarber.

Brightside Barber


Founded by Chris Hjerling, former neighbor and longtime supporter of The Longhairs, Brightside Barber is a full-service shop in North Park, San Diego. Visit Brightside Barber for an accurate beard trim, razor line-up or a complete signature shave and neck hair clean up.

El Rubio With Chris Hjerling at Brightside Barber

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Located in The Hub Shopping Center 1050 University Ave #E101 San Diego, CA 92103