5 Critical Tactics For Camping With Long Hair

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Alright boys, it’s 4th of July weekend, and for 67.9% of Longhairs, that means you’re going camping. There are a few critical things you must know about camping with long hair before setting foot in the great outdoors, falling narrowly ahead of finding shelter, keeping warm, and gathering food.

If you’ve been following closely you may already be a vet on some of these tips. Especially if you’ve checked out last week’s blockbuster must-bookmark post: Long Hairstyles for Men. Little did you know how important these tips would become when your life is on the line, or even if you just need to roast some marshmallows.


Sleeping in the wild

When you’re out there amongst the pines and thousands of mosquitoes a good night sleep is essential to be fully charged for that 4:30am hike to the fishing hole. So when laying it down for the night in your 20 year old Coleman sleeping bag that your grandpa gave you, avoiding any potential hangups is critical. There’s a lot of things your hair can get caught in while in your sleeping bag: rusty zippers, velcro and that random hanging string – no idea what that does. For this, use the sleeping with long hair technique to ensure you get the rest you need for that big day of adventure.

Sleeping With Longhair

Braid for hiking (especially with a backpack)

You’re going to get hot and sweaty on that 5 mile hike. With snacks and water in your backpack the last thing you need is your hair tangling around your straps, ripping out strands. To avoid any setbacks use any of our braid techniques to keep that mane tame.

Long hair styles for men

Note* If your hair isn’t long enough to braid take a shirt sleeve and put it over your head, as seen in, How To Wear Your Hair While ___.

Your Longhairs Lid will be in high use during your camping experience

A lid for locks will probably be the most used piece of gear besides the sweaty pair of boxer briefs you haven’t changed in 4 days. Your lid works great to hold your lures, keep the sun out of your face, contain the smokey grime and grease from camping, and most importantly block the rays while you fill out a nap-lication lakeside.

Long hair styles for men

If you need some variations make sure to reference How To Wear Your Hair With A Hat.

Drying your hair

If you happen to fall off the boat, slip into a creek or get a chance to wash your hair, it’s critical you get it dry. There is no electricity in the outdoors and typically it’s much colder, so you want to make damn sure your hair is fully dry before going to bed. The best way to dry your hair is to hop on your bike, or borrow one from the kid a campsite over. Just tell him “hey kid, let me show you how fast this bike can go.” Get that wind flowing through those locks and within a few laps around the campground you’ll be dried up.

How to dry your long hair

Use your hair as bug repellant

Much like a horse shooing flies with it’s tail, you can do the same with your hair. Bugs getting a little too close, one quick whip will keep them at bay leaving you free to finish setting up that tent.

Hair Whip

So if you still don’t know how to make a fire, find warmth, catch fish, or find shelter, at least you know what to do with your hair while in the great outdoors. And that’s a damn good start.

Use these tips wisely, and if you got any others let’s hear ‘em in the comments.

ALWAYS REMEMBER, don’t ever head out there without your Outdoorsmans, or else you are going to be snapping hair ties like you are going to be snapping your fishing line, and that sucks.

Get Your Outdoorsmans


  1. One item that was not mentioned is starting a fire. I figured that maybe the best solutions would be a low-ball, a braid, or a segmented tail. They get the hair out of the way and prevent it from getting burnt.

  2. Headed to the woods this weekend, definitely gonna put some of these tips to use!!! + my #HairTiesForGuys ✌🏻

  3. Don’t forget the dry shampoo (just don’t use it if your hair is wet/sweaty)! Gold Bond spray (for men version optional) is good to refresh yourself throughout the day and helps keep camping funk/swamp-ass in check when you have limited /no access to shower/bathing facilities.

  4. Thanks man! I just got them and they are great! They are better than I expected! I will be ordering more soon hopefully when you guys release some solid dark colors or dark patterns (something that will blend in with my hair). I like the designs, but they are not really my vibe. I will definitely inform other longhair friends about this site. Anyways I love the posts and keep up the great work guys!

  5. I am pretty new to this site, but I feel at home here with all of the great tips and everything for long hair. This is not really on topic but I recently ordered some hair ties for guys in the outdoorsman style and was wondering how long they generally take to ship, because I didn’t see a tracking number or anything on the order confirmation. I see that you guys typically reply to people on here so I figured I’d give it a shot.

    1. Author

      Hey Shawn! Depends where you ordered from but typically all order with in the U.S. take anywhere from 1 to 3 days. Your order went out on Friday and with 4th of July weekend you’ll probably be getting them Wednesday or Thursday.

  6. Excellent post as usual. The photos are on point 😉 #HairTiesForGiys are another great way to tame that mane.

  7. Hey thank you guys! Those tips are great(as always) especially the Bug Repellant one(I never thought about that :O). Im gonna use some of them for festival session.

    Greets from Germany

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