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Long hair is sick, there’s no doubt about that. At times, it can also be challenging to deal with. It can be unwieldy, in the way, and sometimes just downright annoying. Here’s six quick tricks for guys with long hair.


Keeping your three strands separate can be challenging when learning to braid. I’ve found a way to make it easier for beginner braiders and even trained twisters.

Pull your hair all the way through a hair tie as if you’re tying a menstail, but don’t wrap the tie more than once. The tie should be loose on your hair. At this point, separate your hair into three strands. The hair tie should make it easy to keep all of your hair pulled tight and keep your three strands close and easy to handle. Braid as usual. Then just slide the hair tie down the braid and tie it off.



Sleeping with my hair down left me waking up with hair in my eyes and ears and mouth and nose. I also found it would tangled as shit from moving around in my sleep.

Solution? Tie it up!


After experimenting with several different sleep styles, I’ve found that twisting it up into a loose braid or grabbing a couple extra ties and tying it into “The Snake”* are the best ways to keep the hair out of my face and free of tangles. Keeping it a bit loose helps to not pull on the scalp so you don’t wake up with a headache. *(

DISCLAIMER: These two styles are not recommended if you sleep on your back. Refer instead to:


I guarantee that as a longhair, you will find hair. It will be freakin’ EVERYWHERE. Especially in the bathroom… where you wash, comb, brush, and mess with your hair most.

You’ll find it clogging the shower drain, on the floor, in the sink, on the counter, and anywhere else you forget to look. Annoying, right?!


The best way to handle this is to contain the shed. Just put it all in the same place. Keep it out of the shower drain by putting all the hair that sheds during a wash or condition on the shower wall. When you’re finished, swirl it all up into a ball and toss it in the trash.

When combing, brushing, blow drying, or doing whatever you do to style your hair, put everything that falls out into the sink. Again, when you’re finished, ball it up and toss it.

HINT: Don’t freak out, it’s totally natural to shed some hair when combing, washing, or brushing.


I don’t usually blow dry my hair, and my hair takes forever to air dry. So, on days I’m not washing or conditioning, it’s gotta stay dry.

To keep my hair out of the shower stream, I pull it up into a Super High Ball or a Foldover all the way on top of my head. This gets my hair totally out of the way so I can still wash my shoulders, back, and neck while my hair stays desert dry.



Have you ever worn a hoodie or a coat with a collar and found your hair won’t lay over the hood or collar without going all over the place and getting crazy tangled? Yeah, me too.

Try out a side menstail or a side braid. Pull your hair all to one side, just behind your ear. Then, tie a menstail or twist it up like usual. Your locks will lay over your shoulder and down your chest, totally out of the way of your collar or hood.



Sometimes one hair tie just isn’t enough to hold your mane. Even for the Superior Hair Ties for Men. Running, tumbling, and other high impact activities may require more hold than just one tie can provide. And hair falling in your face can be annoying and precarious in these active situations.

So, Double up.

Start with two hair ties on your wrist. Then, tie up your favorite hairstyle for working out. BUT, instead of just pulling one hair tie of your wrist, pull them both together and tie your hair using both for a super strong hold.

Get tricky and drop a comment lettin’ us know how it worked for ya or with your own tricks for guys with long hair!


    1. If I were to have long hair, I would wear the Rope or Snake not only when I sleep, which is also on my side, El Barbudo, but also before bedtime when I brush my teeth.

  1. I’ve even tripled up as the hair ties loose some of their stretch. I can get continued use out of them.

    Sleeping is another thing. I cant stand the knot on the back of my head when I tie it up…I just deal with it in my mouth…

  2. So the awkward stage, I’ve been growing the hair since late December, with the back and sides at a fade. Now they’re about 3-4 inches. Top about 5-6. I think my hair grows much much faster than most.

    1. Yaa your speed is great. I started in September’20 and sided are just over 4 inches and yes they are fucking annoying. Top about 8½ inches.

  3. Thanks for the idea about braiding. I’m going to try it tonight.

  4. Jack,

    Seems like your mane problem (hello pun) is bulky hair. Maybe a modified Willie Nelson would work for you. It will split the bulk in two and preserve the curl like El Barbudo said. Start each braid just below the ear but keep it very loose. You may only need to do 3 or 4 twists and no need to finish the braid down to the end. It should be easier to get the hair tie around half the bulk of your hair and the loose braid should be soft as a pillow. Since it’s a “loose” Willie Nelson, maybe it should be called a Wasted Willie. 😁

    How’s that for alliteration El Barbudo?

  5. Another REALLY cheap, REALLY easy,and REALLY effective way to keep your hair dry is to borrow a page from Grandma’s playbook and rock a showercap while you’re in the rain locker.
    For preventing clogged drains, check out tubshroom dot com. These little gadgets are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and work great! Plus they’re available for sinks, showers AND tubs.

  6. Nice post bro! This is one of my favorite posts in a long time on the blog. Really innovative tips that aren’t the average stuff!

    1. Author

      Thanks a lot dude! Hope they work out for some other guys the way they have for me.

  7. This is unrelated but my hair feels dry and is split and frayed how often should l trim it 🤙

    1. When it feels like that. Get those spilt ends out of there. Have you tried any oil or our hair serum to lube things up? Also don’t go cheap on the conditioner, get something solid.

  8. Sorry, I just dont understand what you’re doing with the hair tie helping you braid.

    And yes, hair is everywhere, it drives my wife nuts

      1. let La Rubia not forget she is a longhair herself, and the half of the hair she find in your home is her ( and i do not count those of your longhaired son)…lol

  9. Great tips…but you have a typo…When you’re finished, swirl it all up into a ball and toss it in the compost.

    There, I fixed it for you.

  10. Can’t wait to be fully back in the game. Been about a year since I last had a cut and it’s coming in great! Sadly, still not long enough to tie everything back…

  11. Hey El Barbudo, Great Article Awesome Tips.

    I Myself will be the first to admit I am afraid of the “THE SHEDDIN’ MANE”!
    What are your suggestions and or tips for Longhairs rockin the “undercut” and only have the top long, no sides.
    In my experience the top can be very brittle, thin, and can see breakage more so than the side hair.


    1. Author

      Thanks, dude! Make sure to take your time when brushing or combing so you’re not ripping out hair when it’s tangled. Also never brush when your hair is wet because the hair can stretch to its breaking point far easier when wet.

  12. for your hair stay dry after the shower, you ought wear a shower cap on your bun ( as the longhaired women)
    and using a sink kichen basket in the grate place of the shower is a great idea
    i usual brush my hair on the bathroom sink; the most of the shedding hair stay in, and the few other on the bathroom floor; a brush stroke is enough to pick them up

    1. Author

      I’ve used a shower cap once or twice and it does work wonders. Good stuff keeping the shedding to the sink!

  13. Dude, that is an awesome mane! Great advice on using a hair tie to start the braid. I can’t wait to be able to braid. I wondered about keeping hair dry. It’s kind of hard to do when it’s not long enough to tie up. I’ve just started using an Alice band to keep the top dry and a little 1 inch terry-tie to make a small fold over in the back. I took the shower grate out and replaced it with a screen basket designed for kitchen sink. Catches more hair and just pop it out to clean.

    1. Author

      Thanks man! Good thought on the screen basket. That oughta keep the hair out of the drain!

  14. Love it! But what sucks is that my curly hair gets flat if I sleep with it pulled back like that.

    1. Author

      You could try just a menstail. Or a braid might help preserve the curl. Experiment and find something that works for you and let me know!

    2. Cas !

      It was a good post !! Experience is knowledge … Thanks Barbudo

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