Guys Who SHOULD Have Long Hair

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“You’d Be A Handsome Guy With Long Hair”

From world-renowned scientists, legendary rockers, warriors, and athletes, it’s obvious we’ll continue to celebrate men who have great lettuce. But what about the men who SHOULD have long hair? You and I are curious to know, so here’s our massive call-out to the guys with lettuce potential.


Acting Men Who Should Have Long Hair

Denzel Washington with dreadlocks

Denzel Washington

In any conversation about the best actors of all time, you’re guaranteed to find Denzel Washington’s name in the mix.

Imagine The Equilizer trilogy with the same hero, serving justice while carrying deadly dreadlocks. The bad guys won’t know what to do when they try to fight with that captivating flow.

Taylor Lautner with long 80s style hair band hair

Taylor Lautner

A massive part of the Twilight series was Jacob Wolf standing out from the majority of his fair-skinned peers. No better way to further this position than stand alongside his Native brethren with a massive braid flowing down his spine.
Mark Wahlberg with long luscious hair

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is a stud, there’s no way around it. The Lebron James of acting would be as legendary sporting a mullet in Ted as he would be in The Fighter.
Matthew McConaughey with long hair

Matthew McConaughey

A teenaged McConaughey in “Dazed and Confused” exclaiming ‘alright alright alright’ has enough hair gel to stop a motorcycle. A slick back greaser style haircut down to his shoulders would be epic.

Athletic Men Who Should Have Long Hair

Shohei Ohtani with longer style hair

Shohei Ohtani

Arguably one of the most exciting players in baseball, Ohtani can literally do it all. He’ll serve you with a 95 MPH slider in the top half of the inning and then sweep the final with a 450 foot bomb out the stadium.

How cool would Shohei Ohtani look rounding the bases after he went yard off your favorite pitcher with jet black hair flowing in the wind.

Pete Weber with a full blown mullet

Pete Weber

He’s my favorite guy on this list, Pete Weber would rock the meanest SKULLET ever. He’s been hurlin’ the rock on the lanes since the late 70s and the world hasn’t been the same since.

Let me paint it for you: a skin tight PBA bowling shirt. Penny-loafer bowling shoes. Cherry limeade bowling ball. Glasses with the yellow lens. Salt and pepper skullet.


Luka Dončić with medium length hair

Luka Dončić

One of the most feared players in the NBA, he is the epitome of making it look easy. He’s not going to wow you with acrobatic dunks or flashy handles, but he will serve your team anytime, anywhere.

Perhaps a mullet might be that visual X-factor that would take him to the next level.

Aaron Rodgers with hair slicked back down to his shoulders

Aaron Rodgers

We’ve already taken a look at Aaron Rodgers in countless blog posts here at The Longhairs, but it never hurts to reiterate just how SICK he looked hurlin’ 60-yard Hail Marys on the football field with the meanest lettuce out the back of his helmet.
Kelly Slater with hair

Kelly Slater

There’s no way you couldn’t imagine Kelly Slater without long hair. Take a surfer like Rob Machado for example, now imagine Slater with bleached dreads on the lineup. See? Not so hard.
Travis Pastrana with long style hair

Travis Pastrana

I was actually named after this guy, so he’s already a legend in my book. There’s been times where he’s had longer hair, but it was never substantial enough to really be considered long.

The guy has literally done it all when it comes to action sports. Just search his name on the net, and more than likely you’ll find a video to go alongside it.

Virat Kohli approaching the awkward stage

Virat Kohli

Let me summarize his importance in cricket for you with a simple acronym. G.O.A.T. Kohli is on his way to stardom amongst the likes of Jordan and Gretzky. His accomplishments and sky-high potential says it all.

In Indian culture, long hair is thought to represent nature and energy. Let’s see if his game gets any higher with longer hair.

Lionel Messi with long brown hair

Lionel Messi

Two months ago, the only thing missing from his resume was a World-Cup trophy. Now that he’s checked that box off, there’s nothing else holding him back. That includes growing long hair.

Messi with a messy bun? Now that would be epic.

Musicians Who Should Have Long Hair

Drake rocking long curly hair


He’s one of the most successful artists ever, and there’s not much else you can do to rip the guy, aside from making “Drake’s the type of guy” jokes.

All jokes come to an end when we start seeing sleek hair flowing out from Champagne Papi.

Justin Bieber with shaggy long blonde hair

Justin Bieber

The undisputed king of the bowl cut in the early 2010s. You may remember at a point in time, where Bieber had dreads, a tiny bun, and hair past the awkward stage.

Whatever comes up next don’t be surprised to see his head with luscious locks.

Pitbull with long hair


Also known as Mr. Worldwide or Mr. 305. We got the inside scoop that 305 stands for the number of weeks it’s been since he cut his hair.

Everyone always looks to Pitbull for inspiration when they’re going through tough times. He’s been there, done that. We think in order for Pitbull to truly live up to his slogan, he should grow out his hair. Who knows, you might see him just in time for The Great Cut 2024.

Other Guys Who Should Have Long Hair

Casey Neistat with long curly hair

Casey Neistat

This guy rode around New York City on an electric skateboard with frosted Ray Bans and documented his life with a camera almost every day.

There were times his hair got close to the awkward stage, but it was never long enough to be tied up. Casey never played by the rules and a luscious mane would reinforce that narrative.

Charlie Cairncross with long shoulder length hair

Charlie Cairncross

One of the sure-fire bets of men who should have long hair is one of our very own.

A former on-the-fringe Longhair, El Chuckarino has since departed from his flow after becoming the best real estate agent in the greater San Diego area.

However, if you ask us, he could have had shiny golden locks past his shoulders. The attention and head turns his flow would garner would be shocking.

You with long hair

You (if you don’t already)

If you’ve made it this far on the list, chances are you’ve got that same commitment to grow your hair out.

Whether you’re struggling in hair growth or have any questions about it you can bet we’ll have an answer for you in Quick Tips. The awkward stage might seem like a joke, but proper hair maintenance isn’t.

Your Time Is Nigh

These guys all have risen to stardom and fostered success with lackluster hair. Long hair doesn’t come easy, but it can come more simply if you have someone to model your mane after. Who from this list of men who should have long hair is your inspiration?

Who else SHOULD have long hair? Tell us in the comments.