Lettin It Ride With El Barbudo

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Back Flippin and Hair Whippin

In Episode 30 our guest is Alec McKee, better known around these parts as El Barbudo: the bearded man.

He’s been a guest contributor on The Longhairs three times at the date of this recording, including such smash hits as:

with a fourth guest post dropping imminently.

Alec is a competitive gymnastics team coach in Charlottesville, VA, where he graduated from the University of Virginia, a burly beardsman and a devoted longhair blessed with the flow.

Not only that, but he’s a talented writer who’s carved a niche for himself as a content contributor here at The Longhairs. We’re so stoked to have him writing for us we had to bring him on the show to dive a little deeper on that beard and mane.

What you'll hear about:

  • Creating content for The Longhairs
  • Gymnastics and coaching
  • Proper beard and hair care
  • A sneak preview into El Barbudo’s next guest post

Listen to the Bearded Man

He’s a creator. He’s a beardsman. He’s part of the team. He’s El Barbudo, and he’s on Let It Ride. Listen to Alec McKee on The Longhairs Podcast.

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Connect With El Barbudo

El Barbudo (aka Alec McKee) is a recent University of Virginia graduate living in Charlottesville, Virginia. Alec works as a gymnastics competitive team coach and recreational instructor. He’s been lettin’ it ride since February, 2016. Follow him in Instagram at @mckee_alec.