Squashing Records: The Longest Hair You’ve Ever Seen

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17 Years of Hair Growth

Zahab Khan actually trips over her hair. Having grown it out for 17 years, her locks extend to six feet, three inches long—far longer than she is tall.

But not for much longer, because on August 26 she will attempt the Guinness World Records title for the most hair donated to charity by an individual, and we’re especially enthused she will donate to Children With Hair Loss.

That might sound familiar, because we happen to be the Guinness World Records title holders for the most hair donated to charity in 24 hours, and of course we also donate to Children With Hair Loss.

Zahab Khan showing off her incredible hair length

Getting to Know Zahab Khan

We insisted on learning more about Zahab, her six-foot hair and her world record ambitions. Turns out she is a global advocate for women in sports and founder of the Zahab Neha Foundation, helping female student-athletes in her native Pakistan pursue their studies and athletics, who are otherwise limited by poverty and lack of resources.

She’s also an elite professional squash player and coach, widely recognized as the “Longest Haired Athlete” in the world. If you’ve never played squash it’s like racquetball, with lots of running and hard cutting, requiring tremendous agility and cardiovascular endurance. Which raises the question: how the hell do you play squash with six feet of luxurious hair??

You’ll learn how she does it, and all about her foundation, and why she’s cutting off 17 years of hair growth…when we let our hair down with Zahab Khan on The Longhairs podcast.

Zahab Khan showing her championship trophy and medal

What you'll hear about:

  • Her immense hair length and how she manages it
  • Why she grew her hair out for 17 years
  • How she is mentally preparing for the big cut
  • Why she’s donating to Children With Hair Loss
  • Another Guinness World Records title she’s already captured

Listen to Zahab Khan, the “Longest Haired Athlete,” on Let It Ride.

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Zahab Khan throwing a legendary six-foot hairwhip in front of the ocean

Zahab Khan, the “Longest Haired Athlete" In The World

Zahab Khan is a world-ranked professional squash player and founder of the Zahab Neha Foundation, a non-governmental organization helping female student-athletes pursue sports and education in Pakistan.

…with Riya Saran

Zahab is joined on the show by her Media Assistant and World Record Attempt Coordinator, Riya Saran.
Riya Saran is assisting Zahab Khan in her world record attempt

Zahab’s world record attempt will livestream on her Facebook and Instagram.


Join The Longhairs at Zahab Khan's World Record Attempt 

The Longhairs will have staff representatives at Zahab’s world record attempt, encouraging, commiserating, and giving out sick hair ties. Longhairs and friends are invited to join us in supporting Zahab.
Thursday, August 26 @ 10:00 am
McLean Community Center
McLean, VA
The Longhairs will be on-site welcoming visitors at 9:30 am. Hit us in the DMs if you’re planning to attend!

Give Zahab a Boost on GoFundMe!

At the time of this post, Zahab has raised $4,370 toward her goal of $6,000 to cover the cost of her record attempt (mostly for Guinness World Records, which we can attest is not cheap). Can The Longhairs’ community help Zahab make history??

Zahab Khan's GoFundMe
A donation of $1 or more will help show Zahab that Longhairs Do Care!

The Great Cut 2024

A World-Record Charity Hair-Cutting Event

In 2024 The Longhairs will attempt to break the Guinness World Records title for the most hair donated to charity in 24 hours, benefiting Children With Hair Loss.

Our mission: 10,000 haircuts for kids who can’t grow hair. Be part of history and join us at The Great Cut 2024.

Learn more and start growing now:

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