Cut my hair?

What If I Don’t WANT to Cut My Hair?

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I Don’t Want To Cut My Hair

Here at The Longhairs we publish content about growing our hair to donate and charity hair-cutting events and world records and everything you might conceive about cutting and donating hair. But what if you’re saying to yourself, ‘I don’t want to cut my hair?’

What if you just want to grow your hair…to have long hair? We’ve seen a handful of questions and comments like this, and it’s an important discussion.

The short answer is, if you don’t want to cut your hair you definitely shouldn’t. I didn’t want to cut my hair, that’s how this started.

We do it because we agreed as business partners from the beginning our company should and would give back. We’re also uniquely positioned—both genetically, being so fortunate as to grow long hair—and professionally, being square in the middle of the hair business.

Having an engaged and loyal community gives us a chance to amplify awareness of things like alopecia and hair loss. We choose this cause and our charity partners at Children With Hair Loss because it’s a perfect fit for The Longhairs. It’s all in line with our core values.

In short, we do it because we can and we should and this is our best opportunity to give back and make an impact.

Also consider there are lots and lots of guys who want to grow long hair (openly or in secret). But outside forces like work, family and friends telling you to cut it are often too great to overcome.

If guys in this situation can use the opportunity to grow long hair for a greater purpose, to help others, then everyone wins right?? Whether they use the Dear Boss letter or a similar argument to persuade family and friends, we offer guys a reason to grow long hair. And some guys need that.

Back to your situation. There are a lot of reasons you shouldn’t cut your hair, but we don’t have to list them here…they’re your reasons and it’s your hair! For locks’ sake keep letting it ride man!

With that said we do believe intrinsically it’s important for everyone to give back in some way. If you prefer to keep the flow flowing there are infinite ways to give back.

If it were at The Great Cut, and we do still hope you’ll join us there, you could volunteer, or host a booth, or donate $10, or shoot just buy a ticket and show up! There will be no shame or peer pressure to cut your hair. We’ll just be there, partying.

But it doesn’t have to be The Great Cut and it doesn’t even have to be about hair. There are endless causes and ways to help and truthfully many far more urgent problems in the world than hair loss.

So if you’re leaning firmly, ‘I’m not gonna cut my hair,’ we’re with ya and we’ve got your back. Think of another way to give back, that brings you joy. However you choose to help, do it cheerfully and with a spirit of gratitude…and keep lettin it ride.

Laus Virtutis Actio

PS: since you’re not cutting your hair you are definitely gonna need some hair ties, headwraps, shampoo, conditioner, hair serum and other superior hair products!

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  1. I’m 50 years old and have always had short hair. My Dad was a Marine, so growing up I had a crew cut for 17 years. Since then, I ventured into the “awkward ” stage out of pure laziness a few times, but always reverted back to short hair. The pandemic shut down my barber, so rather than finding someone else or letting my wife or kids butcher me, I have been growing it out. I once again find myself deep in the awkward stage. I found your site while Google-ing hair care products for men and you have totally inspired me. I have decided to let it grow until 2024 and join you in San Diego to cut it for charity. Hopefully I won’t give Dad a heart attack! Thank you guys for being such an inspiration and teaching us how to have fun while growing our luscious locks! This fat old man is looking forward to 2024!

    1. Author

      Matt this was great to read, so glad you found us! I think you’re not the only one who’s been growing it out since the pandemic began. Stoked to have you here but even more to have you at The Great Cut 2024! Gonna be somethin special. Tell your dad it’s all good, you have the full blessing and encouragement of The Longhairs! Keep letting it ride and thanks for writing in!

  2. My mom, dad, grandparent, and essentially my whole family says I can’t get a job with long hair, especially awkward stage long hair. Any advice?

  3. effectively, and it is scandalous even on the Long Hair Community forum where genuine Rapunzel Bernardine l’ Ermite was told ” you ought cut to donate to cancerous patients”; nobody has to act under group pressure to make a charity donating of part of his body
    and ( it is not new) i repeat that we can contribute also by giving a few buckets to those charities
    more for they get thousand of pounds of donated hair, but they get very few money to converse those locks into wigs, and much have for only solution selling the most part of the hair to extensions makers to finish on very sane persons heads………;;;

  4. I have decided not to cut my hair this year, but I will be there to volunteer. The feeling of camaraderie and connection was amazing last time and I don’t want to miss it in 2024.

  5. I am an older guy, like either your grandfather or great-grandfather, has never had the opportunity to grow my hair before, even though it was my generation that first re-introduced long hair in the US since the 1800’s. and Back then they were called queus(?) or clubs. I had decided, since still having a full head albeit gray, to let it grow. While going on line see if I could find tiebacks that were not my wife’s or daughter’s, I found your site. I have been absolutely overwhelmed with your scope, knowledge, products, information and presentations. Knowing firsthand the need, I am impressed with your children’s hair project.
    Summing up, you guys have provided more info and help than any of the women in my, including my stylist. And as a still vain former professional model, that is saying a bit. You have developed a new and appreciative Client and follower

    1. Author

      Thanks a bunch Craig, means a lot coming from a Silver Fox like yourself! We are glad to have you here!

  6. Honestly every time I do get some cut off and I know it’s going to get thrown in the trash it feels like such a waste. I just got 3 inches cut off with hair still below my chest, and it would be better if it could help people (especially children). It’s inspiring what you guys do here, chopping it all off as El Moreno did. I couldn’t bring myself to do that but this does inspire me to look for places that will take donations. An all one length haircut isn’t exactly a complicated procedure that I need to pay top dollar for anyway lol.

    1. Author

      Glad to hear it James. We have done a lot of research into organizations that accept hair donations. Based on what we have learned our best recommendation is Children With Hair Loss.

      Thanks for the comment man, keep lettin it ride!

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