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Increase Your Bench with Professor Marv

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Getting Shredded With Professor Marv

Follow your boys through a sick pump as El Rubio and El Moreno hit the iron factory with Professor Marvin for a punishing chest & shoulder workout.

Renewing our focus on strength & fitness, this video is absolutely loaded with educational content, featuring in-depth walkthroughs and demonstrations of each movement by Jesse Marvin.

A professional trainer holding over 20 powerlifting records, Jesse first appeared on The Longhairs Podcast in Hit Your Max With Professor Marvin, and was later seen getting shredded with the boys in The Longhair Lift.

One of the strongest guys in the world, we’re proud to have him as a regular contributor for The Longhairs. Watch the boys make their deposits with Jesse Marvin.


1:09 - Overview of the workout
1:38 - Warmup with light chest activation
3:09 - Heavy bench press progression
11:27 - Speed bench with bands
16:00 - Dumbbell floor press
18:37 - Standing flys
20:00 - Maximum shoulder blast with IYT
23:28 - Prison Pushups

The Longhairs Strength Training Program

Jesse Marvin has created a strength training program specifically for our longhaired brethren.

Designed to build strength and improve your athletic performance, we’re proud to offer the Professor Marvin-certified Longhairs Strength Training Program free to our community.

About the Professor

Jesse Marvin aka “Professor Marv” is a trainer, coach and powerlifter. He’s been training professionally since 2011, accredited in exercise science, human physiology, biomechanics and nutrition at the National Personal Training Institute.

With over 20 state and national records in his powerlifting career, he is one of the strongest men in the world. Lifting heavy and rocking the flow, he is a proud regular contributor for The Longhairs.

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