Long Hairstyles For Athletics

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Long Hair Surging In Sports

Have you noticed the proliferation of long hair in athletics? And especially in professional sports? It’s like every season there are exponentially more guys with long hair. And while the movement is undeniable, this phenomenon raises the question…what are the best long hairstyles for athletics?

While the pros are out there setting the tone for long hair in sports, avid amateur athletes and Average Joe’s alike must find a way to master our manes through various athletic endeavors.


The Go-To Long Hairstyles For Athletics

Skiing and Snowboarding

El Rubio with a long hairstyle for athletics: skiing and snowboarding
Long hairstyles for athletics: a side braid for skiing
El Rubio bursting off a cornice with ponytail flying behind him

You may be tempted to let it fly in snowsports, particularly at high speed—though you’ll pay the price later with seriously tangled hair. Alternatively, the side-braid is tight, compact and explosive. Either way a headwrap can be extremely useful for keeping stray hairs and flyaways at bay.


  • El Rubio Baseball and Long Hair
  • active-wear-18
  • active-wear-19

The ball cap is part of the requisite uniform, alleviating the problem of hair in your face—at least until it’s six inches past your shoulders, when it can start to become a problem if it’s a little breezy.


  • El Rubio diving for football
  • active-wear-8
  • active-wear-9
  • active-wear-10

While we’d all love to look like Clay Matthews, unless you’re playing tackle football you won’t be wearing a helmet to keep things intact. The high rope is money in this situation, potentially with a headband to keep the sides clean while you’re breaking ankles.


If you have long hair when you’re new to surfing, this one can be a pain. Dealing with the ocean is a matter unto itself, exacerbated when you’re blinded and gagging on wet hair. Even so, you pretty much have to let it ride with no restrictions in all surfing scenarios.

Working Out

  • Long hair and athletics El Moreno Working Out
  • active-wear-15
  • active-wear-16

Whether you go to the gym or exercise outdoors, there are many long hairstyles for working out. A standard foldover can be effectively augmented with a headwrap holding your tail end in place.


  • El Rubio with long hair and cycling
  • active-wear-25
  • active-wear-26

Again the helmet comes into play, once again calling for one of the more versatile long hairstyles for athletics. A standard low rope with a headwrap is the move, you’ll just need to learn how to braid your hair for men.


  • El Rubio long hair and golf
  • active-wear-2
  • active-wear-4

There's no better situation than a friendly round of 18 for the super double high ball visor combo.


  • El Rubio long hair and yoga
  • active-wear-12
  • active-wear-13

Anything on the back of the head in the shape of a ball can be prohibitive to the practice, thus making the high ball a superior long hairstyle for athletics.

Running and Hiking

  • Long hair and athletics El Rubio running
  • active-wear-21
  • active-wear-22
  • active-wear-22
  • active-wear-22

Finally something useful for all those t-shirt sleeves you cut off. Hair out of your face while maintaining neck shade, genius.

Play To Win

Those are your long hairstyles for athletics. But you’re probably asking yourself, “what on earth should I use for all these excellent tie-ups, braids and hair-securing options?”

We've got you covered, or should we say…tied up…with our world-famous Hair Ties For Guys. See what makes them the best hair ties in the world, then get yours, then get out there.


All The Long Hairstyles

Tie-ups, braids, The High Ball, The Foldover and many more. Get all the long hairstyles for men, from the guys who actually wear them.


  1. Y’all actually making anything anymore? Love the gear but almoat everything is sold out oo no longer listed and the available product keeps dwindling. Feels like yall are going out of business and not announcing.

    1. Author

      We are working on some all-new hair ties and headwraps man! Also waiting on shipments to bring products back in stock. We are in it for the long haul bro!

    2. El Rubio said it already but restock is IMMENENT. We had a brief delay in our manufacturing process but we’re RIGHT about to restock. We appreciate your concern <3

  2. Just an observation. For each thing that we do, there is always at least style that is considered to be the best. I imagine, however, that always changing everything up during the course of the day is a hassle. So maybe it is best to find out what is on the daily agenda, choose the best style accordingly, and kill at least a couple of birds with one stone.

    1. That should read,” for each thing that we do, there is always at least one hairstyle that is considered to be the best.” The point I am trying to make is to think ahead and choose a style that would prevent at least a couple problems at once. That would be for the best.

  3. Yo longhairs! This is awesome, but a lot of the pics might be out of date or taken down, do you think we could get a refresh on some of these?

    1. Wish I knew this post was around. You could add one for motorcyclists, nothing like hair in your visor, or helmet hair after, particularly if you ride to work or to hang out. bandana is good for chopper riders, maybe I’d say the longhairs headband. Beats trying to tie up after getting where you’re going.

  4. So I am gonna go ahead and ask what everyone is too afraid to ask. What tips do you have for long hair in the bedroom? Obviously not an issue if I’m on the bottom, but if I’m on top or visiting her down below, my hair is always an issue, and I don’t want to fumble when it’s go-time.

  5. Can’t imagine I’m your typical reader- 40-something year old mom. I’m here because my 7 year old son is rocking long-ish hair right now and he front of his hair is creating a huge problem for me! His bangs have grown out and now reach his lips if brushed forward…. it’s not long enough to wear a ponytail at the back of his head or base of his neck and a ponytail on top of his head makes his helmet not fit right…and I’m having a hard time keeping the very long “bangs” out of his eyes while he is playing lacrosse (under his helmet they fall out of a ‘dew-rag’ and if he wears something like a t-shirt sleeve that slips too far down his forehead over the hour or so he is playing… I’ve tried an elastic thin band with grips on one side- he says it makes his helmet too tight)…. since he is 7, he isn’t great at adjusting anything on the sidelines…. so I need something that works for the whole game! Would love any thoughts from long-bangs-helmet-wearing-guys…. many thanks!

    1. Author

      Hey there! Thanks for writing in, glad you found us! We actually have a lot of moms write in, but this is the first question like this one, and an interesting problem you’re facing.

      Have you tried braids? Like corn rows? Might not be practical to do before EVERY game, but it would keep the hair out for sure. You might also experiment with some different brands of headbands that don’t have the grippy inside and make the helmet too tight.

      Beyond those suggestions, we also have a lacrosse player who does some guest writing for us, I’ve asked him if he has any tips he can share. Will let you know if he comes up with anything.

      Hope this helps!

      PS: did you see the post about Arthur? It’s about little guys with long hair, right up your alley.

  6. Wow!!! Ok!!! I never cared about how I looked during it, but the feeling and the overall heat around is just difficult. I will probably find myself tieing my hair up most of the time anyway.

  7. Awesome!!! When do you consider long hair? I have been growing mine for over 8 1/2 months and the sides go down to about my jawline or even lower. The back is starting to go down my back. And the front goes down to my top lip.

    1. Author

      You’re gettin close Jack! The internationally recognized benchmark is when you can tie it all up. Usually it takes 12-18 months to get there, if you’ve started from really really short.

    1. Author

      In a slight breach of etiquette, we go straight from high ball to super front ball.

    1. Here’s a solution while playing baseball/ softball for hair that is over six inches past the shoulders; the combination baseball cap with either rope or snake. I think that would reduce what problems exist if it gets breezy out there.

          1. And in the wind, it would look like one badass dragon’s tail. Awesome!

  8. Just smashed 6 miles running with a standard lowball + headband. Not one hair moved and no bouncing ball of flipping all over the place on the back of my head. Legit power play.

  9. Hey Long Hairs! My name is Jacob. I am eighteen years old, and have been growing out my hair for barely over 2 years now. Currently, it is a few inches below shoulder length, though I still plan to let it grow out farther.

    I’m really enjoying your site and have found it to be rather helpful. I have definitely learned a lot from reading over the various articles and posts, as well as watching the videos.

    One question that I found myself asking, and which wasn’t directly covered here, is: What’s the best way to manage my hair and keep it out of my face while swimming? I’ve tried simply tying it back in a low-ball, but it usually slips out and finds its way into my face anyway.

    Also, I know you’ve mentioned your working on putting out more patterns for your hair ties, but do you have an estimation of when they might be available? I would love to see some solid colors and simple patterns. I particularly liked the red with black design of the second stage prototype you showed in your video about Hair Ties For Guys.

    Anyways, thanks.
    As you guys have said, long hair is a community, and it’s great to have a place where we can come together in unity.
    Let it Ride!

    1. Author

      Yo Jacob! Glad you like the site and the community, we’re pumped to have you here!

      Great question about swimming, it’s something we haven’t really covered. Just watching the Olympics here the last couple days my first response is using a cap…but how cool are swimming caps…wah wah waahhh.

      My next suggestion is to braid it. There may be further implications here, but worth trying. What do you think, give it a try?

      New hair ties will be coming this year. I can’t get more specific but we have samples and we’re working through production. You will see black and plenty of solid colors.

      Thanks for your questions, comments and following along, hombre. We are lettin it ride!


  10. Definitely a most amusing site you have here. I’m having a hoot of a time perusing the content. I’ve had, more or less, waist length hair since the 70’s. Presently I’m about 3 inches shy of my belt. To be quite honest, I really don’t think too much about it. Got used to a single braid from riding motorcycles but I pretty much just wear it however I feel at a particular moment in time and space. Often I am just to dang lazy to braid it.

    I’m a hat guy and really don’t put too much thought into that either. I just plop a hat or cap on my noggin and go about my business. One braid, two braids, loose, a pony tail, it is just what it is when I don a chapeau.

    I’ve dealt with being a hair boy for a long time. Played football, rugby, ultimate frisbee, camped, hiked, hunted Elk or Muley’s or White tail, logged, ride motorcycles, worked wood, chased women, ran from a few, done Vol Fire and Search and Rescue, etc etc etc. Other than keeping it out of the way or avoiding being drug around with a braid trapped in a wing forwards armpit I still never thought about it much. At least in as far as looks went.

    Anyhow, your site has some interesting shyte rolling around in it and a thanks for posting such. Some good tips here I might use but, more than likely, sloth will keep me from experimenting too much. Thanks anyhow. Much fun had by all in the visit.


    1. Author

      Yo Tex! Great to hear from you sir, thanks for your comment. Thrilled you’ve found our site entertaining. We’ve often wondered what 40-year longhair veterans like yourself would think, having probably not seen anything like this in your time. So glad you got a laugh out of it, and maybe even give some of the tips a try.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with long hair. You’re a forefather among us, and we got a good laugh from your comment.

      I’d tell you to keep lettin’ it ride, but I think you’re gonna do that regardless. Stay tuned!

  11. you can so protect a ponytail with a hair glove as the motor riders

  12. Hey, just found this site and I’m keen to get my hair looking manly again. I would say that im still in the awkward stage where I can only just tie it back and I constantly have my fringe slipping out. I generally wear it down because its too difficult to tie up. However I play a lot of volleyball and that means a lot of jumping, with jumping comes a lot of hair in my face. Is there any way I could just tie my fringe back? Also I have fairly thick and wavy hair so the sides dont sit close to my head, they sort of puff out a little. Thanks in advance!

  13. This is an awesome post! Love the t-shirt sleeve idea and the photos are great…especially the surfing one. <3

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