Long Hairstyles For Athletics

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Long Hair Surging In Sports

Have you noticed the proliferation of long hair in athletics? And especially in professional sports? It’s like every season there are exponentially more guys with long hair. And while the movement is undeniable, this phenomenon raises the question…what are the best long hairstyles for athletics?

While the pros are out there setting the tone for long hair in sports, avid amateur athletes and Average Joe’s alike must find a way to master our manes through various athletic endeavors.


The Go-To Long Hairstyles For Athletics

Skiing and Snowboarding

El Rubio with a long hairstyle for athletics: skiing and snowboarding
Long hairstyles for athletics: a side braid for skiing
El Rubio bursting off a cornice with ponytail flying behind him

You may be tempted to let it fly in snowsports, particularly at high speed—though you’ll pay the price later with seriously tangled hair. Alternatively, the side-braid is tight, compact and explosive. Either way a headwrap can be extremely useful for keeping stray hairs and flyaways at bay.


  • El Rubio Baseball and Long Hair
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The ball cap is part of the requisite uniform, alleviating the problem of hair in your face—at least until it’s six inches past your shoulders, when it can start to become a problem if it’s a little breezy.


  • El Rubio diving for football
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While we’d all love to look like Clay Matthews, unless you’re playing tackle football you won’t be wearing a helmet to keep things intact. The high rope is money in this situation, potentially with a headband to keep the sides clean while you’re breaking ankles.


If you have long hair when you’re new to surfing, this one can be a pain. Dealing with the ocean is a matter unto itself, exacerbated when you’re blinded and gagging on wet hair. Even so, you pretty much have to let it ride with no restrictions in all surfing scenarios.

Working Out

  • Long hair and athletics El Moreno Working Out
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Whether you go to the gym or exercise outdoors, there are many long hairstyles for working out. A standard foldover can be effectively augmented with a headwrap holding your tail end in place.


  • El Rubio with long hair and cycling
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Again the helmet comes into play, once again calling for one of the more versatile long hairstyles for athletics. A standard low rope with a headwrap is the move, you’ll just need to learn how to braid your hair for men.


  • El Rubio long hair and golf
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There's no better situation than a friendly round of 18 for the super double high ball visor combo.


  • El Rubio long hair and yoga
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Anything on the back of the head in the shape of a ball can be prohibitive to the practice, thus making the high ball a superior long hairstyle for athletics.

Running and Hiking

  • Long hair and athletics El Rubio running
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Finally something useful for all those t-shirt sleeves you cut off. Hair out of your face while maintaining neck shade, genius.

Play To Win

Those are your long hairstyles for athletics. But you’re probably asking yourself, “what on earth should I use for all these excellent tie-ups, braids and hair-securing options?”

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