Let it Ride Episode 38: A Worthy Mission And A Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

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Back In The Saddle

Back from Orlando, your boys sat down for a happy hour debrief on the Premiere Show, The Great Cut and our mission and purpose at The Longhairs.

In this casual, kick-back-and-relax style podcast we candidly reflect on how our trip to Orlando further solidified our partnership with Children With Hair Loss. We consider the true size and scope of The Great Cut, what it’s going to take to pull it off, and how incredible it will be to actually break a Guinness World Record.

We talk about respect, lifting people up, and treating others the way you wish to be treated.

Which brings us squarely ‘round to why we’re doing what we’re doing, and what we really stand for. All in all, Episode 38 is a rare introspective glimpse into what The Longhairs is all about—and it’s more than just selling great hair ties.


Additional Fascinating Content:

  • Why we’re in a no-fall zone.
  • Visionary companies and big, hairy, audacious goals.
  • A rock solid comeback for the naysayers.
  • Bullying on a bell curve.
  • Why we’re all in.

Sit down with your boys and listen to The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 38.


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