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HOSTING! Out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the world’s first and only pro wrestling magic comedian, delivering 1.21 gigawatts of mischief, mayhem, off-beat comedy and mind-bending magic, like him or hate him you’re going to remember him, he is The Master Of Magical Mayhem, The Piledriver of Prestidigitation, The Ambassador of Kick-Your-Assidor, he is…THE SHOCKER!

FEATURING! Hair-raising news, follicle-focused facts, kook stories, longhairs of the week, cameo appearances and more!

The Mane Event: Episode 1

The Shocker introduces our inaugural episode with a diabolically delectable rant, some dastardly devilish digs, a split-your-slacks kook story from El Rubio and more.

Hosting The Mane Event: The Shocker

He’s a magician, comedian, entertainer, performer, businessman and authentic longhair for life, listen to the shocking saga unfold with The Shocker on The Longhairs podcast.

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  1. Well done. The Shocker is the perfect host for The Mane Event! He’s a joy to watch and listen to. Perfect debut.

    Keep it coming.

    Hair whips & high-fives to ya!

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