How To Build A Brand In Just 500 Weeks

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Post #500

Imagine doing something every single week for 500 weeks. Like going to work, haha, so it’s kinda like that…but different.

For us it’s been 500 weeks of building a brand, one blog post a week, starting with the notion that we are more than just a company. We’re not here just to sell products, great as they may be, but to make an impact, do something extraordinary, and achieve a mission.

That all sounds nice, but where the rubber meets the road is consistent action, the weekly forced creativity, 500 weeks of putting forth our mind powers and digital capabilities to make something worth reading, or watching, or listening to.

You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.
-Henry Ford

The blog is our identity (kinda like our hair), and each blog post brings the brand to life, with faces and voices and the written word, illustrating our character. It connects the people in our community, engages with the nuances of having long hair, and answers the tough long hair questions.

It plainly reveals who we are, what we talk about, what we believe in, and what’s important to us. There is no hiding behind nameless, faceless corporate brand standards because we are the brand standard.

Ultimately the blog is the fundamental tool we use to achieve our core vision:

To inspire confidence, develop masculinity and foster community among guys growing their hair.

If someone were to ask how to describe The Longhairs’ brand, the best and most wholly accurate way would be to read each blog post from start to finish.

With a rough average of 500 words per post—and some are far longer—that puts us over a quarter million words. (That’s 250,000 words AI is scraping up and belching forth to some questionable purpose but that’s another topic 😂.)

At the average adult reading speed of 250 words per minute, you could read the whole thing straight through in 17 hours. Add up the video footage and you’ve got another several days’ worth of raw, unfiltered brand identity.

While we won’t insist you read all 500 posts to gain a deeper, more thorough understanding of The Longhairs’ brand, we do hope you’ll take a minute to scroll through the blog, dive into a compelling post, learn a new hair tip, have a good chuckle, or get hella stoked.

You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do, so at present our brand’s reputation stands on what we’ve done—and that’s 500 weeks of showing up. Thank you for showing up with us, hope we’ve made it worth it.

Out of sheer curiosity: how many blog posts do you think you’ve read? And if anyone claims to have read all 500…you’re hired.