Up in Smoke Pt. II with Rick Fernandez

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Burn Cigars, Not Bridges

We often see films or other media that showcase groups of men that have an unbreakable bond. El Sicario has found that camaraderie in several places, but two of his favorites are cigars and long hair.

What Cigars and Long Hair Have in Common

El Sicario sits down with his personal friend and mentor Rick Fernandez to not only talk about cigars and long hair, but how he’s managed to keep his core group of friends for over 30 years—while creating a space for other groups of men to do the same.

Listen to the return of Rick Fernandez on Let it Ride and discover what the communities of cigars and long hair have in common.

Jose Mejia aka El Sicario speaking with Rick Fernandez on the Let It Ride podcast talking cigars and long hair
Rick Fernandez speaking with Jose Mejiaaka aka El Sicario on the Let It Ride podcast about cigars and long hair

What you'll hear about

  • The nuances of cigar smoking
  • Making friendships that will last a lifetime
  • The importance of being a man with integrity
  • A little fatherly advice on how to make the most of your youth

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Rick Fernandez

Rick Fernandez is the owner of 3n1 Sports Bar and Grill. A cigar connoisseur, he’s well known and respected in the San Diego cigar community.



3 men in a cigar lounge posing for the camera

Up in Smoke with Rick Fernandez

Rick Fernandez owns the best cigar lounge in San Diego. El Sicario and El Spencerino sat down with him to find out just what it takes to be successful in business—and in life.

This episode of Let It Ride is brought to you by The Great Cut 2024, where The Longhairs will attempt another world-record charity hair donation for Children With Hair Loss.

Bros On This Episode

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El Garvinski

Media Producer for The Longhairs, El Garvinski stays active with communications, art and health. He produced the iconic Hair Ties For Guys commercial in 2014. After coming back from creative endeavors abroad he returned to The Longhairs to continue firing off heavy content.


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El Sicario

A former Reconnaissance Marine native to San Diego, El Sicario is The Longhairs’ Warehouse Manager. In touch with his Chamorro heritage, he’s an avid supporter of hair equality and saving bros from the treacherous grasp of inferior hair ties.


What does personal integrity mean to you?