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If you have long hair, and you do, then you like your hair. Otherwise why would you have suffered through the awkward stage? You wouldn't have, which means you want to keep it long, which means you don't want it to break, which means you want it to be healthy, which means you don't want to damage it.

Things that damage your hair:

  • Color, bleach and dye…which, you probably don’t use those anyway. It's not a good time to start.
  • Extreme heat. If you ever use a blowdryer you should do it sparingly. Even direct sunlight over long periods can cause damage, especially if there's chlorine or saltwater in your hair.
  • Brushing too much: every brush stroke pulls a few hairs out.
  • Brushing when it’s wet: your hair breaks a lot easier.
  • Washing too much: washing is good, but not too often. A couple times a week is probably enough, depending on how oily your hair is...more on that later.
  • Leaving stuff in your hair, like products or chlorine after swimming in a pool. A quick rinse with fresh water will sort you out.
  • Tying it up too tight for too long, or using a rubber band for a hair tie that rips it out.

And the #1 most damaging thing you can do? Cutting it off. Hair on the floor is not healthy, it's dead.

So try to avoid those things, and keep those locks healthy, flowing and growing.

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  1. Hi guys. I’ve bought several head wraps, but I’m not quite sure how to put them on. I have shoulder length hair and workout five days a week, and would like to keep it out of my face during workouts. Any ideas?

  2. Point 5 is my Achilles’ heel. I run 10 km almost everyday, and after that I’m all soaked in sweat, therefore I have no option but washing my hair five o six times a week. Is there anything you can recommend?

  3. So I’ve been growing my hair out for about 6 months now and my hair is starting to get pretty difficult to control. For lack of a better word it looks poofy and the ends crurl out especially in the back. It’s not a good look and I’ve been wearing a beanie but that is becoming less effective. Any suggestions?

  4. Hola chicos!

    First off, I love what you guys are doing, super good work!

    I’ve only had long hair for a couple of years and right now it is shoulder length. I have heard a bunch of people say you shouldn’t wash it daily but mine just gets super greasy and tangle-prone even after one day without washing, and I’m not sweating or working out in this time either so that isn’t a factor I’m aware of – am I just using the wrong shampoo (I buy a cheap, basic, generic brand) or is it a good idea to ride it out and not wash so regular and the grease will correct itself?


  5. Hey guys, new here. Man of long hair of many years and it has become mid-torso length. I am also six foot eight, so that is a LOT of hair. I was debating cutting it when i found this website and i saw the light! Now my hair is glorious and no longer will i always wear it in a simple ponytail. Although, i live in the middle east so there is next to no moisture in the air and thus it dries extremely quickly, and it is very, very thick so once it starts to tangle it can take 30 minutes to an hour to straighten it out again. What do you suggest i do to keep my hair moisturized in a very dry environment? My mane is high maintenance but so very worth it.

  6. El Rubio and El Moreno! First off, love the site and you guys are rock stars. So awesome to see this thriving community of long-haired hombres and I’m stoked to be a part of it. I’ve been growing out my hair about a year and a half now, and while I love it I definitely struggle with a general dry and straw-like feeling (and I’ll for sure catch a tangle or two when running fingers through my hair). I’ve also never been sure about what a typical routine should look like every morning (specifically what order is best). Combing, brushing, applying de-tangler, different oils (both coconut and argan oil or is that overkill?), maybe some pomade, hair-drying, etc. Not sure if this matters too much, but any guidelines on a basic order of operations would be life-changing. Thanks again to you guys – keep crushing it!

  7. Hi,

    How would you recommend I keep my hair clean if I work out everyday and it is full of sweat?

    Is shampoo and conditioning everyday ok if the hair is real dirty?

    What product do you recommend for everyday use to keep the hair manageable enough for someone who works in a fairly conservative office environment? I can’t really just go natural with my wavy hair, especially because it is still in the “awkward phase”.

  8. I use Billy Jealousy headlock molding cream in my hair each morning. I work in an office that would frown on me going total awkward stage, my hair needs to be somewhat controlled. Do you not recommend this?

    If you know of another product that may be less damaging to my hair but still allow for some sort of control please let me know. If you don’t believe in hair products at all, then I am looking for tips to keep wavy hair, that is still very much in an awkward growing out stage, under control so I can keep my family fed.

    1. Author

      YO JOE! Great question man. First off, stick with what’s working while it’s working. You may find as the weeks go by it will be harder and harder to get the results you want with a stiffer product like molding cream.

      Listen, we have a new resource in development that is just what you’re looking for. While it’s mostly complete, we still have a little ways to go before publishing. We are willing to share with you before we publish if you’re willing to go through it, try some of the suggestions and give us your feedback. Email greathair at and we’ll send it your way. Sound good?

  9. I am about 1 year in as of turkey days 2018. I started from a number 3 buzz cut. My hair falls to about to the bottom of my nose. I’m feeling pretty pumped about it. Lettin it ride. About how long does it have to be to get it up in a man tail/bun?

    1. Yo Matt! Way to go man, making progress. Past the ears and close to the shoulders is really when you can start to get it up properly.

  10. ¡Hola, amigos!
    I know it’s totally not recommended but I´ve been useing my hair dyed for a few years know and I even though I totally love it’s (artificial) color, it constantly displays damage traits. ¿What could I do to make it healthier without sacrificeing my ginger look? Thanks in advance!

  11. Hey guys, I’m a longtime longhair, but I’ve highballing HARD and it’s turned into a serious addiction. It’s been a couple years now since I’ve spent more than an hour hanging loose, not craving one. In fact, I just finished ordering a couple packs of Adios Banditos.

    During my first few years of having long hair, I had bangs that kept my hair out of my face.

    During my next few years of having long hair, I just dealt with having my hair in my face.

    Then I discovered the pleasure of a hearty highball, and man, it really got me.

    Do you guys have any techniques for making free-flowing hair more practical and comfortable? For example, how do I keep my hair from constantly falling in front of my face? I know I could turn to another solution instead, but braids and headbands and whatnot aren’t what I’m looking for. I’m trying to go back to natural.

    1. Author

      Yo Shane, what up man! Thanks for writing in and good question. You could definitely try using a little product, some light pomade or hair spray to help keep it out of your face. This might defeat the purpose of going all natural, but it could be worth a try. We also have some thin headbands we’re working on, another option in the near future.

      Let us know how it goes for you man, will be interested to hear. Alright keep lettin it ride!

  12. Hey guys, been referring to your site for a couple years now, really glad to have a place to go with my hair questions! My hair is a little past mid-back length now, and I’ve had trouble finding good ways to clean and detangle it. It’s always super oily and uncomfortable if I don’t wash it. My current routine of using baking soda to wash, and apple cider vinegar mixed with water as a conditioner, seems to be an improvement over using shampoo every day. Should I still not wash my hair every day? The current routine doesn’t seem to dry out my hair, but I’m wondering if there are other reasons not to wash every day.
    Thanks for all you guys are doing, keep it up!

    1. Author

      Hey man! Thanks for the kind words. There could be a lot of answers here.

      One of the main reasons not to wash/shampoo every day is because every time you do so it takes a toll on your hair. Just getting it wet, drying it, the washing itself, all those things create stress on your hair and cause damage.

      Sometimes if you wash too often, your body will compensate by overproducing sebum in your scalp. So if you were shampooing every day that could be why your hair was oily.

      Make sure you are washing properly. When you comb and brush, make sure you are really massaging your scalp to distribute all that natural oil through your hair.

      I would try a routine of washing every 2-3 days, using argan oil daily (just on the tips), and brushing as a cleansing routine in between shampoos to reduce that oily feeling. Try that for two weeks to let your scalp adjust to the new routine.

      Also go for that little trim I suggested in my other comment.

      Dry shampoo or baby powder can also help if your hair and scalp are excessively oily.

      Hope this helps man! Glad to have you here.

  13. Aloha, Is there any trueth to the rumor that tying your hair back or in a hair bun will excelerate baldness?
    I’m a late comer to the long hair look. I’m 54, been growing my hair out now for 2-1/2 years, my hair is dry, frizzy and 100% in my face if I don’t tie it back.

    1. Author

      Yo David! Thanks for writing in, amigo.

      There is a condition called traction alopecia. This usually results from pulling your hair SUPER tight in a menstail or braids or other tie up, and often (like every day). Unless you’re tying it REAAAAALLY tight and doing it every day, it’s less likely this is what you’re experiencing.

      Ok, on to your other problems: dry and frizzy. It’s definitely worth examining your shampoo and conditioning routine, consider options like coconut oil, and definitely give our hair serum a try.

      Hope this helps hombre. We’re always pumped to see chronologically experienced longhairs visiting and commenting on the site, so please come back often!

      Keep lettin it ride!

  14. Iam growing my hair since 7 months. I don’t know how to sleep with long hair I can’t even put man bun because they are not long enough and my hair’s ends are damaging so what should I do for that.

  15. Hey guys, my hair is roughly around the 12-14 month mark. I can tie my hair into a short tail, sometimes a few strands come out and bother the back of my ears. When I do get it all tied back it looks like a stubby L-shape. How much longer must I wait until I reach shoulder length ? The front of my hair reaches the bottom of my chin and the back touches the bottom of my neck. I estimated another 4-6 months.

    1. Author

      Yes man, it sounds like another 4-6 months. You’re almost there!

      For those annoying hairs that come out of the tie-up, you can use a light pomade or balm to help keep them in place.

  16. Yo, I’ve been growing my hair for about 4 years now I turned 18 in February and my hair is to my lower back and I love it and I take good care of it, I keep it really healthy and it’s down most of the time but its really oilly even 1 day after the last wash im not sure what to do. Do you have any tips for a fellow longhair?

    1. Author

      Yo Aaron! Glad to have you write in man. Check out our post on dry shampoo.

      I’ve used dry shampoo a fair bit and it works well.

      If that doesn’t do the job, there are more things you can try. How often you wash, what kind of shampoo you’re using, and using proper technique all play a factor, but there’s also your hair/scalp type. If you have more oily hair and scalp, you may need to wash more often or use a shampoo for oily hair. Not sure if more often is necessarily the right move for you, as you said it’s already oily after one day.

      Also, make sure you brush it all the way through once every day (I’m assuming you don’t have super curly hair). This distributes all that nice natural sebum throughout the lengths of your hair, which is really good for it.

      Anyway man I can go on and on, but give this a read through and let us know how it goes.

  17. So i’m fairly new to growing out my hair, about 1 month without a haircut, but just decided to grow it out recently, i wash it every 3 days, but on the second day my head gets kinda itchy, anything i can do about that?

    1. Hi all, i hope you are all well. So this is the first time I’ve decided to grow my hair and it’s down to just past my shoulders naturally but straightened it’s down to my collar bone. I have really thick,curly afro style hair and ive tried to shampoo and condition it twice a week but after two days I get a really itchy, flaky scalp recently with the hotter weather and it’s like im walking around with a hot water bottle on my head, I keep threatening I’m going to cut it but secretly really don’t want to..
      Also when I brush my hair I have quite alot of hair on the brush afterwards is this a bad thing? Anyway, my question is, is there a certain type of shampoo I can use and is there an advised style i can use to make myself cooler in the summer months. I usually just grab it all in one and put it into a bun. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this essay like comment, sorry about that… Have a good day/weekend

  18. I work as a mechanic, and spend a lot of time in filthy places. I know i’m not supposed to wash my hair every day, but it gets so dirty! Oil, dirt, etc. Any suggestions?

    1. Author

      Yo Ben, great question man. Environmental factors such as your may warrant more frequent shampooing. Couple things you might try:
      1. Do you typically tie it up? Try a high ball or even braiding it could help a lot.
      2. Can you cover it up? With a hat, beanie, even some kind of a hair net. That would really help keep it clean, realizing you still need to look presentable at work.
      3. Dry shampoo

      Hope this helps amigo. Let us know how it goes!

  19. Sorry for all the questions but do you guys think getting an undercut but keeping the length would effect the shape of long hair while down in a negative way? And if so do you guys think I could just let the parts I got shaved grow out or would I need to just restart?

    1. Author

      No problem holmes. We do not ever recommend an undercut. Your best bet is to just let it go from where its at. You’ll be able to even things out as it gets longer. If it gets super awkward you can trip a little off the top, but you shouldn’t have to worry about that for a while. Good luck man keep us posted!

  20. I’m about 8 months into growing my hair out and I’m deep in the awkward stage. I was getting it cleaned up in the back and around the ears but not anymore. My hair is ridiculously straight and it will still fall straight down into my face (about to my nose) if I don’t put product in it. So I do almost every day. I don’t really like wearing hats but I still do from time to time if I’m feeling too lazy to style it with product. Do you recommend any products or any styles to get me through the next 6 months or so?

  21. When I tie my hair I end up with smaller hairs sticking up at the front forehead area, would that be a concern or is this natural?

    1. Author

      Henrique, are you sure it is actually dandruff? Without knowing your specific conditions, have you tried using a moisturizing shampoo? Sometimes if your scalp is very dry it can flake if you don’t moisturize. Dandruff is actually a medical condition caused by a fungus that is relatively rare.

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