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A Crucible Moment

In December we published a podcast episode with Mike “The Spider Ninja” Bidwell, lifelong martial arts practitioner, content creator and proprietor of BJJ After 40.

Beyond the compelling dialogue concerning choking people out with your hair, in that episode The Spider Ninja shared a crucible moment with us.

“From near despair, he found inspiration that carried him from his lowest moments to a tipping point...where he declared he would flow Mike Bidwell.”

“Flow Mike Bidwell” meant returning to the martial arts, pursuing deeper meaning, changing the direction of his existence, entering the flow life. In his case, it also meant growing his hair out.

The Spider Ninja’s is an inspiring story, and though unique to his personal experience, not altogether uncommon.


We hear stories growing up, in history, in movies, music and culture, where people encounter a defining moment. It could be a test or trial, where an epiphany or revelation occurs, that leads to change.

For many, it’s the moment you decide to take charge of your life, where you accept personal responsibility, the moment you resolve to be the person you want to be.

It’s the moment we find our flow. And while some may never find it, for those who do it often marks a turning point in life.


Finding Your Flow

In the case of the Spider Ninja, his crucible moment coincided with the decision to grow his hair long. He’s not the only one, as we’ve heard many stories from within this community where men and boys have pledged to grow their hair for one reason or another, a declaration of independence, a symbol of taking a stand or choosing a path.

We can all be inspired, we can all make a change to alter the course of our lives. Crucible moments may come in different shapes and sizes and through different experiences, but we all are capable of finding our flow.

We want to celebrate the idea of this crucible moment, the notion that we might each have our own, and that others will have theirs; to inspire us each to find our flow.


Introducing “The Flow Life”

Inspired by and named for The Flow Life, we are proud to present our first ever limited edition headwrap—for the ninja in each of us.

While we don’t have the authority to confer an honorary black belt, it’s pretty safe to say you’ll instantly have some deadly ninja moves in your repertoire the moment you swathe your skull and locks with this warrior’s wrap—just ask El Moreno.


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The Longhairs Limited Edition Headwrap
The Longhairs Limited Edition Headwrap