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Interview With a Little Longhair

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Chase-ing The Long Hair Dream

Most of us can remember when we started growing long hair, our last haircut, and the moment we decided on the long hair life.

That’s because those moments didn’t happen when you were a toddler. For Chase, his long hair extends to the beginning of his conscious memory. At nine years old, four feet tall and 50 pounds soaking wet…he’s a little longhair.

We’ve done considerable coverage on little longhairs. It started with Arthur, when we first heard a young boy’s experience with long hair. We learned what it’s like to be a mom of a boy with long hair, and soon published a complete dissertation on bullies and boys with long hair.

Next we discovered boys getting banned from school for having long hair, and since then published case studies and best practices on the pursuit of hair equality in schools—including Cole, who managed to get his school’s grooming policy changed.

More than a dozen little longhairs even donated their hair at The Great Cut, but we’ve never had a real-life, face-to-face, heart-to-heart, mano y mano sit-down chat with a little longhair in published content—until now.

He’s Chase, AKA El Rubito, and he sat down with El Moreno for a riveting interview.

Chase wear The Longhairs SPF hat at the beach

Chase AKA “El Rubito”

El Rubito is nine years old and has no idea when he started growing long hair. He’s into Minecraft, Mechanical Building, taekwondo, soccer, camping and four-wheeling with the Part-Time Crawlers. An advocate for little guys with flow, he’s a founding member of Little Longhair Lads (not sure what that is yet but he’s a founding member).