El Moreno HAIR UPDATE: 32 Months of Hair Growth

December 10, 2021
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32 Months = 2.6 Years

It honestly feels like it’s been six months. It’s not until I go back and review all the content from the “Grow With Moreno” series that I can fully appreciate how far my hair growth has come. As has been true with this entire series, the growth has happened not just with the hair, but also the mind, heart and soul.

There’ve been developments in the world of El Moreno, both personally and within the business. Two highlights are worth sharing.

The team here at The Longhairs HQ has expanded and the growth of this company is happening at a rapid pace. With a new warehouse on the horizon and a full line of mind-bending new products set to release in 2022, the only thing I could be more stoked about is the arrival of El Moreninto. My son.


The True Heir to The Hair Throne

For years I’ve been surrounded by ladies. With two daughters, my wife and a female dog I’ve been outmanned and outgunned.

The arrival of some testosterone in the Moreno household has added a significant boost to the program. Not only do I have my new buddy by my side, we’ll get to show these ladies who really has the best hair in the family.


The Glory Comes At A Cost

I’m going GREY!

It’s true, and I don’t know if it's hereditary or self-induced. The fact is I accept it and I’m gonna roll with it. Much like I did in the awkward stage (and throughout this whole journey back to long hair), you gotta just Let It Ride!


The Secret After 32 Months of Hair Growth

With an additional 1.5 inches of hair length since my last update, I'm checking in at a total length of 16 inches. I’ve also been trying some new things these last eight months that have been working extremely well for me.

These tactics are top secret, and up to this point have been classified within The Longhairs internal team. For the first time ever, I’m sharing them here. You just have to watch.

2 Years From The Next Big Cut

2021 is winding down, 2022 is about to whack us in the face, and you know what that means…The Great Cut 2024 is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. The planning will intensify in the coming year, and let me tell ya, it’s gonna be epic.

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