The Great Cut: Episode 4

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9 Months and Counting

Welcome to Episode 4 of The Great Cut documentary series. The clock is ticking.

How’s your hair growing? Will you join us on 3/16/19?

The minimum hair donation is eight inches. Most people’s hair grows about a half inch per month, meaning you still have at least four inches of growth from now until game day.

What’s stopping you from going under the shears? Even if you can’t donate your hair, you’re still invited to the party. Could you bring a friend who can donate? Mull that over, then revisit The Great Cut page.



In June we attended our second hair show, this time in steamy Orlando, FL.

The vibe at Premiere was noticeably different. While ABS in Chicago was legit, the cool temperatures may have influenced the attitudes. People at Premiere were warmer from the get-go, more likely to stop and listen to our pitch, inspect our products and often buy.

We made friends. We met some heavy hitters from different segments of the hair business. We delivered our pitch 1,000 more times, and watched as people listened. We got to dive deeper in the industry.

In The Great Cut: Episode 4 you’ll see plenty of action from Orlando and meet other members of the Children With Hair Loss team. You’ll meet our event coordinator, Liny, back in San Diego, and get some inside looks from our walkthrough at the Port Pavilion.

And you’ll witness a shocking hair showdown...where El Rubio might have just met his match.


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The Great Cut

Saturday, March 16, 2019

On 3/16/19 we will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest hair donation in history. We’re going to need every man, woman, girl and boy. Change a child’s life and be part of history: join us in San Diego for The Great Cut, a hair-whipping, karate-kicking, record-breaking charity event.

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