Four Brothers to Donate at The Great Cut

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Donating as a Family

Four brothers, ranging from three to nine years old, and their mother will cut and donate their long hair for children with medically-related hair loss.

Rodreen Heier, mother of four boys with long hair (and one baby girl), has heard friends, neighbors and perfect strangers referring to her boys as girls for years.

Undeterred, the family collectively decided to let their hair grow until long enough to donate to charity.

Their chance is finally arriving with The Great Cut, a hair-cutting charity event where the mission is to donate 200 pounds of hair from 2,000 donors and raise $200K to provide hair replacements for 200 children with medically-related hair loss.

We were fortunate to have “Mama Longhair” join us on Let It Ride, where she told us all about her boys, why they are donating, and what it’s like living in a virtual hair factory.


What you'll hear about:

  • What it’s like raising four little longhairs
  • The nearly impossible task of brushing and maintaining their long hair
  • Dealing with the bullies and commentators
  • How one boy used an entire bottle of hair serum at once, because it’s “growing oil”
  • Top secret details surrounding The Great Cut
Listen to “Mama Longhair” on The Longhairs podcast.
3/16/19 - SAN DIEGO, CA


2,000 Haircuts For Kids Who Can't Grow Hair


  1. Interested in donating. Please send me the form. I already have a twelve inch braid

  2. It’s great what Mama Longhair did to help encourage her boys. It’s also shameful for other people to teach their children that it’s OK to bully others for being different. Adults giving looks and making comments teaches children to be rude and to be bullies; and if their doing this in public, they’re saying things out of range of the children and parents, too. They know what they are doing is wrong and no different then judging someone for skin color, religion, handicap, disfigurement, etc. Nobody would want to be treated that way, so how can they justify doing it to someone else. Someone must be wrong with people who have to demean others, especially children or sick\disabled, to make themselves feel like a bigger person. These children are doing selfless acts so that I other children who have illnesses can benefit and feel better. Instead of trying to make these boys feel bad, why not doing something good like them and make yourself feel good. God bless this family for showing do much love and kindness for people they don’t even know.

  3. I donated 9 inches of hair or year ago and I’ve never heard from the company that they were able to use it but they sure did put me on their mailing list!

    1. Author

      Not sure how to respond to that ChristaD, but it was very kind of you to donate your hair 🙂

    2. Thank you for being kind to donate for a child in need. I just read your post and see it was nine months ago. If you still haven’t heard back, May I suggest contacting them to inquire about it? There may have been a oversight. They have a lot going on at a business like this with donations, recipients, wig preparations, sponsorships, administrative work. Oh, I don’t want to leave out that they keep up with the recipients and up keep of their wigs until age 21. I’m sure they don’t mean to neglect anyone, but issues can occur. If you did hear from them, then I am happy that your issue was resolved. I wish you well.

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