Up in Smoke with Rick Fernandez

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A Different Kind of Lounge

Every evening, the atmosphere at 3N1 is a carnival for the senses. The sound of the game, tasty craft beer, seeing friends and family gathered together, feeling the cool leather chairs as you take your seat, and of course, the classy aroma of cigar smoke. Just how Rick Fernandez likes it.

At nine in the morning, however, the TVs are silent and the chairs are empty. All that lingers in the air is the stale smell of cigars smoked the night before. It’s calm, serene, and Rick, the owner of 3N1, greets us with a big smile and invites us in.

Rick Keeps it Classy

You might be asking yourself why El Sicario and I chose to have Rick on Let It Ride. For starters, he’s a longhair, he’s knowledgeable, he’s a successful businessman and an excellent conversationalist.

Rick understands the importance of taking life as it comes and working hard to succeed. As the owner of a successful screenprint and embroidery business, he eventually felt burnt out and realized he wasn’t happy. He stepped away for a few years to get to where he needed to be spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

It was around this time Rick joined a cigar club. It grew into 30-40 members, getting together regularly, enjoying one another’s company and sampling different cigars. It was then he gained the desire to open his own place.

Despite the obstacles in his path, Rick stood his ground and kept going until he attained his dream. That dream has become 3N1, a sports bar, grill and cigar lounge in East Lake, California. Hear about a dream come true with Rick Fernandez on The Longhairs podcast.

What you'll hear about:

  • Negative, misdirected stereotypes of longhairs and cigars.
  • How cigar culture brings people together.
  • What inspired Rick to open 3N1.
  • How 3N1 survived the harsh COVID-19 lockdowns in California.

Long Hair & Classy Cigars

If you appreciate a good herf (gathering of cigar smokers) and good conversation, you won’t want to miss this episode of Let It Ride.

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Rick Fernandez, owner of 3N1

Meet Rick Fernandez

Rick Fernandez is a father, businessman and cigar connoisseur. A firm believer in community, he is the owner and operator of 3N1 Sports Bar & Grill, a neighborhood fixture in East Lake, California.
This episode of Let It Ride is brought to you by The Great Cut 2024, where The Longhairs will attempt another world-record charity hair donation for Children With Hair Loss.

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