The Longhairs Professional Series with Cam Meekins

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I’m Not in the Music Business

“I’m in the internet business,” Cam told us.

Having migrated west only days beforehand, Boston rapper Cam Meekins joined Let It Ride from a hollow, unfurnished apartment as he waited for his belongings to arrive in California.

When you’ve been on tour for months, it’s not much of a difference.

Cam broke it down for us, from going on tour and the stakes of performing live, to consistent content creation and playing the long game. He’s been sticking to the plan and putting in the work to stay relevant, unique, and be where people are watching, building a niche for himself in a crowded field.

We were throwing down some flow with Cam Meekins on The Longhairs Professional Series, Episode 31 of Let It Ride.

What you'll hear about:

  • Cam’s first show, opening for Fashawn in Boston
  • Growing an internet-based fan base in the music industry
  • Performing with confidence
  • Creating content—not just music
  • Putting in the work, staying consistent and doing the fundamental things every day

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Connect With Cam

Follow and listen over at Cam Meekins Spotify & Instagram.


  1. No lie about the attention span, Cam. The phrase used to be “15 minutes of fame”, now it’s “15 seconds of fame.” I’m new to IG and I struggle to find the balance of posting enough so that people will be interested in what I have to say, and posting too much and being deemed annoying. I thought my Long Beach Grand Prix post would be a smash, having a pit pass, meeting Jesse James and getting his autograph, sound effects and wipes timed so it feels like the experience of the entire race in 43 seconds – 4 likes. 🙁 I’m not trying to be “somebody” but it’s frustrating trying to figure it all out.

    The Longhairs do inspire me to be creative…just have to keep learning from them and asking “WWTLHD?”

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