HALFTIME: The Longhairs 2022 Status Update

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Our Status Update Six Months Down

We have existed as a business for eight years and have never faced trials like this. It’s been a street fight, scrapping our way to survival. Now it’s halftime, and that’s all about to change. This is El Moreno with The Longhairs 2022 Status Update.

We Are Getting Our ASSES Kicked in 2022

You may recall back in February when we shared the epic saga, Moving Day: A Road Beset With Obstacles. It really hasn’t let up since then.

Mostly it’s all the things you don’t see and probably haven't even thought of. Vendors, terms, supply chain, delays, cash flow, legal, HR, technology, errors. All the shit that keeps this business rolling and El Rubio and myself up at night.

It’s not all hair whips and high fives around here. There’s a lot of ass-kicking and sometimes it’s our own asses getting kicked. This year has been no exception.

The ironic thing is, as tough as it’s been it will also probably go down as the most historic year for the company. What you might not know is that we have silently been working to alter the trajectory of this business forever, which is why I’m compelled to share The Longhairs 2022 status update.

WARNING: Tectonic Shift Incoming

Over a year and a half of focused, diligent work has been logged. The fruits of this labor will be extraordinary. We’ve revealed the revamped Epic Cleanse & Ideal Conditions (pre-sale customers, thank you for your patience), but there’s a great deal more to come.

Next up, the legendary hair serum, then five completely new products. One after another, the drops will release. This is a cataclysmic shift in our hair care strategy and once realized The Longhairs will forever be changed...and so will your hair.

El  Moreno standing in The Longhairs set. Half of his hair is perfect the other half is an absolute mess, featured in The Longhairs 2022 Status Update

A Vision Realized for The Longhairs in 2022

We have an incredible team that lives and breathes the core vision and values. It is our unwavering belief in our vision that has created and continues to fuel this great community.

Together we will push through anything.

The Longhairs 2022 Status Update


  1. I know it’s been a whole month since this post, and I have been planing to reply for weeks and didn’t make it happen until today. You guys are really making a huge difference and I’m a following fan. The positive and encouraging focus on mens health and well being is amazing and I applaud you in your hard works and success. Keep going!!!

    1. Yo Aaron! Thank you for your comment, bro. We are pumped to have you in the community, and we’re proud to have made a difference. Keep lettin’ it ride!

  2. Sounds good. Just hit me up. Thanks for bringing back the serum. My lettuce is loving it. Think about taking your lowest selling fragrance and replacing it with a Sea Salt serum. Anything to keep a great day at the beach going. It would sell as people dig that beachy vibe. For your warehouse warming party you should get a few local breweries to pour and make it a fiesta. Keep rockin’ on and letting it ride!

  3. Great vid! My hair misses your shampoo/conditioner combo so much…I’m gonna buy like 20 bottles of it when it is fully stocked (I bought the pre-order as well). Sometimes you don’t know how good you have it until it is gone. Happy to hear the company is still going strong despite the set backs! Sending you positive vibes from LA!

    1. Author

      Thank you Jeff! And greatly appreciate your patience on the pre-sale. It will be here SOON! Any time you’re in SD roll up!

  4. for the great cut, remember
    if you want to help and want to stay longhair, you can donate a few buckets to children with hair loss nonprofit to help them to pay the wig maker ( 1 000 us$ for a wig)
    when you donate your hair, wait they are so long you can donate a good length staying bobbed; you will earn till 1 year for your next growth, avoiding a new akward stage

  5. I am an East Coast Canadian and have been growing my locks since shortly after the pandemic restrictions. (I had a “gut” feeling to get a cut and ignored it. Things closed the next day). I did a three year grow out one other time, after I found why a friend had been growing his hair. I figured why not, hoping to donate to Pantene or locks for love or somewhere to help kids. I never did donate it and hope to find somewhere that takes older pony tails. Anyway, I gave myself a little trim after the Pandemic started, then I was done. No more pattern to go by and I wasn’t going to go bowl cut or shave it off. Figured enough time passed that I might as well keep growing. I was thinking about cutting soon then came across The Great Cut 2024. 2 more years with drain clogging locks had me pondering, but breaking the Guinness Record had me intrigued. Question is, what is the protocol for a Canadian to get in on the event? I have a couple of hair cutters psyched to get in on it so that’s not a problem. Heck, after another two years I may have a line up with scissors chasing me down the street. Can you all help me out?

    1. Author

      Hello Lou great to hear! Absolutely you can be involved from Canada. Leading up to The Great Cut of 2019 we had people mail in their donation from all over the world. You will be able to do the same leading up to 2024. Actually if you feel so compelled you could even hold your own mini drive in your area and try and collect as many donations as possible. We’ll have more info on that as we get a little closer to the event.

  6. I just discovered your products and I am hooked! Your hair ties are the best ones I have ever used. Keep up the awesome work!

  7. as you can (after 2 years withou)t find planes to transport postal service and you don’t need more pass the goods through the Trump barricade as you could not return from Tijuana due to covid, i’m surprised you have only 8 postal bags to send…lol
    to spare a few post rates and follow the french movement, you could also crate a sci based solid shampoo: her the 1st created, but, now every french cosmetics maker have created some: https://www.lamazuna.com/en/5876-shampoing-solide-pour-cheveux-normaux-huile-d-abyssinie-3760319492640.html
    for the solid conditioners, i’m n’t convinced they could detangle more than an oat milk rinse

  8. Fortitude, Diligence and Effort: Is there a better combination?

  9. You guys rock. Held me on the long hair journey for last 7- 8 years!

    1. Author

      Dang man that is awesome! So happy you are in this community!

  10. Love you guys! I can’t imagine how stressful running a business during a pandemic is. Glad to hear you have new products on the way and that you’re fighting through it! As a member of the fairer sex, I try to donate at least one hair tie from a new pack to a long haired man who needs it. Trying to spread the love for you in my own little way. Keep kicking ass and whipping hair!

    1. Author

      Sharon that is HUGE! Every new guy recruited is massive and thank you so much for putting in that effort. It means the world to us and the community.

  11. I hope you keep the hair serum The Greens. Or maybe something very similar. I get great compliments on it

  12. Hey if you need live entertainment for the warehouse warming (or any event) hit me up. We are pros doing a show in Hollywood – “Captain Flashback’s Laurel Canyon Love! – Celebrating the ‘60s/‘70s Roots of Classic Rock. Go-go dancers, wild threads, long hair and even a Scottish bagpiper in full regalia. I am a loyal customer and we want to rock your worlds!

    1. Author

      Dang Darren that sound AWESOME! The Great Cut 2024 for sure 100% let’s go. Until then if we have the need to get our worlds rocked here at the HQ we will let you know. Warehouse warming party maybe……

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