Mullet Over: Party, Business…or Both?

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Business In The Front, Party In The Back

It’s undeniable that style, confidence, and freedom of expression are embodied by The Mullet. It’s the hairstyle that defies convention and radiates autonomy. According to our Aussie bros at The Mullet Fest, an annual gathering of die-hard mullet lovers and advocates, it’s not just a hairstyle…it’s a lifestyle.

The historical origin of the mullet spans warrior tribes from Mongolia and Africa to Scandinavia and South America. In modern times The Mullet’s popularity has been driven by musicians, actors, athletes and legends around the world. While it still catches flack at times, we’ll let you decide if it’s a legitimate hairstyle.

Theo Von jump kickin in office
Man with retro mullet

What Is A Mullet?

Also known as The Kentucky Waterfall, The Tennessee Top Hat, The Shag Neck Warrior, The Bridge & Tunnel, The Colorado Avalanche, The Camaro Cut, The Mississippi Mud Flap, The Dixie Dust Mop, The Ape Drape and The Missouri Compromise, the classic definition of a mullet haircut is “business in the front, party in the back.”

Whether you’re a superstar athlete or an average Joe Dirt, the hair strikes a balance between style and practicality. It’s aerodynamic in the front and backed with full lion’s mane to scare off any potential predators.

In proto-Greece, warriors of the Abantes tribe wore it to prevent enemies from grabbing onto the front of their hair in battle. Their hair was described in The Illiad as “their forelocks cropped, hair grown long at the backs.” Simply put, it boasts the best of long hair without the drawbacks.

Mullet Hairstyles & Variations

K Powers with curly mullet

If you ask us, The Mullet never went away after the 1980s—but maybe it went undercover with these various names and renditions over time. Here’s a wide range of the most rebellious and ostentatious mullet hairstyles.

Retro Mullet Ratio Business in the front party in the back
Older man with long curly mullet

The Classic Mullet

A juxtaposition of a clean front and fierce back of hair, this classic remains a steadfast embodiment of business with a wild spirit. Get a good pair of shades to go with it.

Man with the combover mullet and leather jacket

The Combover Mullet

When someone sees this they immediately think it’s hideous and clean as f***.

A slick combover up top and long hair in the back does the talking. This classy cut demands a whiskey on the rocks to go with it.

MC Slater rocking the curly mullet next to Jesse and Kelly

The Curly Mullet

This hairstyle takes your curly locks to party in the front AND the back. It features curly volume and texture all over.

This is a perfect choice for those who want to embrace their natural curls while sporting the “ready for anything” look.

Young man with a shaggy hair cut

The Shag Mullet

If you’re looking for rugged, low-maintenance hair, look no further than the shag. Part fringe and all texture, this style shows off your personality without being dramatic.

Joe Dirt with a eighties mullet

The 80s Mullet

This is usually the one you think of when you hear the “M-word.” It’s usually the roughest and longest, making it the preferred hairstyle for maximum stoke. Joe Dirt rocked it best, but you could be a shockingly close second.

Man sporting a very nice mohawk mullet

The Mohawk Mullet

The Mohawk Mullet is a haircut that's worthy of a true rocker. It's got a mohawk up top, the sides down to the skin, and a long flowing mane in the back. Nothing else screams “fight…for your right…to partaaayyyy” than the mohawk mullet.

The Baseball Mullet or The Skullet

Characterized by its voluminous and drizzling appearance, this sporty style is designed for one thing: aerodynamic efficiency. Commonly paired with a set or two of racing stripes, this cut can be found in just about every sport, though it’s reserved for the baddest of honchos.

baseball player
baseball player with a skullet
Hockey player

The Mullet-and-Mustache Combo

This combo is more than a style statement, it’s a symbol of strength, power, and masculinity. It is a look that says, "I’m not to be trifled with."

Should You Grow A Mullet?

You shouldn’t have to mullet over. If your mane is in need of a new direction or you want to spruce up your awkward stage hair, then it may be for you.

Nothing says confidence, authenticity, and “I got the most radical hair on my head” than The Mullet.

How To Grow A Mullet

It's a high-risk, high-reward haircut. If you're not sure what you're doing, you should leave your flow to the pros.

It’s only proper that we have our own Flowfillment Specialist El Travieso “mulletify” his mane with the one and only Shelbee Shearz of The Lion’s Mane Grooming Co. barbershop.

If you’re considering a mullet or want to “mane-tain” that Kentucky Waterfall, you won’t want to miss this video.

If your mullet had a name, what would it be?


  1. Great to have the opportunity to have so many peers who want me to have the sickest and tightest cut possible. With just a little bit of sweat, elbow grease, and off-putting music taste, you too could be the proud owner of a mullet with one simple trim.

  2. aspiring longhairs, take care !!!
    your barber earns his money cutting hair !!!
    for him, a successful growth is a lost customer..and charity only will him come back ( how frequently the founders go to the hair salon?)
    and they invented ” good ” tips: first, a pompadour of 6 inches min before letting the sides grow (the top hair reach the ear middle while the side are still buzzed…)
    a better tip (found on a site about growing out pixie cute, not from a barber): let the hair grow cutting only the contour line until the top reach the summit of the ear, then let grow the sides and go to a bob
    or, ” come back every 6 weeks for a trim”: ” as the hair grow 1/4 inch a month, if you cut 1/4 inch, you earn 1.5 inch within 2 months” then, he cuts 2 inches at each trim…
    then, the dilatory cut to erase the aspiring longhair willing ( just the time to clean his shaver..)
    the top bun with undercut, supposed getting more social acceptance
    another one much seen year 2022 in France: ear covered, all the back very short ( and you seem have dog cocker’s ears); now, all did relapse shorthair
    and the famous mulet they want every 5 years resuscitate for it give them the insurance that the customer will come back in the chair as frequently as a shorthair…..
    in Europe now, this cut is mainly done on female techno music fans from a flashy colored bob; others mulet are ” frappés de ringardise” ( Struck with cheesiness)
    but, you can use a version of this cut while growing out: let the back go to a false bob while the sides and top go to center part, which will allow you going to a half tail
    and, to manage a hair growth, the only one honest stylist i’ve found on Yt: Thesalonguy; his practice is growing out short hair before growing out longhair…

  3. Dude I’m seeing them everywhere especially with the youth. I think it’s awesome, just love to see it!

  4. 4 years ago at the start of Covid I decided to just say flog it I’m growing my curly hair out for all mankind. Little did I know the wings that my curly hair threw out on the sides made me feel like The Flying Nun ( ask your mother, she’ll remember) I attacked the sides of my head with my Father’s Day beard trimmer, low and behold I now had a Mullet, short on the sides and curly locks in the back. 4 years later I still keep it that way, very long and curly in the back and tied with my amazing hair ties from my bros at Rock On Dudes.

  5. I’ve definitely grown more of an appreciation for the mullet after ready and watching haha! What an underrated cut!

  6. Forget the mullet and let it grow. Let it flow cause it’s well worth it after a few struggles!!!

  7. “Your hair looks like a racoon going to prom!”
    Mullets are badass I tells ya..

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