Sleeping With Long Hair (Without Suffocating)

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Don’t Risk It Another Night

If you have long hair, and you do, then you understand. Sleeping with long hair is risking your life. Whether by strangulation, suffocation, or asphyxiation, there is a real chance you’re not waking up tomorrow.

You need survival tactics for sleeping with long hair. Fortunately, we got you.

So watch this video, or risk suffocating in your sleep tonight.



  1. Well I nearly choked last night I’m 34 wore my hair down to sleep woke up choking on it be careful it’s never happened until now

  2. What if someone who has lots of hair chokes on their own hair while sleeping

  3. I sleep on my side, so I were to have long hair, I would use the El Barbudo technique.

  4. This amazing tip saved me SO much trouble trying to sleep! In the past I used to either: 1. strangle myself sleeping, 2. wake up in the middle of the night with a mouthful of hair (blergh…), 3. lying on top of my hair and actually pulling it out in strands. The list goes on and on. This tip is actually so awesome during our hot summer nights here in South Africa too! Thanks for posting!!

  5. But if you leave it loose, in the morning, when that blasted SUN is shooting you in the face, a sleepy flip and your man shield is in place.

    1. A flip of your hair and your man shield is in place. That is totally clever!!

  6. Love the vid, can’t say the same for the hairstyle! I will admit it looks comfy for sleeping though…

  7. since 25 years, i’m a longhair
    i’ve never tied my hair for sleeping, and i’m still alive !!! lol

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